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Avatar f tn I am no longer taking Evista, but while doing some research to see if I wanted to go back on it for my osteopenia, I found some references to a correlation between Evista and ovarian cancer and wondered if that could have had a bearing on my case. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/395649'>Evista and Ovarian Cancer</a>.
Avatar f tn My doctor prescribed Fosamax for osteopenia. I took the stuff for about 6 years, and each of my bone density test results were a little worse than the previous one. Recently I learned that many women who took this medication for as long as I did got femur fractures as a result. When a doctor on ABC national news suggested that women stop taking it after 5 years, I made an appointment with my doctor to discuss stopping this med. My doctor agreed, but now suggests that I take Evista.
Avatar f tn At least by accelerating the bone formation, we can hope for at least a slow down in progression from osteopenia to osteoporosis. And hopefully we can even get some good bone density back without any serious side-effects as with the current medications being used. Unfortunately we all know how slow the progression from lab-to-shelf can take. But since LP533401 is already being used for treating irritable bowel syndrome, maybe the necessary lab testing and clinical trails will move quickly.
106886 tn?1281291572 It was on page 145 and 146 if you get a chance to pick up the book at the library or bookstore, as there was more information on the topic and suggestions for alternatives to the Evista.
Avatar f tn If your gyn onc feels it is reasonable for you to try estrogen replacement, you should consider it. Other options for the treatment of bone loss include bisphosphonates (such as alendronate (fosamax)), calcitonin (miacalcin), or Raloxifene (evista). I do not know if these other agents will relieve bone pain but they are definitely associated with the improvement of osteoporosis and the prevention of progressive bone loss.
Avatar n tn I had a hysterectomy and was diagnosed with Stage I ovarian cancer. I received chemotherapy for four months. I have -3T scores for osteoporosis and I'm looking for a safe medication to take. I have had a terrible reaction to Actonel and don't want to take Fosomax or similar drugs, but am considering Evista or Calcitonin. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with osteopenia (50 & postmenopausal) a year ago. Because of my GERD, my doctor prescribed an IV infusion of Reclast. Unfortunately, I suffered some of the side effects, fever, and severe bone pain to the point of not being able to take in a full breath. My doctor was so concerned he put me on a steroid dose pack to reduce the reaction. My body doesn't seem very tolerant of any drugs, couldn't take anything other than extra strength Tylenol for a foot surgery.
Avatar n tn Started Evista 4/2/2010
Avatar n tn Is there any drug interaction between these two drugs ? I am taking Evista for Osteoporosis.
Avatar n tn Are there any studies that show that the osteoporosis drug Evista affects the liver? Recently I came across a web health site that cautioned against taking Evista if one has liver disease. No further details (such as results of research studies) were provided. My wife has been diagnosed as having autoimmune hepatitis as well as osteoporsis. Fosamax (for osteoporosis) caused a ten-fold increase in liver ensyme levels, which returned to normal after stopping the drug.
Avatar n tn Hi, Hair loss in a known but not highly common side effect of Evista. If you do a search: "Evista and hair loss" you will find numerous references to this side effect. This link: http://www.ehealthme.com/ds/evista/hair+loss indicates that as of Sep. 15, 2013, 17,635 people were reported to the FDA to have side effects when taking Evista. Among them, 259 people (1.47%) have Hair Loss. Time on Evista when these people had hair loss: < 1 month 4.35% 1 - 6 months 4.
Avatar n tn If HRT can increase the number of fibromas in NF, what about Evista and Boniva for bone maintenance. I was always told that "the pill" and others does not affect NF. I was recently on Actenol, and stopped due to side effects. My Dr. then gave Evista for the same purpose. I saw a great increase in fibromas and then ones I had grew larger. Does Evista have the bottom line, same effect as the other "bone saver" medications?
Avatar n tn Thanks for adding your post on your original thread. Japdip answered you and I fully agree with everything she said to you. Best wishes ... --------------------------- japdip16 hours ago To: pinhole I don't know that you will have an opportunity to ask too many questions except of the Technician that takes the films. A diagnostic Mammogram simple means that a Radiologist will be present in the institution at the time of your test ....
Avatar f tn I am now taking Evista daily along with Calcuim and vitamin D (blood results were that I was vitamin D deficient). Upon researching Evista, I find that has estrogen in it. I have had fibroids for 30 years which have not been a nuisance to my health and they have been slowly shrinking since menopause. Will Evista cause them to start growing again?
Avatar n tn He said I could also try taking Evista. He was not pushing the second surgery but pointed out that it would decrease my risk of getting cancer as would taking Evista. I am concerned about the fact that the margin is very small.
Avatar f tn I was on evista for about 40 days. I didn't really want to take it, but was urged that the benefits outweigh risks. I seemed to have no side effects. However within the past week I noticed some shortness of breath and a feeling that my blood pressure was high. My blood pressure is usually 110 or 120 over 74 or 80. I am 5'1", 112 lbs, get lots of exercise, and have always been very healthy. My visit to the dr.
Avatar m tn Hi there I too was recommend to go on Evista. I am going to take it. i ave been on Fosamax for the last year. That was prescribed by my primary doctor. My oncologist recommended that I take the Evista, besides the helping of osteoporsis I have ADH (atypical ductal hyperplasia) and have a high risk of cancer.
3232470 tn?1348156179 I need a tracker of when I've MISSED my DIOVAN and Evista.
Avatar n tn ve been on it for 4 years and 6 months now. When my 5 years are up, they are switching me to Evista. The Evista is actually going to be given to prevent osteoporosis but he chose that drug since it appears to have some positive results in preventing breast cancer as well.
Avatar f tn he said I am cancer free right now, but a high risk of getting breast cancer so he is recommending this medication Evista. He said Evista was better then the tomoxafin because it causes less blood clots. Is this true? I haven't started any meds yet, since IM going to get a second opinon first to see what is the best course of medication for me to take.Of course there are side effects now what medication doesn't have any side effects right.
Avatar n tn Memastar, I do not believe that Raloxifene (brand name Evista) counts as a bisphosphonate. Looking through "Drug Information Handbook for Dentistry" marks it as Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator (SERM). There is no mention of bisphosphonate anywhere in the profile of this medication. I would check in with pharmacist forum though.
Avatar n tn I have a history of breast cancer and presently taking Evista, Recently I have been diagnosed with CML. Have there been any negative drug interactions between the Evista and Gleevac?? It is reported not to eat grapefruit with Gleevac, are there other foods that need to be avoided??
Avatar f tn My Gyn has suggested I take Evista. My mother died in 1981 at age 60 from metastatic intraductal breast ca. My sister was <48 yrs old when she was diagnosed with tubular breast ca. My paternal grandmother had breast ca and my paternal aunt had both brests remved for breast ca. I had testing for the BRAC gene and it was negative. I am unsure if I should take the Evista with it's risk of DVT's, wt gain and joint pain. Should I see an Oncologist for an opinion?
Avatar n tn I have a question about using the product Estring for urogenital atrophy. I take Evista as a preventative for invasive breast cancer. I recently had noninvasive cancer, stage 0, surgery and radiation. My surgeon ordered Evista as a preventative as my odds are higher now for invasive breast cancer. In the meantime I have developed severe symtoms of UGA and my gynecologist told me about Estring. After reading about it on the internet I'm confused. There are lots of precautions about Estrogen.
Avatar n tn Hi I too am premenopausal,41 and recently had a mastectectomy 12-12-06 for dcis. My Oncologogist has given me a script for evista as well. I haven't started it yet but plan to in the near future. I haven't found anyone else else that is taking it that is premenopausal have you? I know the side ffects are suppose to be more tolerable than with tamoxifen and the results similar.
Avatar f tn I am 71, just completed 2 years of Forteo injections with minor side effects and great results. Now my Dr. wants me to do either reclast or Evista. Being celiac sprue I have a very sensitive body- could not handle any Actonel or such. All I have read is bad stuff and do not know what to do. I would like to hear from other Celiac Sprue people who have used either the evista or recast.