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Avatar f tn Although I'm young, I'm kind of old fashioned and not a big fan of technology so my ideas are going to be all outdoor related! When I was a kid, my favorite winter activity was playing outside in the snow. Before snow fell, I liked being outside waiting for snow to fall! We built snowmen, went tobaggoning, tried to build igloos but that never worked out because we don't have the right snow. We had snow ball fights and made snow angels. Walking in the snow is hard work.
1906433 tn?1321848291 And do talk to ur Dr, as walking outside in winter is not safe if u get snow and ice, so do ask about a recumbent bike....but as the others have suggested, talk to ur NS first.
1741471 tn?1407162630 Original post at http://superbodysuperbrainblog.wordpress.com/2012/12/21/stay-in-shape-this-winter-my-winter-workout-at-central-park-and-benefits-of-strength-training/ Are you getting ready for the Holidays? I am! I am flying next Sunday to my beloved Spain and spend some quality time with my family. New York City is a phenomenal city but sometimes gets really cold in the winter so that is why it is important to stay active in the winter.
213044 tn?1236531060 o) My wife slipped on the ice about ten years ago and suffered a very nasty spiral fracture/break. We live in Iowa, so we see some ice. Any walking I do this Winter will be at home or out at the hospital. They have a variety of in-facility walking paths and encourage people to come out and walk the facility any time they wish. It's pretty cool, for a hospital, and I would see a lot of people I know. Thanks for putting a little current to the lightbulb, Paul.
11079760 tn?1483389730 Good for you all to commit to physical activity -- lots of research going on at our local university about the benefits of exercise for those with ms.
Avatar n tn The pain is mild/moderate and sometimes seems to radiate to my lower back and down my thighs. I went to the ER twice in the past two days. The forst one said maybe its a side effect from stopping the pill, and the second did bloodwork and urinalysis and all was normal. Tomorrow Im scheduled for an ultrasound of my lower abdomen to check for ovarian cysts. I am scared. ALso experiencing gassiness and bloated feelings. Please, has anyone had this?
384150 tn?1399908416 Ok ladies I've added exercise on my to do list. The two times I conceived in the past 2 years I was an avid exerciser. I actually conceived almost 1 year ago this month. Anyway, after the m/c I fell into a funk and stopped going to the gym. I have been feeling tired over the past few months, not to mention the weight gain, so I went back to the gym. It's been one full week of 30 minute uphill walks for me so far and I do already feel a bit of relief.
1826037 tn?1320340914 thanks crossroadsec! .... yeah i know we will get back after.. ive been through this twice before and i'm also a breast cancer survivor did 4 surgerys chemo and radiation.. and i always bounce back.. the radiation took longer but the hep c tx wasnt long...i cant wait to be free !! hoping for a healthy second half of my life with no doctors or surgery ever again... and yeah billy i will wait to do much till my hgb hits 10 ... then at least i know i'm getting some kind of oxygen..
Avatar n tn A few months ago, I tried some weight work out, after almost a year off, with so little weights that I did not even get muscle aches next day; but yet I got sick in my stomach after the exercise and got the flu symptoms starting the next day. This time, a week ago, I increased the weight and did it only for 10-15 minutes each day for five days before falling ill. I did get muscle aches the next day but hardly noticeable any nasal inflammation or other symptoms.
Avatar m tn Do you ever have lower back pain? I am discouraged you never feel better, especially in terms of the exercise intolerance, even when you get your thyroid numbers better. It makes me think, possibly, that it might not be the thyroid that causes this for us. Have you been tested for adrenal dysfunction?
393685 tn?1425816122 Take a look at the archives here on Med help at the hundreds of posts regarding women ( and men) in the same situtations she is in with her weight! In fact I just responded on one today that was posted days ago! Really it is our chance to maybe turn the table a bit for us as individuals as well as millions of others! She is a Global icon for many and if she is speaking publically about this as her problem - we should respond.
657315 tn?1319494987 THE WHITE HOUSE Office of the Press Secretary ------------------------------------------------ For Immediate Release April 8, 2009 EXECUTIVE ORDER ESTABLISHMENT OF THE WHITE HOUSE OFFICE OF HEALTH REFORM By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, and in the interest of providing all Americans access to affordable and high-quality health care, it is hereby ordered as follows: Section 1. Policy.
Avatar m tn Go suck on a pacifier? Adults' mouth bacteria may help babies By Deborah Netburn 3:34 p.m. CDT, May 6, 2013 Forget boiling, or antiseptic wipes: The best way to clean a Binky may be putting it in your own mouth. A parent who ***** on a baby's pacifier to clean it is loading it up with hundreds of good types of bacteria that live in the adult mouth. That bacteria is transferred via the pacifier to the infant's mouth.
620923 tn?1452919248 I will never write her name again, although I did like her idea for serving peas within a circle of a slice of baked squash. Sorry, I cant be with you on the exercise (yet), & I don't think you want to be with me on the weight loss; not this way. I wonder if w/Chiari, our metabolism out out of our control. My DD went on the S. Beach diet, lost 20+ lb & never put it back on. Of course she's young & healthy. A friend's father, a dr, lost 70 lb--& put most of it back on.
401890 tn?1372717129 If not, I could spend a couple of years dreading it. Rather be done and get it over with. I already can't move well in the winter. I trust him.
Avatar f tn You might consider having your Vitamin D level checked since it is often low with HCV patients. Mine was deficient and there are additional benefits to keeping it in the proper range. Also, have a TSH level done to monitor your thyroid, since trt can influence its ability to function. As you mentioned, I tried to get myself in the best physical condition prior to trt knowing this was going to be a struggle.
1741471 tn?1407162630 Omega 3s and Vitamins key for a better brain health According to Fernando Gómez-Pinilla, PhD, a neurobiologist at UCLA who studies the impact of certain foods on the brain, the key is to avoid fried foods and add more omega 3 fatty acids to your diet. Omega 3s are essential for normal brain functioning because they are our primary source of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), the most abundant omega 3 fatty acid found in the cell membranes of brain cells.
192055 tn?1263559137 Hi, there are a whole bunch of postings under "chronic cough" which seem similar to this. And some good ideas I am going to try I have had a constant cough for 3 plus years and for last year it has been phlegmy like yours. I am always coughing and clearing my throat at meetings like an old man. Worse in a.m. when I wake up or out in cold walking the dogs. Or.... talking on the telephone or in a meeting. Always have a "frog" in my throat.
Avatar n tn When beta blockers slow the heart rate, does that bar the aerobic benefits of exercise? Thank you so much!
Avatar m tn Hi, I'm probably the only woman in the same mess . Here is my story and hope you find some information helpful. So, since March 2015 diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and premature ovarian failure. At this moment still not finding right dose for thyroid meds. I was tested for most things and DHEA was low, along with E, P, T. I was suppose to take 5mg DHEA every day, but can't tolerate.(chin hair/acne) I'm taking it 3 times a week now and retested hasn't gone up much.
Avatar m tn I use a low pressure air pump, such as the one used in Rinoflow, to blow down thick mucous in the back of my throat in tosil area and then expell or cough up the thick mucous. I did several times yesterday and worked well for me. I thought everyone here had suffered from the same thing as I had and thought everyone wanted a quick relief. You can do this as often as you need. There is no side effect.
Avatar f tn More is not better since it can cause insomnia (because ALA can give you more energy). So I take it in the a.m. The bottle I have recommends 600 mg spread out over the day but I've read that doses over 200 -300mg can give some people heart palpitations. More is definitely not better! Try researching first to see if it's right for you. Thanks Sabrina for clearing up the misunderstanding. Francy: your doctor is wise to have given your body stuff that was good for it!
Avatar f tn There's quite a few people who take Copaxone in the forum. I've been on Copaxone since March 2008, and the medicine has helped to stop the attacks. There's no withdrawl symptoms or anything like that when stopping the medication once you've started it. However, stopping all disease modifying drugs may set yourself up for attacks and decline in your health. Have you been recently diagnosed? Are you thinking the diagnosis could be wrong?
Avatar n tn 10 months ago i saw blood in my sperm after intercourse. i had sex twice and everything was ok, and after the third time the problems began. my partner and i had hard sex and my penis hurt a bit when she was on top of me. i urinated a few minutes after ejaculating and blood came out along with a very big blood clot at the end. i had sexual intercourse about 7 or 8 times before seeing a doctor. the same occurred except for 2 times, in which no blood appeared.
Avatar n tn Fluctuating (episodic) aural fullness (a sense of pressure in the middle ear, as if descending in an airplane; however, it is *not* actual pressure in the middle ear).
195469 tn?1388326488 There are alot of drugs that I take that don't help with weight loss, that's for sure. As much as the MS will allow and the horrible heat that we have had in the U.S. in the Eastern Part, it's been hard to keep up with the exercise AND keep the weight off. But I have managed to do it. I pray that you will get to feeling better, so you can try a little exercise, to help with weight loss. It's hard to have this disease and be overweight. It put such a strain on me, personally.
Avatar n tn I have not had it for about 5years anyway it has just happened again I picked up the mop done two stokes across the floor and the pain in my thumb there it was the dark blue vein and the thumb swelled up and has now gone all red.
382218 tn?1341185087 I sometimes escape in my little car, the top down feeling alive, driving along the coast, taking in the sights, sounds and smell of the ocean, something i'll never tire of. Cheers.........
688450 tn?1259472334 I'll probably get the shot. I already got the regular flu vaccine, and my obgyn highly recommends getting the H1N1 vaccine too. I'm also a little worried, but I guess pregnant women are among the 6% of the population that could have major complications from H1N1, and it's especially dangerous in the third trimester, which is exactly where I'll be once October rolls around.
Avatar n tn It happens about 2x a day, lasts a few seconds and it has moved around my body. Started in the left wrist, went to the left knee, then ankle, and the over to the right knee. Now it's been happening behind my right thigh for about 2 weeks. Very strange.