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Avatar f tn But anyhow what iwanna ask is list of things to prepare either i undergo CS and normal delivery..and also list on what to prepare first thing for my baby...anyway im from philippines..i hope to hear from mommies here...goodluck to all!!
Avatar f tn But anyhow what iwanna ask is list of things to prepare either i undergo CS and normal delivery..and also list on what to prepare first thing for my baby...anyway im from philippines..i hope to hear from mommies here...goodluck to all!!
Avatar m tn Does anyone know for a reliable list of essential nutrients? According to some websites, currently 45 nutrients are considered essential, but there is no complete list mentioned anywhere.
Avatar m tn i bought this online on a site in the philippines..i tested negative exactly 30 days after my possible exposure...
Avatar f tn I'm checking on the net because there are already available drugs for HIV here in the Philippines like Viramune/Aptivus but no tenofovir yet, maybe i'll email the pharma if they know or have tenofovir, i'am seeing one of their branch in India Mumbai. it's possible to have tenofovir (tenvir) produced by cipla.
Avatar m tn Tenofovir is made by Cipla in Mumbai, India. This firm has been making drugs since 1935. All drugs are distributee in 130 countries. China has re written their F D A type regulation banning Viread because the earlier agreement stated that Viread was 300% higher in cost. China decided at that price, few people could afford the $12,000/yr and was not helping it's people. Brazil and another country have banned the Viread name and it's exclusion for the Generic Tenofovir.
Avatar f tn I have just been to the specialist who said he thinks I have essential tremor. I thought at first it might be related to my thryoid medication but it seems not. In this forum I see that essential tremor is benign and not related to other cognitive difficulties however, I understand that not much research has been done and the little research there is suggests that essential tremor may be related to dementia.
Avatar f tn In our country, Philippines. Having HEP B is like having a HIV. It is such a social discrimination. After i discovered i have the thesis i became depressed. Lazy to study knowing i don't have a chance of becoming a doctor someday because I'm a carrier of the disease. But I'm still hoping there a cure even if the world is telling me it's incurable I hope god will spare us from this disease. What should I do? I'm still a student.
Avatar m tn I have 3 women / ladies in my email registered 8contacto) from different countries (Peru, Thailand, Philippines), all three are under 20 and have PATM, they never smoked or know the drug because they are still in the school-school, I for my part smoke like 7 years ago in my adolescence, then I never smoked again until now after having PATM 2 years since the PATM somehow isolated me and my only company is the cigar.
Avatar f tn they don t tell liver damage, how the infection is and if it has chances to be cleared.obviously the probel is you are in the philippines were tests, prepared doctors are missing a healthy life style to increase my immune system to lessen feather damage to my liver. quite the opposite, immune system damages the liver on cronic hbv and is not able to do a thing to hbv.
Avatar f tn Say for example, my doctor will prescribe me drugs for HepaB treatment (like Entecavir), and will need to take it for say 6months or 1year, Can I carry that amount of drugs from Philippines to abroad? Any views related to this will be really appreciated!
Avatar m tn How. Please i need your advice. The only drugs available now in my country are lam and to a lesser extent Viread. Options are very minimal and cannot combo with other drugs.
Avatar f tn and the hospital he belong is popular here in the philippines. are the anti-viral drugs not available here in the Phil.or he don't really advice anti-viral drugs for it really not advisable? or its just that my hepa b is not that serious? any comment pls.. God Bless us all.....
Avatar m tn I would recommend calling your local pharmacist for interactions. That is quite list of drugs. My mother was on quite a few herself until i found the underlying cause and she didn't need the drugs anymore. The only exception is tramadol which she takes rarely (had three prolapsed discs). She takes omega 3, and glucosamine with chondrotin. My mother had severe clinical depression and severe anxiety disorder and many other adverse health conditions.
Avatar f tn So it is not only only in Philippines.
Avatar n tn My neurologist has diagnosed me with Essential Tremor and Cervical Spondylosis (with some osteophytes). When I turn my head to the right it tremors quite noticeably. When my head faces to the front the tremors are not as noticeable. This began about 2 months ago and I am a 49 year old female. Does one have anything to do with the other? Will the tremor get worse? He suggested Botox in the back of the neck to stop the tremors.
Avatar n tn ve been limited my use to inhaling it (peppermint, thieves, and lavender). There are also a long list of oils that are off-limits for the whole pregnancy bc they can induce labor and/or be too harsh on the baby.
Avatar n tn Your nerve cells and other cells use specialized enzymes to transform the essential amino acid phenylalanine and its derivative tyrosine into the neurotransmitters noradrenalin, adrenalin, and dopamine. These three neurotransmitters are part of a group classified as catecholamines, and increasing levels of them in your brain has a well-known, significant antidepressant effect.
Avatar f tn I am wondering if others who have been diagnosed with Chiari Malformation have also been previously diagnosed with Essential Tremor? I have had Essential Tremor since I was 12 years old, diagnosed in my 30s and was just diagnosed with Chiari Malformation this year at 53 years old. I also have IBS and have been loosely diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I am suspicious that the Chiari Malformation is the cause of all these other issues, as well as being hereditary.
1710414 tn?1308172199 Some are inherited, some due to excessive alcohol, or alcohol withdrawal, which can kill nerve cells, overactive thyroid, and certain drugs. Essential tremor, dystonic tremor is also possible. Usually there is no cure. Treatment may include propranolol or other beta-blockers and primidone, dystonic tremor may respond to drugs like clonazepam, anticholinergics, etc.
Avatar f tn You can usually take Tylenol based products, but I would definitely check with your doctor first (they usually provide a list of approved medicines). You want to be careful during your first trimester with taking medicines though, so if possible, see if you can do without. If not, have your doctor make a recommendation.
Avatar m tn Two months ago in the Philippines I had pink eye or conjunctivitis in my left eye. After a week, I thought it had healed, but it went to my right eye and then both eyes were red and my vision was blurry. I then went to the eye doctor and he gave me anti-biotic eye drops. They didn't seem to work though. I was still waking up with blurry vision and discharge sticking my eyes shut, and my eyes were sensitive to light and hurt when I tried to read the computer screen.