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Avatar n tn There are different types of microcalcifications, and based on their pattern on the mammogram it gives the radiologist clues as to their cause. For instance microcalcifications that are more scattered are probably due to a benign (non-cancerous) cause, a “cluster” of microcalcifications may increase concern that there may be an underlying tumor. There may or may not be any 'lesion' visible on mammography.
Avatar m tn I saw many web sites and in each one of them many people describe there itch in the same way. Some opportunists try to sale snake oil on internet to make a buck. But there is no any educated doctor to give any explenation.
93210 tn?1287457826 I'm looking for information on the "Lap Band" weight loss method. I guess I'm not looking in the right places on the net because all I'm finding are ads for doctors who do the procedure. I want info on it, not a commercial. Has anyone out there had this procedure and if so, did it work?
1831849 tn?1383231992 On another board there is a thread labeled Exercise Accountability. It is members post brief descriptions of there ongoing exercise activity. Posting to the thread helps keep me motivated. I've started this journal to provide my MedHelp friends a place to do the same. My journal is open to all who care to post. :-) Kyle Today I walked on the treadmill for 45 minutes and covered 2.5 miles. I carried 3LB hand weights and did random arm exercises.
1160836 tn?1332333769 Dec came and went no AF so went in to see if I was Pergo but no I was not so they put me on provrea then Clomid on 3-7 100mg. I am now on my 3 and last round of Clomid I am on 150mg 3-7 days and I hope that this time I O because on my last round they told me I O early on cd 15 I have never O in 11 years so that was a good thing. But doc said that the numbers where not where he wanted them to be at so that is why he up my clomid this time.
Avatar n tn These included feeling very weak, shaking all over, light headed/dizzy,numbness/tingling on fingertips and toes, slight shortness of breath and chill. I felt like passing out, flushed. I figured it was from not eating so I grabbed a burger and it seemed to alleviate the problems. Well, it happened again around the same time of day a few days later. But this time, eating didn't help as much. Eventually the symptoms went away. My colleagues observed that I looked very pale.
1742220 tn?1331360327 when you do rigorous exercise on day 9, well its like day 16 cuz the ending week was just jd that's all ... um ... it hurts your body and your stamina, plus you have I mean I have ... this anxiety ball in my stomach which travels ... that was long gone and now its back.
212795 tn?1194956174 I buy whatever generic brand is on sale. Another thing to try is insoles or orthotics in your shoes, like the Dr. Scholl things for starters. The problem here is that anything you add in is going to change your gait pattern, and it may not be for the better, but you'd have to see if it works. Make sure the running shoes you are using are really supportive for your size and body habitus as well.
Avatar f tn The past few days have been very stressful with my mother in law on a vent in the hospital and out house for sale. Also my 15 year old dog had to go to an emerency clinic and I thought we were going to put her down. I am very very surprised how bad symptoms have been since I have been under stress. The doctor told me that would be the number one thing that would give me a "flare" She did recomend plaquinel.
1747881 tn?1546179478 Social-justice activists and left-leaning websites criticized the timing of the event, which took place on the anniversary of Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson, Mo., but team officials insist it was simply a coincidence. Blue Lives Matter NYC, a charity for the families of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty, hosted the fundraising event during a baseball game between the Staten Island Yankees and the Brooklyn Cyclones at the Richmond County Bank Ballpark.
649848 tn?1534637300 I opened the envelope and there was my driver's license with a note saying the person had found it on the trail we'd walked on Thursday. I couldn't believe my eyes. I'm so grateful to this person who found my license and returned it. Anyway, that was my week!! Weight-wise, I'm up by a pound as of this morning, but I'm pretty sure that will be different by this afternoon... We went to a birthday party yesterday afternoon and there were too many desserts.
Avatar n tn Or at least keep others from the same trouble. I also looked the copmany up on there sight there is no info on European Bypass Slim Ball, it could be do to it just came out. Which means no one has written to them yet about the company.
951946 tn?1263568983 The tenants splashed purple paint in the bedrooms and all over the baseboards, they damaged windows, broke light fixtures, and on and on. They painted the kitchen forest green. (It was beige to go with the tumbled marble I had installed when I renoed it.) It is nothing that cannot be repaired, though DH and I do not yet know where we are going to pull the thousands of dollars to get it all fixed. I am probably going to have to sell my precious home soon. I am broken-hearted about it.
Avatar n tn I'd like to try the Zona Plus to see if I could eliminate all BP medication. I'm surprised I couldn't find a single used one for sale on Craigslist, even checking in the LA market.
Avatar n tn does this sound like I may have something wrong? Just to update started spotting on saturday and carried on spotting usually only when wipe for 5 days with cramps in the evening each day. Then on Thursday morning till late morning I had light red blood flow and then it dwindled back to the spotting which I still have today. Waiting for the dr to call is aggrevating!!!ah!!!!
544292 tn?1268886268 Welcome Tramadol Warriors! Please come on in and make yourself snug and comfy. We're delighted to hear from you! Lots of good nourishing words here Friends!
Avatar n tn Some folks that had a bad response to pegintron do well on Pegasys. If you were on antibiotics, it could have wiped out your beneficial intestinal flora and you might need to replenish it with acidophilus cultures. Have you seen your GI on this problem? Maybe a colonoscopy to rule out other problems is necessary.
4043517 tn?1374010173 Today is Monday, at work wishing I was home in bed. Saturday took a hard spill on the bike down the river bank hitting rocks along the way and flayed the skin off my arm. Now worrying about an infection, I have the arm wrapped up mostly, but it hurts so much, my left leg, ribs etc are crying. Not to mention the daily abdomen, back and shoulder pain throbbing through.
Avatar m tn I turn it on sit on the couch get to the point I can't stand it and place a 3min timer on and breath through it! Sounds crazy but the oxy or mental aspects makes me feel great when irs over.
Avatar m tn Good for you Owen,Congrats on your cure. On your journey did you try the heptech products?
335297 tn?1210601484 Then as I was done with treatment my feet and legs started swelling, and the bottom of that same numb foot was sore on the bottom on all the ball joints of foot, except heel. I went for xrays the other day of both feet, and today going for a reflex test at my PCP office, and then Monday have ultrasounds done. Before end of treatment I had 2 places where I would get a burst of like electric and pain.. on the same side all this numbness is going on.
Avatar m tn We get the tests and the treatment the government says we can have so we hope they're current and on the ball, we wait in line for our turn and sometimes that's a lengthy wait. Those that can, go out of the country for the extras or differences. Those that can't...well, they can't. However...to have to deal with insurance companies as the agents of my health and my family's health...gives me nightmares just thinking about it. jusjames, you can be such a twit sometimes.
Avatar n tn Still have lots to read about on this issue, but I have to get ready for a big garage sale first. I urge you to look into Flax seed oil(Barleans), and Fish oil. I am back on the regimen I used before tx...2 spoon of flax oil a day, and the days you eat out, take Fish oil capsules along...this way you get your daily supply of Omega 3 fatty acids, which are so beneficial for the skin. Also consider eating coconut.
282804 tn?1236837191 Hope these make you smile: WOMAN'S PERFECT BREAKFAST She's sitting at the table with her gourmet coffee. Her son is on the cover of the Wheaties box. Her daughter is on the cover of Business Week. Her boyfriend is on the cover of Play girl. And her husband is on the back of the milk carton. CIGARETTES AND TAMPONS A man walks into a pharmacy and wanders up & down the aisles. The sales girl notices him and asks him if she can help him.
324911 tn?1276284982 Well like I said castrol oil, I know my sister in law did it when she was pregnant and I think it really helped her to just fly through it. here is what I read up on castrol oil on a naturally inducing labor website Castor Oil This oil is a laxative, and the intestinal spasms have been known to start your labor. Many women object to this method, however, because if you immediately go into labor, you could potentially have a messy delivery.