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Avatar f tn i just came of all my hormones and i bled for 18 days straight i presummed it was my period returning but my gyno says its Estrogen withdrawal, any advice would really help....
Avatar f tn Hi i was wondering if any of you with anxiety have been or is on hormones pills,i had a complete hystrectomy in 1995 and took hormones for years i stopped 8 years ago and thats when i seemed to get worse,im now trying the estrogen menest and hoping it will give me some energy or something,,woudl love to hear from others that have had this surgery and have anxiety also do any of u drink occasinally
393685 tn?1425816122 No more crankiness - bloating ended almost immediately - positive mood balance and a restored energy I thought I lost forever. Oh my and the wonderful world of sleep and being refreshed was found again. Do you remember going to bed as a kid and waking up with a glow and feeling of being refreshed? I thought I would never have that again - Boy this WAS the #1 improvement for me. It seems the sleep pattern rejuvenates me and my whole day is so much better.
Avatar f tn I recently had an Estradial test done and they found no detectable estrogen. I have been really fatigue, short of breath and having heart palps. I had started using some Bio Identical Estrogen (BiEst) at a very low dose but I really do not feel great. Have a lot of hot flashes and overall do not feel good. Does anyone have any input regarding BiEst and my symptoms. Is not having estrogen bad? They tell me it is.
Avatar f tn so if i had a ystectomy at 39 and took hormones for years and then stopped and now back on them at 50 wii it help me with dryness,sweats,energy,sex life...i think its making me feel tired and giving me dierehha..
Avatar f tn Your FSH levels are consistent with premature menopause. If you were on the pill, the LH and FSH values would be low, not elevated as they are. Have you gained weight? Some of the estrogen could be from the fat cells. There could also be other sources. It does not seem your ovaries have "kicked back in" because the FSH and LH are still high. Thyroid and estrogen are related. The higher the estrogen, the lower the thyroid and visa versa.
Avatar f tn My t3 and t4 and growth hormone are low all steming pituitary but the dr say no prob. Vitamin d low and estrogen and progestorone low. (complete hysterectomy) What exactly makes you think adrenal? Im learning. I will definitely go to websites you suggested.
Avatar f tn This same day, I started bio-identical hormone therapy in the form of estrogen and testosterone pellets. The blood tests also revealed I was hypothyroid. The Dr prescribed Armour thyroid, 1gr per day. I started gaining weight immediately. The first month after starting BRT, I gained 8 lbs. I was also extremely tired. I had another hormone blood panel done and it revealed I was still low in estrogen. The Dr inserted an estrogen “booster” pellet at this time.
Avatar n tn It has been almost 1 and a half years since I completed chemotherapy for breast cancer. I was on Arimidex and recently my doctor switched me to Femara. I am still having tingling in my feet. I find that I no longer have the energy that I had before chemotherapy. I also find that I injure my muscles more easily and it takes forever for the injury to get better. I have had problems with my knees swelling and with lower back pain from lifting or carrying things of even 10 pounds or less.
488689 tn?1337996758 I am feeling much better each and every day, however my energy level is really low. I am a nurse and used to running around like a nut everyday and it's not so easy trying to just chill out and heal. I have really tried hard though. I think I can do something, go to do it and get tired. I went to the movies on Monday with my hubby, took him to a chick flick (Nights in Rodanthe) and he really liked it. He didn't even fall Neither did I.
1112615 tn?1258653918 Nurse called and confirmed that my estrogen level was low and that is why I have been suffering. They had me on the vivelle but it did not work plus the terrible side effects. They wanted to put me on Enjuvea which is another synthetic hormone with basically the same possible side effects. I told them I was going to try the phytoestrogen therapy vitamin with isoflavone and the progesterone cream because it is a natural approach. What td you all think?????????
135691 tn?1271100723 I know that *most* ovarian cancer is not estrogen receptive, but I am reading that treatments such as Arimidex and Tamoxifin have been useful in these cases. Any information that can be passed along would be much appreciated.
401095 tn?1351395370 boosts levels of testosterone in men and estrogen and testosterone in women...I do know that if you have a reproductive gland tumor like prostate cance u r not supposed to take it...anyway i have been taking 10 mg for years but have never been diligent with it everyday...then my friend went to the doctor and she is worn out and he told her to take it....she is also a recovering addict...I was always scared it would make me grow hair on my chest so i took it in small doses...
798555 tn?1292791151 Its get higher if I go more toward hypothyroid, thus my thyroid med levels should stay put. So I'm confused what to try to smooth out the energy, peaks and valleys. Need calm with out the tiredness, dont we all? LOL. I read a lot of other posts on this before I tried some, still confused, different answers from people. Ashwagonda - I tried for 5 months- Sometimes helps a little, might be a little to much energy - something out there has got to be better.
Avatar f tn I'm on Armour Thyroid for Hypothyroid, and Estradiol. I'm always VERY tired, no energy and have a very tough time getting out of bed. Recently have been losing my hair. About 4 months back had lots of back pain, felt I had an infection was put on Fluoconzale (pain, no discharge) then ended up bleeding nearly 3 weeks, 2 months later same drill...felt pain, bleed 2+ weeks. Went to the doctor this week as hair loss was getting more pronounced.
Avatar m tn However I am a little embarrassed telling her that I have the estrogen levels of a menstruating woman and the testosterone of a 90 year old man with out having a reason for this,(i.e.: brain tumor).
1638247 tn?1300470650 Has anybody out there been in my place and found a way out? If anyone has been successfully treated for estrogen dominence and hypothyroidism, please feel free to write. I know everybody's different and the same treatment might work for one person and not another. But any option is better than none, which is what I'll be facing if I can't manage to stop gaining weight.
Avatar n tn I have been so fatigued that i can only do about 1/4 of what i use to. then the day before my period its like i am recovered ,lots of energy and feel normal again. only to return to the extreme fatigue within a few days.
Avatar f tn I usually feel crampy and bloated a week before and on the first day, but for the rest of my period, besides a few cramps here and there, I feel more awake and energized and I generally feel better...I thought it was weird too, I thought I should feel like ****, but i usually feel better!
Avatar f tn Also, I've heard that the whole reason men progress faster than women in Hep C is because they don't have the estrogen as a protective factor. My theory is that if I stop my estrogen and go through menopause instantaneously that my fibrosis will progress even faster than it already has been. As I said above, I have had the hysterectomy and I have no ovaries, uterus, cervix, tubes, etc., etc., so stopping my HRT will mean INSTANT menopause.
Avatar m tn The slew of B vitamins and magnesium help with stress and lack of energy, and phosphatidylserine(PS) supposedly aids brain and cognitive function--as well as reduce cortisol levels--yet I challenge you to find definitive studies as to the validity of these claims. In essence, given the ingredients in Relacore, you will be extremely relaxed (no stress, therefore no cortisol!) lose weight by going to the bathrooom numerous times (and have the energy to do so!) and remember it all. No thank you.
Avatar n tn I have done a bit of research and I am thinking that the reason we get this burst of energy is because we are estrogen dominant and the day before the progesterone rises thus we have more energy because things are in balance...makes sense to me! So I guess i need to raise my levels of progesterone...does that make sense to you guys?? Has anyone else found this??
158939 tn?1274918797 We cut paths through the snow in the back yard but he just had to make his own tunnels and paths. Hugs to everyone who has been posting me and sending well wishes and HUGE hugs to everyone who is going through this hell too!
Avatar f tn I experience monthly periods of EXTREME fatigue where I feel depressed, have trouble getting out of bed even after long nights of sleep, cannot participate in normal physical activity, feel lightheaded, run down, weak, etc. Following a few days to a week of feeling this way I then get a sudden burst of energy- overwhelming- and feel like my normal self again...only to cycle back to the extreme fatigue 8.
1202943 tn?1347844252 I had been trying a lower dose birth control pill for 3 months and feeling like the lowered estrogen was helping with many hypo symptoms. Unfortunately, I was having severe acne on my back, neck, and jaw, so I switched back to my old pill. The acne went away, but I started feeling a little hypo again. I'm 35 and have been on BC pills for 17years. So I decided to quit taking them last week. I've have had more energy and feel like the hypo symptoms are clearing.
Avatar n tn Hi !!! Got you feed back about getting a second opinion...and I'm going to. My values are ACTH=6, Am Cortisol=9, Dhea-s=34, ...I think I may have hypopituitarism, from a TBI. I fractured C5-C6 at age 11(had a very serious concussion), went into premature ovarian failure at 28 and now have these LOW anterior pituitary hormone levels...I think I finally stumbled upon the root of my problem, as well as a diagnosis. How do they treat Hypopituitarism....
695036 tn?1228409569 Caffeine increases the amount of acid in the body and interferes with the acid-base balance thus causing the body to produce more Estrogen than Progesterone. It's not only coffee ... tea, high energy drinks and chocolate are also caffeine rich. Most regular soda today is caffeine free.
Avatar n tn “Good Estrogens” (2-hydroxy) help maintain healthy levels of the catecholamine hormones (epinephrine and nor-epinephrine) that specifically stimulate enzymes in fat cells to release stored fat for energy.11 When given over a period of months in animal studies, 2-hydroxy estrogen prevented obesity and the Metabolic Syndrome. Research with absorbable DIM has shown that supplementation before exercise results in greater lipolysis in the hours following exercise.
Avatar n tn The progesterone does help with sleep improvement and calmness, relief of anxiety and immune function improves, allergies tolerance improves and cortisol/adrenals improve, but bio estrogen (a combo of all 3 estrogen's created by a compounding pharmacy) helps with joy, and energy, voice, and the itching and lubrication, (for me anyway) the bio testosterone cream helps with energy, gumption, and some drive. I read that estrogen dominance can interfere with thyroid function, per Dr. Lee.