Estradiol vs prempro

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Avatar n tn It can increase your risk of breast cancer, heart disease and stroke. Of course that was synthetic hormone replacement therapy (prempro) not the bioidentical hormone replacement. So therein, lies the difference. I guess my question is are the bioidenticals safe and more efficient.
Avatar f tn However, other types of hormones and hormonal delivery symptoms (meaning patches, creams, etc. vs. a pill) have come a long way in the past ten years alone. And, more and more research has also been done regarding the types of hormonal replacement that are available. You just have to know where to look and whom you should trust... and that is where it all gets a bit tricky.
120574 tn?1240771440 After reading sections of Notrhrup's book on hysterectomy, hormones, synthetic vs. bioidentical, cancer situtions, and hormones, etc...I asked my doctor if I could add progesterone. By this time, I had read several smaller books on progesterone recommended by Northrup and practically every page was highlighted!!!