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Avatar m tn Progesterone has decreased over time from 58% down to the most recent test where she is BELOW range. I understand that early in the follicular phase the estrogen and Progesterone are at the lowest levels. But that does not explain the consistent decrease of Progeesterone. My wife if currently 45 years old so this could be a natural decline as she approaches menopause or is evidence she is in preimenopaus. It is the testosterone that is of most concern.
Avatar f tn You'll need protein but get it through lean meat, eggs, and peanut butter. You will need to watch OTC menopause products because most use soy as the ingredient to relieve symptoms. Everyone is different in how their body reacts to surgical menopause. If the symptoms get bad, talk to your doctor about things that can help relieve them. Certain anti-depressants can help. Good luck to you. When do you start chemo?
Avatar f tn I had serious aversion to eggs & chicken. I ate beef but id get bored with it. Almonds, peanut butter, couscous, cheese, black beans, lentils all have protein. I eat greek yogurt too (the kind with 23 g of protein per cup). Chicken of the sea makes a prepackaged salmon (like tuna) and you can make salmon salad sandwiches. I eat my salmon with couscous & lemon juice.
Avatar n tn I still have 1 ovary but if the estrogen has dropped this plays a critical role in the reestablishment of lactic acid producing flora. The good bacteria thrive on an estrogen rich vaginal mucosa. They feed on it and estrogen also lowers the PH of the vagina which good flora thrive in. They good flora also produce and acidic environment which keeps ph low. Bad bacterias can not thrive in low ph.
Avatar n tn The tropoelastin (young, fresh elastin) that some skin creams contain hasn't been at all successful either in adding elasticity to the skin. Estrogen also plays a role in keeping the collagen and elastin matrix together so bHRT might help AT THE EARLY STAGES. Unfortunately, the issues causing the sagging are a little too deep for skin creams to address, and DMAE really is not that effective.
Avatar f tn I tried to remove one with tweezers, and it was very tacky (as in sticky) and clearly goes deep under the skin. Part of it broke off but I could still see that the pore was plugged and a day or two later top of the plug was sticking out again. i can't find ANYTHING online that looks like it.
16702 tn?1234094245 Anyway, I sneak it into cookies, oatmeal, on cereal, in yogurt, even sprinkle a little on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. It keeps me regular but I still get my tingles and hot flashes. Oh well. At least I'm not constipated too.
Avatar n tn As you're entering menopause, your body wants to hang on tofat, because estrogen is stored in fat. I'm 52 now, and officially menopausal, but as I approached 50, I had to increase exercise from 30 minutes three times a week to 1-2 HOURS DAILY. It doesn't have to be all at once; you can walk briskly for a half hour in the morning, at breaks/lunch, and in the evening until you get the 1-2 hours in.
Avatar n tn Sorry, I know this is unrelated but I'm a healthfood freak. You guys should try Peanut Wonder. Delicious peanut butter with only 2.5 g of fat! It's hard to find but they sell it on herbaladvisor.
2026160 tn?1328928087 These are some things you can do to help control your acne. Get enough rest and reduce your stress. Stress stimulates the adrenal gland and in the acne-prone individual, the adrenal gland promotes oil production which leads to clogged pores. Stay away from foods, vitamin supplements and sports drinks/bars containing iodides.
Avatar n tn I have been off BC since June of 2008, had spotting half a day in July, and nothing since. My doctor gave me a 10 day supply of Provera, but I failed that challenge after waiting for AF to arrive for 1 mo. I had a case of anorexia( in 2004) due to stress of grad school for about 1and 1/2 yrs,during which this time I ate very little fat (less than 10grams a day) I had no idea that fat and estrogen production had any correlation) I also got down to 105 lbs.
Avatar m tn ( I said Soy wasn't good for men and woman for a number of years! Only fermented soy is OK! Soy is in everything. I have seen it listed in the ingredients on a box of tea.) Eating too many simple carbs can lead to weight gain, and increased body flab has been shown to raise a man’s estrogen levels and lower testosterone. According to a University of Buffalo study printed in the journal Diabetes Care, 40 percent of obese participants had lower-than-normal testosterone readings.
Avatar m tn A fall in estrogen levels can precipitate migraine attacks, and normal, stable levels prevent them. The highest incidence of migraine attacks occurs in women during estrogen and progesterone fluctuations — during menarche, menstruation, and the use of oral contraceptives. The incidence of menstrual migraine is as high as 60 percent to 70 percent. Most women have attacks, usually without aura, during their period (menses), which is the time of greatest hormone fluctuation.
297366 tn?1215816651 The only thing that'll kill me with this is tahini - which I LOVE but which has more fat in it than peanut butter!! And cheese ...... It is indeed a whole new way of thinking about eating ... and I am up for it!! Having been only recently diagnosed (a shock) .... and going through all the fear, emotions, drug side effects etc ..... I want to make sure I nourish my body internally with the right foods and vitamins etc so I am in the best shape I can be at this time.
Avatar f tn Thank you so much for all the info! Yes- I am a woman:) I have had low estrogen in the past but I do get regular lab work and things seem to be going well except for high pancreatic enzymes. I am looking into IBS next. I am pretty sure it's not to dairy or wheat.
Avatar f tn This explains by some people can eat peanut butter every day, or take penicillin or amoxicillin every time they have an ear ache or bronchitis, or get stung by a bee with the only response being "OUCH!", or exercise to their heart's content, whereas other people may have severe allergic reactions, sometimes even life-threatening anaphylaxis, from exposure to the same triggers. This is one reason it's important NEVER to dismiss a person's symptoms as being "all in their head!
Avatar f tn bacon, hot dogs, salami) artificial sugar substitute aspartame, nuts, peanut butter, chocolate, avocado, citrus, banana, onions, dairy products and fermented or pickled foods, fried foods.
Avatar f tn We both were on cipro (which he was only 11 and that stupid family doc shouldn't have had him on it I find out) but we were while when having severe stomach problems (I really attribute to the peanut butter recall- and salmonella) he also had some paresthesias and more. I hope to uncover this mystery. Any help or suggestions on where to go from here would be greatly appreciated. God bless.
489798 tn?1270480075 (Women need roughly 8 mg a day, pre-conception.) In The Infertility Diet (Peanut Butter and Jelly Press, 1999), a first-person account of one couple's eating their way to a successful pregnancy after three years of trying, author Fern Reiss promotes pumpkin seeds as zinc-rich aids to a man's fertility, but more commonly, oysters are considered the food of love: One medium cooked oyster can contain all the zinc a woman needs in a day; just two oysters would give a man zinc to spare.
271792 tn?1334983257 I grab a handful of peanut butter pretzels on my way out of this stupid aisle. I don't feel bad about pilfering these bites because of the umpteen times that I've overpaid at the salad bar and been tricked into buying $108 beauty creams. The pretzels are very fattening but I'm already in the seventieth percentile of ugly so who cares. Next I come to the vitamin aisle which is a danger zone for any broke hypochondriac. Warning: Whole Foods keeps their best people in this section.
Avatar f tn If anything, my BS is higher than before surgery (I still have ovaries but there seems to have been a reduction in estrogen, not that it's gone but I think I had too much before). So today, I decided that I would not eat carbs except for what was in meat and veggies. I haven't even had any fruit although I did have a 1/4 cup of 1% milk in my morning coffee. My readings today are not so hot. FSB 129. 2 hr pp 152. 3 hr pp 110. Pre lunch 111. About 1.25 hr after lunch 157.
Avatar n tn i know that fat cells in our body still produce estrogen--do you suppose that could give you teh feeling of a cycle?(not saying you are fat, we just all have fat cells1LOL!) what is POTS?
Avatar m tn Larabar is the closest thing to real food in the bar section of the gocery store. Atkins Advantage Peanut Butter Granola Bar 200 calories 7 g fat (1 g saturated fat) 17 g protein 1 g sugar 6 g fiber Great postworkout meal. Don't use These Bars PowerBar Energize Berry Blast Smoothie 210 calories 3.5 g fat (0.
768044 tn?1294227036 As my nickname suggests, I am in surgical menopause (complete hysterectomy 2006). I remember when my migraines first went chronic, and I had nearly daily headaches as well (formerly 5-6 times a year I'd get a menstrual migraine), I was told there was hope at menopause. Well, I have improved some in frequency since surgical menopause and often severity, but I still suffer from about 5 (sometimes it's been 6) average migraines a month (and other headaches in addition).
Avatar n tn I also have endometriosis pain now and was wondering if all of this pain is related in some way. Will a fold in GB cause this pain? Just learned that too much estrogen can affect GB. I'm on progesterone and my estrogen levels were in normal range. Anyone know about a GB "fold"? Thanks very much!
Avatar n tn I have recently started working out vigorously every am and watching my caloric intake to 1400 calories a day (mostly pasta's, fruits, bread and some veggies, peanut butter-reduced sodium and fat, part skim cheeses since I have bad reactions to high fiber veggies or meats and proteins) Here are my questions... *What does the Levbid do and should I start to take it? *Is worrying causing these gurgles? Sometimes they come on with just thingking about them!
Avatar n tn WEll After 2 months of taking what I thought was the neatest thing since peanut butter I started my period cramps and all . I thought it was kinda weird but well its a new pill so I will give it some time .
230262 tn?1316649534 Your killing me with that reeses peanut butter cup.......its HUGE.......I just want to pick it off the screen and eat it.........aaaaaaaaaaa Nauty..........
Avatar n tn I would try a good whole grain bread with natural peanut butter and a banana. This helped me immeasurably. Take long hot baths with epsom salts. You've been through quite the trauma and I would suggest you getting into some therapy. If you have no money NA/AA is free, as is SMART recovery. I tried both and found the latter extremely helpful and key in my recovery. I am so sorry that you had to do this the hardest way possible.