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1344197 tn?1392822771 17-beta estradiol, the most biologically active; estrone, a derivative of estradiol and the second most dominant estrogen; and estriol, a very short-acting estrogen and the least biologically active. The first misconception is that US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-regulated drugs are not bioidentical. This is wrong. A long list of FDA-approved hormone products contain 17-beta estradiol and, therefore, are bioidentical.
Avatar f tn I am assuming that you mean you are on Premarin. If I am wrong, I apologize. I have never been on Premarin, which is a synthetic hormone (as I am sure you know) and was used quite exclusively for years for menopausal symptoms. It was also the hormone used in the big logitudinal study abruptly stopped in 2002... checking on the efficacy of womens hormones on the effect they would have on heart disease in women. The study was flawed from the start, however.
Avatar n tn I developed ovarian cysts and my estradiol stayed high. My oncologist felt the high estradiol was competing with the Tamoxifen and recommended either surgical or chemical removal of the ovaries. I chose chemical (Lupron) because I figured I was so close to menopause, why undergo surgery. After a year of Lupron shots I stopped them only to see the cysts return and my estradiol shoot back up. I went back on the Lupron for another year.
1344197 tn?1392822771 It is produced primarily in the ovaries, body fat, and breast. E2, Estradiol; Serves as the primarily active estrogen BEFORE menopause and is LOST at menopause when follicles are gone. It is produced primarily in the ovaries with some made from testosterone in the brain, breast, and muscle. E3, Estriol; A weak estrogen made by the placenta during pregnancy. There is only one progestin, Progesterone, which is converted to other progestins.
Avatar n tn Synthroid is another example of bio identical in that it is structurally the same as what your body makes. You will get a lot of the extreme naturalists who will try to tell you to take armour thyroid because it is "natural" but its from a pig - just like premarin is from a horse. So how natural is that really vs something that is synthesized to talk your body's language.
Avatar n tn Estragel, Estradot, Tri-Est, Bi-Est) acts just like the estradiol our ovaries secrete into the bloodstream. However, bioidentical estradiol in pill form (brand names: Estrace, Tri-Est, Bi-Est) has the negative effect of increasing blood clots because it is not natural for estrogen to enter the bloodstream through the stomach. Pill estrogen, even if it is bio-identical, goes from the stomach to the liver and stimulates it to make clotting factors" I will check Uzzi's book tonight.
Avatar n tn I have the estradiol gel now but I want to know if the dose is right. Also, do you use it in the evening or morning?
120574 tn?1240771440 After reading sections of Notrhrup's book on hysterectomy, hormones, synthetic vs. bioidentical, cancer situtions, and hormones, etc...I asked my doctor if I could add progesterone. By this time, I had read several smaller books on progesterone recommended by Northrup and practically every page was highlighted!!!
Avatar f tn I feel bad jumping into this forum, but after reading all your comments and realizing the amount of experience and knowledge, I was hoping someone could help me figure this out. I am a 28 year old male and have seen numerous doctors with mixed diagnosis. This all started for me about 5 years ago...waking up one morning complaining my eyes felt off, dizziness and my left ear hurt. My results and ranges are below.