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Avatar m tn I just had blood work done and was told my estradiol level is high. I take no hormone therapy or estrogen or anything. What does this mean?
Avatar f tn How long after a confirmed pregnancy are you suppose to continue taking Estradiol? Just read on the internet that it can cause birth defects and I can't reach my doctor to confirm this.
Avatar f tn If you were my patient, I would explain to you that the FSH means that you are definitely in menopause (the true definition of menopause is no periods for one year). The estradiol is in a satisfactory range for such things as maintaining bone density etc. Typically we don't go by levels, but by symptoms when we are adjusting hormones though, so levels are not too helpful.
Avatar m tn I am 40 and have no children. Last year, my FSH level tested at 30.6 (post-menopausal 23.0-116.3) while my Estradiol level was 42 (post-menopausal <or+27). I was told I was going into menopause yet my periods have been regular this whole year until this week and now I have had my period for two weeks. I have had other odd symptoms and they have me scheduled for a CT Scan this week. I feel that the past few years I have been having trouble with my memory and I feel like I am not myself.
Avatar f tn In January I have abdominal swelling every day. I thought that maybe menopause was causing all these symptoms,there I had hormonial test done my FSH is at 22.2 Estradiol 1155, Cortisol 518. I also had a vaginal ultrasound done which showed that the lining was 1.6 thickness therefore last week I had a biopsy done. I am at a lost totally not in control of my body - the angioedma seem worst two weeks prior to my period therefore I was under the impression that it could be linked to the hormones.
Avatar f tn I have been going thru menopause for 1 1/2 yrs, I was put om premilin .
Avatar n tn I have been on .05 mg Estradiol patches since then to alleviate menopausal symtoms. I have been kind of worried about the side effects of the patch, and have not worn one for about 2 weeks now. Now I am experiencing heart palipitations, lethargy, moodiness, etc. I also have subaortic stenosis, which worries me because of the heart palipitations. I have an appt. with my gynocologist next month, and I haven't told him I discontinued the patch yet.
Avatar n tn ) A total hysterectomy means you would have had the ovaries removed also, and would have gone through menopause at that time. I don't think estradiol will make you gain weight. It might even help you lose a little, or at least make your abdomen seem less bloated.
Avatar n tn I just had some hormone testing done to see if I'm going into menopause. I had a uterine ablation done about 10 years ago and now I haven't had a period for 2 months with the couple of months before that I had one every 2 weeks. My LT was 28.3, FSH 4.7 and Estradiol 1020...I was worried about the high estradiol. Can you tell me anything? I have done 2 preg test that were neg...
Avatar f tn I am 40 years old, I just received a repeat FSH and it is 24.4 my estradiol level is 27.7. A year ago my CD4 FSH was only 9.9 but my estradiol was 80...what could cause such a reversal of results and what does the estradiol level mean in relation to the FSH level? I had an HSG which came back normal, I had an ultrasound done last year as well which during that time my RE saw an egg which he said looked healthy being ready to be released from my left ovary.
Avatar f tn I have many factors working against me in the fertility department; I am 40 years old, I just received a repeat FSH and it is 24.4 my estradiol level is 27.7. A year ago my FSH was only 9.9 but my estradiol was 80...what could cause such a reversal of results and what does the estradiol level mean in relation to the FSH level?
739091 tn?1300669627 I wish there was a place for me to track my FSH and LH and estradiol hormone levels. I also wish it gave a 3rd choice for cause. Right now it offers surgical or natural cause of menopause. Mine is chemical from chemotherapy and tamoxifen. There is nothing natural in that, believe me. I brought home my hormone levels so I could track them and there is no where to keep them, except my file cabinet. I didn't see a place on the CBC tracker to keep them either. Good job otherwise!
Avatar n tn Is dizziness and nausea a symptom of menopause? I seem to experience this a few days before my period , I have to stay in bed maybe an entire day before it passes.What can I do?
Avatar f tn I'm taking estrace 4 mg daily and have also taken estradiol before, and have not had a problem with vertigo. Why do you associate it with the estradiol? I thought positional vertigo had to do with little calcifications in the inner ear breaking off wherever they are attached and floating around. Do you think this comes from estrogen use? I had heard it came from something else.
Avatar n tn Hello, I am 41. I had a hysterectomy in 2001 with my right ovary removed. I had to have my left ovary removed last month, the ultrasounds and Mri's were coming back that a mass on my ovary was possibly malignant and my estrogen levels were above 800, which 3 doctors told me was very high. I had only a month to prepare for this surgery. There was no malignancy, Thank God! I know this is really going to sound stupid, but is it possible that I am NOT going through menopause?
Avatar n tn Although the mean age of menopause in the United States is 51, about 1% of women go through menopause before age 40. I have some patients in their early 20s going through menopause. Ask your doctor to check your blood levels for FSH. That is one of the best tests for menopause and it goes up if the ovaries begin to stop working. You might also have your doctor check your thyroid levels and your fasting blood sugar level.
Avatar f tn Then I read online that low estradiol levels can indicate impending menopause and now I'm freaked out. Does anyone know what it means when FSH is normal (well, high normal) but estradiol is decreasing?
Avatar f tn Estradiol: 2.2 (ref range 3.0 - 10.0) FSH: 15.0 (ref range 3.5 - 12.5) LH: 8.6 (ref range 2.4 - 12.6) Any help would be great. Thanks!
Avatar f tn I am puzzled by these results. How can Estradiol be so high when FSH so low. Doc said I should have some spotting during period time but I have not had any type of period in 3 months. I have been a bit hypertyroid because my doc started me on too high a dose of Thyrolar (T3 and T4 combo). Can too much tyroid increase DHEA, Testosterone , and Estradiol? Results: All serum - 8 am(no sure what day of cycle cause of ablation and a bit hypertyroid) FSH 5.
Avatar n tn I have seen my blood test results and they are: LH - 31.2 FSH - 62.4 and ESTRADIOL - <10.0 These tests were taken on 10-24-08. He said that I am definitely in menopause. Is this indicative of that? Please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you.
698356 tn?1240154327 My doctor suspected estrogen dominance so she tested the estradiol and pregesterone levels. Estradiol ended up being <10 (which my lab says is prepubertal or postmenopausal) and progesterone 0.2 (which my lab says is male or postmenopausal). My doctor thought maybe that my hypothyroidism had fatigued my adrenals (which also make sex hormones) and that we just needed to boost those. She changed my birth control pill with hopes of relieving my PMS.
Avatar m tn None of this was something I experienced prior to the surgery. I was told that if my ovaries were left in, I wouldn't go into menopause. Has anyone else experienced this? Will it go away and how do I get back to feeling normal. Help!
Avatar n tn I am told I am now in surgical menopause. I have night sweats and I cry a lot. I have a hard time sleeping at night too. One minute I am hot, the next I am cold. My gyn/onc (the surgeon who did the surgery) gave me a prescription for estradiol. I am going to ask my regular gyn for advice on taking those hormones. Has anyone here taken estradiol? I have heard that estrogen replacement therapy isn't good, so I don't know if I should take them or not.
1353379 tn?1278830400 Has anyone suffered with surgical menopause? I had a hysterectomy about 8 yrs ago. 2 weeks ago I had both ovaries removed because of a 12 cm complex cyst ( which was thankfully benign). I have been having problems sleeping since the surgery and getting dull headaches but felt otherwise fine untill the other night. I have been worried about loosing my sex drive.
Avatar f tn I am 53 years old have been on BCP for years, went off them to get blood work done to see if I am in menopause. My FSH was 13.1 and estradiaol was 84. Have I reached menopause? THe thought of a change of life baby scares me to death, we have a 30+ and a 21 year old! Until I can get to a new doc can anyone help ?
Avatar n tn Hello~I am 52 and had my uterus removed exactly 1 year ago but still have my ovaries. I am taking .50mg of estradiol gel in the form of "Divigel" at night and my Naturopath said taking estrogen prolongs getting through menopause. I had been taking .25 but he increased it because I was having some serious mood swings, mostly depression and my menstrual migraine situation was getting worse. Everyone says the migraine issue improves after menopause so am I prolonging my own demise?
Avatar n tn I have been taking Estradiol for about 10 years for menopause symptoms. I just started taking Armour Thyroid 15mg about 3 weeks ago and now my hot flashes have returned! Is this a reaction with the Estradiol? Will it subside over time? Please help I need the thyroid med but I can't stand the hot flashes! This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/263845'>No difference on Armour?</a>.
Avatar f tn I haven't had a period (or spotting) since starting the Tamoxifen. However, I responded to Tamoxifen with high estradiol levels and ovarian cysts. I was put on Lupron for 6 months at first and after the ovarian cysts returned, I was on it for a year. My last shot was Aug 2003. My hormonal levels in October showed that my ovaries were still active. This last month my hormone levels [FSH (25.7) and estradiol (23)] showed that I was in the menopausal region but barely.
Avatar n tn Not sure what the Estradiol levels mean but, you most definitely could be feeling the effects of menopause. Just remember that these levels fluctuate during perimenopause so, your hormones don't always stay at the same levels and your symptoms will change with those fluctuations. It's just more difficult to measure symptomatically in terms of periods etc. after a hysterectomy. I'd consider any symptoms you're getting that are classic menopausal symptoms (hot flushes, mood swings, tired etc.