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Avatar n tn I don't have my blood test in front of me but cortisol was below normal, also estrogen, progest and testosteronews very low. I am taking prednisone 15mg a day for over a year now and can't get off of that. It's a mess. everything is short circuiting.
Avatar m tn If this goes on for long enough a man (yes, and a woman) can become oestrogen Dominant (too much oestrogen relative to Testosterone). By lowering stress and thus.. reducing cortisol, my progesterone levels should return to normal levels. If that is the case then why wouldn't it counter the extra oestrogen in my body automatically and remove the effects of oestrogen dominance? Why would I continue to suffer the symptoms of oestrogen dominance?
Avatar f tn My tests show I have low estrogen (also taking birth control pill), decreased cortisol in the morning and increased at night and elevated DHEA. I'm just baffled as to why I am sweating so much. Should I get treated for the estrogen or should they level out once my thyroid is fixed? I am taking natural supplements for my adrenals and might want to try HC but I have heard not so good stories about it. Are there natural adrenal meds or how should I go abouts treating it?
Avatar n tn Typically though they don't mess with blood levels but usually free cortisol testing which is urine and saliva so that cortisol binding globulin is changed. I found this: "Question: Are there any drugs that interfere with cortisone metabolism or measurement that I shouldn't take while I am tapering off of replacement medication? Answer: A number of drugs interfere with cortisol metabolism including anti-seizure medications and anti-fungal medications.
Avatar n tn As regards the Estrogen and Progesterone levels I should point out that the numbers will vary greatly depending on when in your cycle those blood levels are taken. A progesterone test should be taken 7 days past ovulation - to tell if you have likely ovulated or not. If it is taken at other times it could be low (and would be normal). A progesterone cream is usually used starting 3 days past ovulation. If you are TTC eg you could go to eg for more info.
Avatar m tn My starting cortisol prior to the injection was 5, my 1/2 hour cortisol was 6, and my 1 hour cortisol was 8. My doctor started me on hydrocortisone 10mg in the morning and 10 mg at noon. Ihave only missed 1 or 2 doses and when I do I feel horriable and have a really bad headache or migrain. I have been taking this for about a month. I felt much better in the begining now I feel almost like I did before I started the medication.
Avatar n tn ShannieK, Back when I first was diagnosed with hypo, I didn't get the expected symptom relief and research I did mentioned LOW adrenal hormones could worsen symptoms of adrenal insufficiecy if you start thyroid med but do not first correct the hypo-cortisolism. As far as HIGH cortisol, there is probably an effect there as well because your thyroid and adrenal hormones interact and they even call it the Thyroid-Adrenal-Axis.
Avatar f tn 1 (according to more naturopath MDs) and that is what I strive for, but definitely get many of the symptoms you list above when my estrogen gets too high. Saw 3 traditional OBGYNs + 2 internists who were of no help to me and their primary solution was BCP then finally got relief from a preventative medicine MD. Might also try an anti-aging MD since they seem from my experience they tend to address hormone imbalance much differently than traditional GYN.
Avatar m tn Does estrogen just keep overproducing after a past spike in estrogen due to depleted progesterone? I'm wondering why this imbalance between progesterone and estrogen remains and why my body hasn't corrected it after so long. Can a serious bout of stress really do this? Yes I've upped my B6, C, and B12 and all my other B vitamins. I take multivitamins and have always eaten healthy. Don't drink or smoke and exercise regularly.
Avatar m tn If I exercise allot and do weights, especially when doing weights, I gain allot more chest fat so no doubt the high cortisol levels have imbalanced my system and raised my estrogen levels. My question is this. If this is something which has been around since very young, then why would this be so? What could be wrong with me? I haven't ruled out cushings syndrome yet but I feel that maybe I have some level of adrenal weakness or problem or something related. It's definitely hormonal.
Avatar n tn I consulted an endocrinologist and did some tests.Here are the results. TFT,free T4,T3-normal cortisol-29ug(normal 6-19) fsh-3.5 mIU/ml(normal 1.4 - 18.3) LH 9.1 mIU/ml(normal 1.5-14) prolactin 6.6 mIU/ml(normal 3-15) testosterone 8.7ng/ml (normal 2.45-18.4) free testosterone 20 pg/ml (normal 8.9-42.5 pg/ml estradiol 96.5 (normal 25-70pg/ml) lipid profile showed an increase in triglycerides and my bp was 150/84. On my physician's advice i did a low dose dexamethasone suppression test.
Avatar f tn What little I know is that too much Testosterone and it will be converted into estrogen. At least in men. I'm not sure if the same is true with females. You have got a "Whole lot of hormones going on". Hormones are very sensitive and can interact between hormones. So you are changing a LOT of things simeltaneously. What was the process of getting you to the point were you were?
Avatar n tn I am 49 years old and just going through menopause. My new doctor recommended me to have a salivary test to test hormone levels/cortisol/dhea. The results show what she called estrogen deficiency and high cortisol levels. progestrone level is okay. She said that I could try "natural" estrogen cream but I have tried bioidentical progestrone cream before and this brought on bleeding again just after 3 days of use. I also experienced giddiness with it use.
Avatar m tn I recently did a saliva test for Cortisol and it came back high in the evening. I am having insomnia like problems and taking psychiatric drugs to help keep me asleep. These are my test results in the picture blow. I am planning on trying supplementation first to reduce my night time cortisol. What do you all recommend? By the way, I have hashimato's thyroid disease but my thyroid levels are good.
Avatar f tn Hi All! I ust had saliva testing. I was told I have very high AM cortisol , rest of day somewhat normal range. I was also told all my hormone levels were high. My naturopath says my progesterone was very high .My progesterone was previously very low ( near zero by blood testing) and was put on oral progesterone by family MD. Now I am told to stop all bioidentical hormones and we will discuss other treatments plans next week at appt. I am confused.....
Avatar n tn I just got cortisol levels back today and I am at a 4. My thyroid is still within normal limits, but has always been very low and levels fluctuated. I have been tired all of my life: As a kid, as a teenager, a twenty something, a thirty something, and now almost forty. I have always needed more sleep than any other person I know and my low energy has reached an all time high. It is ruining my life and the life of my family and my marriage.
Avatar f tn You should get several sets of testing and not just saliva, but blood as well (free cortisol can sometimes have issues with cortisol binding globulin if estrogen levels are high). You also need other tests like sodium and potassium (it is a salt wasting disease) and a stimulation test. Hydrocortisone suppresses the adrenal gland, if the dose is high enough. A normal replacement dose varies from 10-30mg daily, divided up to mimic a normal diurnal rhythm.
757137 tn?1347200053 DHEA is a precursor hormone that goes on to create testosterone and estrogen. It will not ever reduce cortisol. There is nothing you can take OTC that will reduce cortisol.
Avatar n tn This is an all day 24 hrs test that caculates your levels all day long. It is much better in picking up problems with FSH - cortisol - and estrogen dominance issues. You are experiencing very general symptoms which could mean many things. - further testing should be done IF these issues are bothering you. Was there any thyroid tests done?
Avatar m tn I can only comment on one matter and that is that testosterone levels and libido are not related. Your testosterone level may be normal, or in your case high, while your libido is low. In my case my testosterone was normal yet I had low libido. A low libido can be related to several non testosterone causes, including depression (whih you mention), other medication, anxiety issues, erectile dysfunction etc. If I were you I would (in the following order): 1.
138239 tn?1239928524 DHEA is a precursor to estrogen and testosterone - so you would need testing on those as well as LH and FSH to see what is going on there. Cortisol can effect DHEA (Cushing's syndrome - adrenal source - can raise DHEA - here is a medical abstract: "Serum concentrations of dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHEA-S) were measured in patients with hyperadrenocorticism.
6573002 tn?1383661437 However, my TSH and Total T3 were both normal and although they did no baseline bloodtest, they have me a cortisol injection and 60 minutes later the cortisol level said 42. It wasn't flagged so I'm guessing that's normal. So I'm not diabetic, A1C was 5, passed glucose tolerance test...the only thing I can think this is is stress induced hypoglycemia although the endo said its prob a blood pressure issue more so than a sugar one. She said "See you in 1-2 months".
Avatar f tn I have reviewed and researched and what strikes me are these couple of things that I'd appreciate your comments on. 1. My AM Cortisol is 10.
Avatar f tn 6/30/14 DHEAS 1.5 (2-23) LOW Cortisol 8.8 (3.7-9.5) - 6am Cortisol 3.2 (1.2-3.0) - Noon HIGH Cortisol 2.3 (0.6-1.9) - 5pm HIGH Cortisol 0.6 (0.4-1.0) - 9pm This really confused me cause I was expecting to see low Cortisol, not high? Also, everything I can find on DHEAS says not to supplement due to the supplement causing heart palpitations, estrogen dominance, and possible cancer, etc.
Avatar n tn I will also make a note to get Vitamin D tested, and looks like magnesium too. I am worried how thyroid and estrogen are both low simultaneously -- I am only 28 but my estradiol is menopausal. Will ask for FSH tested to rule out ovarian failure. But do you think there might be a link here to hypothalamus/pituitary, given that multiple hormones are off balance? Should I get a head scan?
Avatar m tn The free form may be impacted by medications or even other hormones such as high estrogen levels - it is called a cortisol binding globulin - so many people get both forms tested as neither form is *best* is is just a matter of convenience as it is much easier to do a midnight saliva than a midnight blood serum draw. Saliva tests are fairly new - and only certain labs are seen to be seen as reliable.
135691 tn?1271100723 headache and hot flashes sounds like estrogen issues. The estrogen and pro will stay in your body for awhile...excuse me..estrogen will still be there (estrone is the estrogen produced in the fat during menopause)..but your levels are off and maybe low (I know for sure that low levels cause night sweats and that hot flases can be caused by fluctuating levels. Headaches are often a hormonal symptom. Glad you posted. Keep researching.
Avatar m tn I have a similar clival lesion and low cortisol below your levels. what is a microadenoma? thanks very much!
Avatar f tn After saliva test i was told i have low adrelas and cortisol, DHNA and progesteron level in comparison to estrogen. I was taking natural progesteron for 1 month but only 50 mg bc i was too drowsy with full pull. But I fill more hot flashes and adrenal fatigue is worse. I think one of the reason is adrenal cream i used with GABA but probably also progesterone. Just in case I stopped using it. How long it should be used? Is there is something else to help with estrogen dominance?
Avatar f tn There is no OTC way to lower cortisol. You cannot lower your female hormones and lower cortisol. Progesterone CANNOT turn into cortisol. When cortisol is off, it impacts other hormones, but hormones do not magically turn into others - except there are precursor hormones like DHEA that do become either testosterone or estrogen but they are all in the androgen axis, cortisol is not. Armour has a lot of T3 - synthroid is all T4 - it usually takes a balance of both to make a body feel better.