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172023 tn?1334675884 From water retention to glycogen storage and changes in lean body mass, daily weight fluctuations are normal. They are not indicators of your success or failure. Once you understand how these mechanisms work, you can free yourself from the daily battle with the bathroom scale. Water makes up about 60% of total body mass. Normal fluctuations in the body’s water content can send scale-watchers into a tailspin if they don’t understand what’s happening.
Avatar f tn Not anywhere the same as a regular massage, as it actually hurts a little while pushing toxins out of tiny knots, but promotes healing after. I learned how to do this using the floor, wall, a tennis ball, golf ball, and something called the Thereacane. This practice works even though some will laugh at it and continue to live in pain. Healing muscles takes months, but this helps.
147426 tn?1317269232 I haven't been this tired in a long time, and a portion of it is unaccustomed exercise from scampering. But I was able to sleep in yesterday and today and I feel caught up. I splurged and bought a wall hung gas fireplace for my bedroom. It will also be the heater for the bedroom. I am so excited about it. Even though money is tight, there are a few things I want for this build, and I am splurging in a few areas. I chose the smaller portrait-style one.
4446427 tn?1371218318 For example, ever try sitting on an exercise ball instead of a chair when using the desktop or watching TV? It's good balance training and keeps those back muscles in constant motion to do it. It can really work wonders.
Avatar n tn I have had exercise intolerance for about 2 1/2 years now. Recently event monitor testing showed tachycardia 120-160 beats per min and some burst of atrial fib during running. I have light-headedness only when doing areobic exercise and only after reaching a certain threshold level. I did have a TIA 11 years ago, but had none of these problems at that time. I have 2 Q's. Are there people who have paroxysmal Afib that occur only during exercise and never otherwise ?
Avatar f tn do you mean cuddling or play. this is a young cat that needs lots of exercise. You can channel his natural energy into things that are alright with you. If he tries to get you to play when you are in bed... play with him BEFORE you go to bed. Interactive toys like the fishing pole ones are great also try little noisy balls that he can chase around.
329495 tn?1212427782 Your cells are line a ball and when working correctly the sugar will enter the ball through the wall adn get used for energy. When you are diabetic the cells wall doesn't allow the sugar to enter the ball so the sugar is just sitting on the outside wall of the ball waiting to enter which isn't going to happen. They build up on the outside of the wall untill the blood which is passing over it makes it come away from the outside wall of the cell and flow through your bloodstream.
1118724 tn?1357014191 I'm doing newleaf09's suggestion of exercise (not running though!) and will do as much brisk walking as possible in the days leading up and day of .. Does the idea of moving the shot up a day, maybe two, have some merit or none? Is there other factors that would rule against it?
Avatar f tn Yes, there can be muscle loss but that is minimized and even eliminated with exercise. Yes, you can exercise on the protocol. As I have always maintained, this MUST be done under physician supervision.
15695260 tn?1549596713 I'd recommend anyone interested in running whether competitively or for your leisure and daily exercise to visit a shop with people trained to fit you and try the shoes out in the store or parking lot. One thing I've learned over time is that breaking shoes in really doesn't need to happen. The right shoes usually are immediately fairly comfortable. Again, thanks for the conversation.
Avatar n tn I find that light exercise helps a little bit but it doesn’t energize me. I have a stressful job (I work with young children with behavioral/emotional problems). I have had an increase in severity, duration, and frequency of migraine headaches. I have had migraines since childhood but my migraines have gotten worse and are now coming more often (2x per month) and lasting 2 or 3 days, they used to go away after a good night’s sleep.
Avatar n tn Sash see now here's a curve ball if I take anything at all with magnesium in I get all the symptoms of low blood pressure (flashing lights ,dizzy, vertigo,hearing all exhort) and I mean anything with magnesium..... that's why I thought maybe I was hyper....my logic was that my metabolism is already flat out and the magnesium boost acts like nitro and sends me over the edge.....as for my test results....
Avatar f tn Don't you find it somewhat interesting that alot of these PSVT's are coming from folks in exercise programs? Did it ever occur to you that due to your heavy training your heart might have enlarged slighty in the upper chambers or stretched, thus causing electrical pathways to disconnect? Maybe coupled with a bout of sickness or lack of nutrients? Tooth problems? All in the drive to be super competitive or lacking financial resources to go get checked, put it off.
Avatar n tn the gallbladder stores bile, but since we eat regularly, we don't need storage. I think the gallbladder was designed for the days when people starved for days between killing their next meal: when you starve, your gallbladder gets quite full. Sphincter of oddi dysfunction is somewhat mysterious. It's hard to diagnose, but not hard to treat when it's sure that's what the problem is.
Avatar n tn I've gone for the lipodissolve on my abdomen since my pregnancy, hysterectomy surgery, and scar left me with stubborn fat that diet and exercise won't cure. Hopefully, it will kill the fat cells and not just remove the triglycerides from them.
Avatar n tn I am considering asking for surgery to hopefully fix the problem as I refuse to live with the fear that my left testicle will swell up to the size of a tennis ball and I'll be disabled for up to a week. Thanks for listening to my whinge, anyway!
Avatar f tn but I've never had the tool to test it, so I just ate something reasonable if possible -- other times I have gotten to the point of passing out. It used to happen more often w/exercise, so at one point a dr suggested it *might* be exercise induced hypoglycemia, and had me just drink the sugary type of gatorade or such while exercising, and low and behold, no more passing out! Now, I've been getting similar symptoms again, but I've been eating a LOT lately, too.
Avatar n tn I just saw an endocrinologist who suggested I see a psychiatrist so that I can get my depression under control which will allow me to make better choices and exercise more.... interesting considering that I exercise 7 days a week and vigorously! He also told me that my night sweats are probably anxiety attacks in my sleep. Yes, he really said that! If anyone has any suggestions or if I ever get to the bottom of this nightmare, let's keep in touch!
Avatar n tn I currently am being tested for a suspected adrenal problem, which I attribute to my exercise bulimia and overconsumption of ephedra, caffiene, etc. Have you been diagnosed with an adrenal problem and if so, what did you do about it? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.
Avatar n tn I'm with you and Smilerdeb - no matter what I do - eat right , exercise, etc, I just can't budge more than a pound or so and if I do manage to get off a pound, it's only a matter of time before it comes back and brings some "friends". That's one of the main reasons I'm asking the questions I've been asking, as well as the fact that I just flat out don't feel good.
645580 tn?1224022742 Literally, all he has in his room is a bed, clothes and books. All toys have been put in storage and he has no acess to anything. In an effort to help him with reading, phonics, etc we broke down and bought the leapster didj console. Its a game console but we can monitor his learning via our home computer and we can custom the learning to what he is doing in school. Figured it was worth a shot.
981096 tn?1251989635 it clears up my brain because it feels like there is a huge fuzz ball soaking up it's power. I'm such a major ditz lately. If my posts ever sound dingy...well...there's my excuse. LOL!
398459 tn?1262189744 I will pack the entire supply of RSSBD, it can be in footlockers, and suitcases, and lunch-bags, and sandwich baggies, and pockets, and whatever storage device we can think of. Wanting-I wish I only got up 3 times a night to go pee...but it is a good starting sign for you. Take Juanas lead and don't POAS...
Avatar n tn it's probably the only exercise besides walking i can do.when i swimm i feel as if i'm freed of the limitations of pain from my neck. kip's escape from wicked gravity!
Avatar f tn Started taking vitamins and minerals, good diet and building up a good exercise regime which for me was walking - now 40-50mins. per day. Stopped taking valium at night. Then first 6 weeks of year felt fantastic! Was reducing at 0.4mg per week. 'Natural energy', or so I thought, tremendous peace of mind and a zest for life I had not felt in years. I thought I was winning all round - the addiction and all my demons.
Avatar n tn If you can exercise, do it. And give yourself time to heal. Pamper yourself. I felt incredibly guilty that I was in bed so much, too. I couldn't walk from one room to the next without sitting down. Could barely move. But think of the gift you're giving them - you will be a much better mother when you're through all this, if you're anything like me. And that feels really good.
Avatar n tn Watching what I eat and making myself exercise releases the endorphins that combat depression, and helps considerably to keep the weight down. In the end, I find that a ramped up consciousness of better eating habits combined with exercise, is the best way to deal with my hypo.
299260 tn?1304219705 The nurse was confused about that one, too. Maybe it's the exercise delaying things. I hope so. My temps were really high Fri-Sun, so it's just an all-around odd cycle for me! Hannah: I totally know what you mean! When I get my smiley face on my opk, I feel like I just won something! =) It's a great feeling & I'm happy for you that you're so excited!
620923 tn?1452919248 I have many favorites, but I unfortunately Selma and I cook the same way. My grandma passed down her nack for "dump and throw" and "pinch and eye-ball" technique. I have also adopted her pharse that she tells all of her guests when she gets a compliment..."If you love, you better get your fill of it, because next time it may have a whole new flavor"... My cooking tends to humor my DH, whom has over 12 years of cooking and baking experience for resorts.
1257808 tn?1322765815 spasm) •Decreased hearing •Decreased ability to exercise. ■Less stamina than others ■Less energy than others ■Long recovery period after any activity ■Arms feeling like dead weights after activity ■Suicidal Thoughts ■Often feeling cold .