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Avatar f tn Can you have fibroids and not have heavy bleeding. I have pain in my left lower side. Had some spotting after no period for 18 months. Had a biopsy and blood work ca125. Ultrasound set for monday. My whole family has had fibroids. I also have some back pain that was brought on by a cough one morning like a big muscle spasm. Not sure if this is related or not. So worried that something could be wrong. I have no history of cancer but I know that doesn't mean anything.
Avatar n tn To add more misery into it, I gained 6 pounds and can not get rid of them. Exercise even more and try to eat very good. My stomach has always been flat and muscular (ballet dancer), and now is like I swallowed a melon, flat to my waist and bloated from the belly bottom down. Yes, more irritable too. The PMS symptoms all month long for the past two; nightmare. Are this part of the menopause symptoms? Could be something else? Thank you. I am planning to go to the doctor.
Avatar f tn But I tried massaging the area where the fibroids are,warm bubble baths,and changed my eating habits which I did not want to do,beef makes fibroids worse junk food as well,whole wheat are the way to go,small healthy meals throughout the day,water,exercise as tolerated,and note that fibroids are actually driven by hormones so the fact that we are pregnant does not make it easier but it can be done I'm proof because I went from pain,to change,now I'm able to enjoy my pregnancy more.
Avatar f tn If you are overweight and pregnant then you should be adjusting your diet so that you are eating healthy and do some light exercise like walking to improve your fitness and help prepare yourself when it's time to give birth when you'll need extra energy.
Avatar f tn Is hysterectomy the best option. My gyno says I have 4 fibroids and 1 ovarian cyst. I have no pain and no problem with the fibroids. The cyst is giving me problems for its sore almost every time. If I do a lot of walking, exercise, physical work etc, i feel pain on the right and I think thats were my ovary is. I also feel pain during my period. The pain goes down my right leg at times.
Avatar m tn my wife whom is latino has both hernias and fibroids in her uterus what is the best reatment
532984 tn?1521151233 s just lack of exercise or not. The abdominal pain is in the upper stomach area and is a very definitive "kicked in the gut" type feeling It is pretty uncomfortable when I eat although I do still have a normal appetite. It almost feels like food (or even water!) just hits my stomach and sits there. I've also had some lower abdominal pain that I would describe as similar to menstrual cramps or "twinges" in the ovaries.
974298 tn?1324833193 I am 25 yr old who have been trying to get pregnant over the past few years with no luck, even though I did tests(HSG, long list of hormones and thyroid test, and progesterone test) that came back fine. How will these fibroids affect my chance of having a child, and what dietary steps can I take to combat them?
Avatar n tn Heavy bleeding can be due to can be due to hormonal imbalance, fibroids and polyps (non cancerous growth) in the uterus, endometriosis (deposits of the inner lining of the uterus in the pelvic cavity) etc. You might have to go for a complete hormone profile and ultrasonography to know the cause of this .Get in touch with an Obstetrician and Gynecologist for further assistance.
Avatar f tn What are the chances one getting pregnant while they have fibroids and if it happens what to expect?
Avatar f tn Im pregnant and have fibroids... is anyone else pregnant and have fibroids??? Is there any complications due to the fibroids and how is your pregnancy?? Im concerned..
Avatar n tn I'm 57years old, haven't had a period in 4-5 years, was exercising and started having contractions. I haven't exercised since then. And haven't had any contractions. I'm afraid to exercise. And I had a tubal ligation done. Could I possibly be pregnant, or is it something else. Should I talk to my doctor.
438877 tn?1224357489 I can tell you that about 2 years later I was pregnant again and she just turned 3… I had no problems with the pregnancy and I had no fibroids when I had her… I just had my other baby 8 weeks ago, and again I had no problems with the pregnancy and I apparently did have 2 fibroids that developed during the pregnancy- at the c-section my doctor found them and said they were each the size of baseballs (smaller then my previous ones, but still considerably large)… he said he couldn’t removed th
Avatar f tn I had 3 large fibroids and a very large uterus..and I had to have them removed so I could TTC.......good luck The surgery was very easy and with no pain....(with lap surgery) I have been without fibroids for 9 months and everything is so so so so good.
1763430 tn?1315610403 Well...if you have time to have the fibroids removed and heal before you plan on TTC then i would...esp if you had a M/C last year at three months...depending on their location...it can cause probs...
Avatar f tn I have been informed by a doctor that I have at least 2 discrete fibroids and my endometrail stripe is appx-4 mm. What is the normal lining mm size and is it possible for me to get pregnant under these conditions?
Avatar n tn I'm 8 weeks pregnant. Yesterday I had an ultrasound and it show that I have fibroids. I am very nervous and scared.
Avatar f tn Usually, women don’t completely meet what their bodies need—food and exercise to reduce stress and feel better. Diet, nutrition, and workout are some of the common lifestyle changes that can help women restore hormone balance.
Avatar f tn I did some research and came across alot of women who said they took Apple cidar vinegar and it helped and or shrunk their fibroids. Since I have been bleeding for almost 28 days straight, I decided to start taking it since it couldn't hurt. I began taking it on a Sunday, December 6, 2015. And on Tuesday when I woke up, there was no bleeding, no spotting, no pain in my stomach. For the past year, I have never NOT bled or spotted for more than a few days.
Avatar f tn In addition, these fibroids usually develop in younger women and obese women. Then, women who exercise regularly and those who smoke have lower incidences. The good news is that fibroids do not have to be deadly but if you begin to notice changes associated with menopause that are not your typical symptoms, you need to see a doctor. Once found, they can be treated quickly and effectively.
Avatar f tn the most high percent of fibroids , as in 90 plus percent are not cancer. However fibroids and cysts especially cause a lot of pain. You really need to see you gynecologist as soon as possible, only he can upon exam and testing can determine the proper course of treatment for you. In genereal fibroids are treateted two ways either surgery or medicine there are some medicines that can shrink fibroids, the cysts it depends on the type and if they are very large or not.
Avatar f tn I use to get very heavy periods that lasted about 2 weeks but they stopped 2 months ago and the only pain I feel when talking about the fibroids is when having intercourse but me and my boyfriend have been together for about 2years now and I always explain to him about what is going on with my body and the way I feel alot of times about sex and he seems to understand me (well sometimes) but hpv and fibroids arent really common in males right???