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Avatar m tn m sorry but I can not help you with your test results. I encourage you to look for a herpes support group in your area who is more familiar with the particular herpes test you had done so you can figure out the odds of its accuracy.
Avatar m tn -6 weeks after exposure, HSV1 IgM (5.1 EU/ml), IgG (0.7 EU/ml). HSV2 IgM (3.2 EU/ml), IgG (0.9 EU/ml). Herpeselect 2 IgG (1.9 u/ml). -8 weeks, HSV1 IgM (2.6 EU/ml) down from (5.1 EU/ml). HSV2 IgM (2.1 EU/ml) down from HSV2 IgM (3.2 EU/ml). Herpeselect 2 IgG (2.9 u/ml) up from (1.9 u/ml). -12 weeks HSV1 IgG (2.2 EU/ml) this is up from (0.7 EU/ml) at 6 week. Herpeselect 2 IgG (3.2 u/ml) which is also increasing. 1) Does the above test result indicate possible recent infection of HSV1 or 2?
Avatar f tn I had a test again in other lab and they gave me the following results HSV-1 Igg 0,90 Eu/ml and HSV-1 Igm 0,43 EU/ml (lower to 0.9 negative, 09-1.1 Equivocal, over 1.1 Positive) so both were negative Then HSV-2 Igg 0,71 EU/ml and HSV-2 Igm 0,28 (lower to 0.9 negative, 09-1.1 Equivocal, over 1.1 Positive) so both negative as well. My doctor told me that I have nothing and the results show all negative.
Avatar m tn I would just put what you are looking for in your search engine. I put in "Da Vinci robotic surgery in the EU" and got several hits of locations/providers that have this as part of their practice. Tell us more about your situation and we'll try to support and help.
Avatar f tn My repeated test results : 49 days after exposure HSV 1 IgM : 9 EU/ml negative up to 100 EU/ml HSV 1 IgG : 3 EU/ml negative up to 20 EU/ml HSV 2 IgM : 6.2 EU/ml negative up to 100 EU/ml HSV 2 IgG : 1.6 EU/ml negative up to 20 EU/ml Can I disregard the last positive result of HSV 1 IgG 106.6 U/ml Negative less than 19.9 U/ml?
Avatar f tn Bank accounts frozen due to garnishment of very old credit card debt, house payment behind because of this. No cash for food. 2 kids. 11 weeks pregnant. Even though we paid the collection company the bank won't unfreeze funds. I'm losing my mind.
Avatar n tn now that i know of how HIV is spread.... but why would they hospital have infected blood at their blood bank? Do they check it? idk im just confused now that i know of all that....
Avatar m tn First, acomment about the numerical results of HSV blood tests. Themportant thing in an automated ELISA test result is not the absolute value, but the difference between the positive-negative cut-off (in this case, 9.0) and the patient's result. For reasons that have been described repeatedly on this forum, you can ignore the IgM antibody test results. See the threads linked below. Although apositive result may be accurate, when the result disagrees with IgG testing, IgG rules.
Avatar f tn boold bank is 100% safe,but really be safer then others,they will check the boold every mos(like this,or every week to guarantee their boold-supply be safe),you needn't to be worry about this,move on,guy.
Avatar n tn I didn' t think so by the way you posted your results. Unfortunately I can't really help you with your test results since I'm not familar with other herpes blood tests outside of the US. I would look for a local herpes support group near you online to ask for help with them.
1822306 tn?1330522629 So even though the PCP said the EKG did not indicate it, he deferred to the gastroenterologist because he knew how badly I wanted into this trial and ordered it anyway. The insurance DID pay for it, the stress test results were excellent and all is good. One of the issues here is recency. In light of more and more information on patients, doctors change their assessment procedures.
Avatar m tn NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / March 1, 2016 / LifeSci Capital, LLC, a research-driven investment bank with deep domain expertise in the life sciences sector, today announced that it has initiated coverage of Abivax (Euronext Paris: ABVX.PA), a biotechnology company that is developing novel therapies to treat serious infectious diseases. The Company is currently focused on treatments for chronic hepatitis B and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection.
Avatar n tn and again,, after about 6 months of sex a redish patch appeared on the same place and i met same doctor and he priscriped some antifungal cream. then it became ok. in same period I had pain in my prostate gland.after prostste massage culture test i diagnosed as E COLAI and had some antibiotics. after about 4 years I had sevear pain in my one testicle for 2 days and it became very small.