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14470851 tn?1434684564 Hi, I am a mother of three. When the news of the spread of counterfeit medicines was released, I was literally shocked and I even panicked to the point that I even used herbal medicines for my children in fear of using the wrong drugs. How am I to know which one is a fraud? Can you please help me?
Avatar f tn no not mine,my cousins he tk 3 types of herbal medicines prescribed by a herbalist in india 4 around 5 months n hes hbeag become non reactive while alt normal n ultra sound also normal u didnt tel me abt hbsg value
Avatar f tn Is it ok to take more than one pill/treatment type for Herpes. I'm taking Valtrex 1 gm per day and also have started taking a pill from Herpaflor that contains Lysine, Purella Vulgaris, licorice root and vitamins A,C and zinc. I'm doing a lot of research on the internet trying to learn what other herbs I can use to help prevent an outbreak. Is there something topical I can put on my upper lip and other areas that will prevent an outbreak from recurring there?
Avatar m tn I agree with you on that, that we have to be very carefull , with what we are taking. I would also like to point out a fact, that when I asked my Doc. about homeopathy and herbal stuff, he was not much of a help. Here is an interesting article about that subject : Are Doctors Knowledgeable About Herbal Medicines? A survey of Drug and Therapeutic Bulletin (DTB) subscribers indicates that doctors are poorly informed.
Avatar f tn My vet uses a laser and it seems to work. Maybe you could call around and see if any of your local vets have a laser system.
Avatar n tn that might help the user’s condition. Think of this as a “Super Symptom Checker”. Examples of existing Symptom Checkers are WebMD, Medical Symptoms Database , Online Medical Symptom Checker , MSO Online Medical Symptom Checker , or Diagnosaurus, etc. 2. More home health tests and tools available openly on pharmacy shelves. Examples – Home General Health Diagnostic Tests (e.g. CBC), Stethoscopes, etc. - plus how to use instructions. 3.
Avatar n tn How can this be so high without major problems? My husband took his reading and got 86. She is a believer of herbals and supplements. Could one of these make a false reading? We have tried to get her to go to a Doctor, but she won't.
Avatar m tn I had problems of getting hard and maintaining erection so I started taking medicantions (Korean Red Ginseng, L-Arginine) and it really helped me to perform in bedroom but How can I get rid of these medications and get erection naturally
Avatar f tn The doctor said that I have had a very very low counts of virus when I got the results and it was a good news from me because the eagerness and willingness was had a good result. Before I took the confirmatory procedure. I always take a herbal medicines named Saito Herbal Medicines came from Japan.
Avatar f tn one to indicate degree of inflammation (tissue swelling and irritation) and the other the degree of fibrosis (tissue scarring due to prolonged inflammation).
Avatar f tn If a new medicine is prescribed for you, make sure to tell your health care provider about all of the medicines, herbal and vitamin supplements you regularly take.
Avatar n tn she walked in the room too talk to me and my shoulders started twitching.i hate it so much and have no idea how to fix this.most of my spasm/twitches are in my stomach/neck/mouth.i really dont know what too do anymore.do you think its mostly from stress or can it be from something else?iam not sure if its tourettes cause i dont have the random outbursts like you would think from someone with that.please help.
2846201 tn?1339944995 The problem with many herbal medications today involve contamination with pesticides and the impossility of insuring consistent doseage. I was involved for a while with a farm where we produced artimesia, a traditional herb used to treat malaria for thousands of years. Through chemical analysis we determined some plants produced insignificant amounts of the useable medication while others had larger amounts. We selected those with higher yields and bred plants that were far more effective.
Avatar m tn i threaten from the side effect of medicines . i cant sleep well at night because of burning throat and heart. now a days i am having an herbal antacid and feeling bit better. it contains some of the herbal extracts the reduces acidity . i don't know exactly that this herbal antacid is better for me for the long term . if anybody can tell me whether this medicine having enough ingredient or not and they will not effect me badly . you can see this medicine here http://bit.ly/1Ouxrni.
Avatar m tn Before I took the confirmatory procedure. I always take a herbal medicines named Saito Herbal Medicines came from Japan. 6 capsules per day before meals and also ECARMA wonder herbal tree I boiled it and use as my daily water for body cleansing specialized to clean all the bacteria inside our liver and it will always cause you to peed and also helps you to loss your weight as well.
Avatar n tn i have just been reading about the herbal medicines Emphotab and Hismatax . Has anyone had any personal usage of these and if so were they effective? Are they readily available in this country?
Avatar f tn Tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, including prescription and nonprescription medicines, vitamins, and herbal products. Using BOTOX® or BOTOX® Cosmetic with certain other medicines may cause serious side effects. Do not start any new medicines until you have told your doctor that you have received BOTOX® or BOTOX® Cosmetic in the past. " Only your liver doctor knows that exact status of your liver disease and what may or may not be appropriate for you to do. Be well.
Avatar f tn Erectile Dysfunction is curable and can be caused by a variety of reasons, both physical and mental. I don't know where you reside or your culture. In my opinion, "herbal medicines" are questionable, without scientific studies or testing to back them up as a useful solution to ED. I'm not sure that a "sexologist" is the best help when a family doctor may be able to better help your husband's overall health, including his ED.
1365913 tn?1295086345 I always take a herbal medicines named Saito Herbal Medicines came from Japan. 6 capsules per day before meals and also ECARMA wonder herbal tree I boiled it and use as my daily water for body cleansing specialized to clean all the bacteria inside our liver and it will always cause you to peed and also helps you to loss your weight as well.
Avatar m tn Problems might arise as a result of the lack of adequate regulations, the pharmacological complexity of herbal products, and the paucity of information on the pharmacology and toxicity of these compounds. AHMs can be purchased from outlets ranging from health-food stores to Internet sites, and thus a crucial evaluation of their safety is relevant and important. One obvious safety issue relates to the possibility that some AHMs contain heavy metals or undeclared drugs [2].
Avatar n tn Hello, Various possibilities for peeling hands and feet are trauma and allergic or irritant contact dermatitis like contact with harsh detergents,soaps and lotions that contain perfume can cause hands and feet to become irritated and peel.Sometimes cold, dry air can cause peeling and dermatitis or fungal infections can also cause peeling. Wash the areas several times with fresh water. Do not use any cosmetic products at the sites.
Avatar n tn He is taking syndopa and some ayurvdic medicines. Movements or shaking of legs or hands are in control. He cant bear cool breeze, even fans etc. But, sometimes he cant stand on his own. excessive saliva, body becomes stiff, The most problematic thing is many times in a day, he feels heaviness in head, choking of nose, difficulty in breathing etc. then he uses nasal spray, washing nose with hot water, steam etc. after some time he gets relief.
Avatar m tn That out of the way I am knowledgeable on herbal health True Zyprexa is not an herbal med. However there is a concept in herbal medicine called adaptogen. These are natural substances that either decrease or increase certain chemicals in the body. In other words they balance out the chemical substance in the individual. Examples are Suma, Schizandra, Ginseng(American, Chinese, Korean).
Avatar n tn unfortunately no effective treatment exist (no herbal and no drugs) in this moment, actual treatment is only for manage and to protect the liver but not to eradicate infection. for future treatment, the one that will attack the infection see the post about entry inhibitors: http://www.medhelp.
550739 tn?1224163372 Easy to google this one and the answer says - Taking ST. JOHN'S WORT and any of the medicines listed may result in return of symptoms which were controlled by the medicine. So it may bring on anxiety, which you were given xanax to treat.