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Avatar n tn well i would say ask your Doctor to be sure. i just started myself on over the counter progesterone cream.sabre. so not sure what to tell you yet. my hot flashes are going all out right now. for years they were minimal, but not now. hence trying the cream to help. good luck.
Avatar f tn The vaginal estrogen cream is more or less to bring some elasticity back into the vaginal walls. Yes, some of the estrogen can be absorbed into the body and uterus. If you're concerned about using hormones (as a lot of us are), you can try using an over the counter form of lubrication like plain old KY Jelly or, a more lasting preparation like Replens (every 2 to 3 days).
Avatar n tn My questions is do I need to stop using this cream/is it harmful in anyway/ or can I continue using it with safety. I purchase the cream over the counter. I still have hot flashes at night and don't sleep very well and wake up around 3 times a night. I can't take estrogen so I'm kind of stuck on what to use.
Avatar f tn I have read that when you go on hormone cream at first that it activates your progesterone receptors and you feel good, but then eventually the estrogen becomes the dominant one and taking over and can lead to you feeling bad if you are estrogen dominant to start with. That kind of happened to me. I took the est/test cream and after two days I had a length of 4 days that I felt great, then slid downhill from there.
Avatar n tn My question is would it be safe to use progesterone cream over the counter (bioidentical available via mail order)? Don't want to trigger any breast cancer or other cancers with any supplemental hormones. My internist gave me the go ahead but I'm not sure he's up on female hormonal issues. Would this help balance out the estrogen dominance or can I clearly say I even have this with one blood test? Are there side effects to progesterone cream?
1142929 tn?1271626435 For the dryness there are some over the counter aids that you can look into or you can see about trying some estrogen cream on the outside of the vagina. I would start with the OTC bec it's not hormonal. Don't use plain lubrication; look for one that specifically is for vaginal dryness. You DEFINITELY need to stay away from the monostat! It will irritate you even more. One thing to think about is if you have had any diet changes in the past 5 months or so.
Avatar n tn I started with the over the counter cream and then got on a 2% cream (which is the same amount in the over the counter product but it is made a bit differently and luckily my insurance covered part of it) and about a month and a half later I started to notice a big difference in how I was feeling. It takes 3 months after the ovaries have been removed, as in my case, for the body to lose all Progesterone and so 3 months to build it back.
Avatar n tn Hello, To help with premenopause symptoms, I started using an over the counter progesterone cream. I have been taking synthroid for Hashimoto's for 15 years. After about 2 months of using the cream, I have been experiencing heart palpitations and many sleepless nights. I stopped using the cream and consulted my endocrinologist, who said that the cream could be causing these symptoms and suggested I stop using the cream altogether. Thyroid tests are all normal.
Avatar f tn And the use of progesterone does seem to be more problematic in dosing to both protect and prevent breakthrough bleeding or spotting. And over-the-counter progesterone cream has been shown to not be effective at protecting the lining when taking estrogen.
135691 tn?1271100723 I have never heard of a compounding pharmacy - do we have those up here in Canada? Can you buy Progesterone cream over the counter or will I need a prescription? And, will lowering my dosage of Premarin (I'm actually really happy on Premarin, other than the weight gain) help me to lose some of the weight? HELP!
Avatar f tn I was curious if anyone has used over the counter progesterone cream to lengthen the luteal phase, and if so, are there any side effects? Also, is it safe to use or do you need to ask your doctor first? I'm just trying every month to discover something new to help me get pregnant. I am so tired of the dissapointment when AF rears her ugly head. Thanks!
Avatar f tn could it be bacterial or yeast?? you need something to treat so it will go away.
Avatar n tn i use the answer brand tests ans i read the back of the box one time and it said that only 60% test posistive 3 days before Af is due. (or something like that) and that % goes up closer you get to actual period day. what kind of test do you have? anyway, don't test anymore today and see if you can wait out tomorrow. that will be hard!! anyway I hope you are positive!
Avatar n tn Easy At-Home Methods to Rebalance the Vaginal Ph Many women use non-medical methods for treating yeast, because the cost of over-the-counter methods is high, because they are unimpressed with OTC methods, or simply because they prefer more natural methods. Following is a partial list of at-home methods that may be helpful. Insert unpasteurized, plain yogurt with a small spoon or spatula or vaginal cream applicator. Insert at night and wear a pad.
Avatar n tn this is the reason for the past years constant attacks, and the reason for the attacks I had over the past week. In an attempt to stop the problem before it 'got' me this time, I saw my gynaecologist on Thursday, and he prescribed some antibiotics and gave me pamphlet on Hysterectomy's. He asked me to consider this option because he could not imagine anything worse than spending the next 10-20 years going through what I am going through.
1344197 tn?1392822771 estrone, a derivative of estradiol and the second most dominant estrogen; and estriol, a very short-acting estrogen and the least biologically active. The first misconception is that US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-regulated drugs are not bioidentical. This is wrong. A long list of FDA-approved hormone products contain 17-beta estradiol and, therefore, are bioidentical. Examples include oral esterase, estradiol transdermal patches (Climara®, Vivelle®) and the vaginal ring (Estring®).
Avatar n tn It's bound to be tough, but you can do it. And your doctor can help. Try an over-the-counter or prescription cream. Over-the-counter hydrocortisone creams or prescription steroid creams can help ease itching and inflammation. Soaps or lotions containing coal tar may be helpful, too. Try other types of medication. Sometimes antihistamines help stop itching. In other cases, steroids may be injected directly into the affected area to reduce itching.
Avatar f tn One thing that I have found that helps is actually taking a probiotic. There are plenty on the market over the counter. Just get a reputable one. You probably need to take one every day to start, but then you could taper down to once every two days or every three once you get the good flora established.
798555 tn?1292791151 they use a hypoallergenic cream such as what is used as the base for every over-the-counter cream in America, or lactose, which is component of MILK for means that anybody with an allergy or a sensitivity to an ingredient in a manufactured drug is up a creek, at least if they are on Medicare.
931415 tn?1244681111 Indeed, some of them are into dangerous medical practices and quackery, and Oprah gives them the stamp of approval. The Oprah Winfrey Show and the promotion of pseudoscience Over the years, Oprah has promoted a wide variety of dubious medical practices, pseudoscience, and mysticism on her show. Indeed, just this week, NEWSWEEK ran a long article (excerpts of which I will quote but which you should read in its entirety at entitled Live Your Best Life Ever!
Avatar n tn go to walgreens and get a soap in a green bottle with white writing called Hibicleans -- its over the counter in the first aid section-- this is a great product---- have everyone in your household wash with it, it will kill the staph on your skin-- it doesn't smell bad either. 4. If your lesions don't rupture and drain after about 5-7 days, go back to the doctor and have them lance it, it will fell 100% better once it opens up and drains. 5.
318181 tn?1336447096 ( If you need to chat to someone there is generally someone here most of the time, we come from all over the world!! Looking forward to hearing your progress.
Avatar f tn You need to get off the synthetic and take a good, bio-identical hormone cream, a compounding pharmacist can make this up for you once the doc prescribes it. You can also use a good, over the counter cream, I am talking about Progesterone by the way, it will help to alleviate the estrogen dominance and get those hormones back in balance.
Avatar f tn can you buy an over the counter drug like premarin? i know that premarin is estrogen, so what med would i look for/ i thought maybe they had an otc brand. not the creams but pills. would i look in the vitamin section of my store? im sorry for all the questions.
271792 tn?1334983257 I made kobucha before, I'll get the yeast brewing. We will need colloidal silver to counter act the carcinogens from the smokey food, but we gotta live a little sometimes. We can do an Arise and Shine cleans after to make sure to eliminate the mucoid plaque.
Avatar f tn Could this be a normal thing for my age? No itching. Tried a vaginal cream over-the-counter, no help. No pain, but it's just annoying. Sometimes I think there is a slight odor too.
Avatar n tn She said that it is so common that it could almost be sold over the counter. In addition she said that these types of heart issues are usually very innocent and go away on their own BUT can be very annoying and scary and thus need the beta blocker and or a drug like ativan or valium to keep from getting anxious over the situation. I do believe this is totally hormonal and can be treated with lifestyle changes to medicines to diet to exercise.
Avatar f tn Progesterone is normally the first to drop the hardest while estrogen levels drop but, not at the same rate or ratio. Being estrogen dominant or, in your case, no progesterone to stop it, means that you could build up estrogen dominant symptoms and a build-up or thickening of the endometrium (uterine lining) that can create a possibility of uterine cancer or other estrogen dependent situations such as fibroids and their growth or breast lumps/cancer.