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Avatar f tn I did not want to do it without the epinephrine. The epi makes the anesthesia last longer, if you use the anesthesia without, it wears off in a very short time. I called my EP and he said it would be ok to take up to 10 mg of my beta blocker (I usually take 5) and to be sure I took it at least 2 hours before the procedure. So I did that, took an ativan and I was fine(except for having a root canal).
Avatar n tn Dear all, I have had a very bad experience with local anesthetic twice now and my doctor is sending me to alergy testing. I would like to find out, is there any other method other then body provocation? I would not like to go through that experience again - it was very bad (tachycardia, feeling sick and almost loosing consciousness)... I will be happy to share experiences and info. Best regards!
Avatar n tn There are many forms of anesthesia other than local. Medications, nitrous oxide and IV sedation are several. You should speak to the periodontist as well as your general dentist about your experience. It is important for them to know that you were very uncomfortable. You may want to consider having the periodontist do the procedures in an oral surgeons office where you can be sedated.
Avatar n tn But when I asked about anesthesia, she said that they would only give me something to relax and I will not be pain free. No anesthesia. I have heard from my friends that D&C's are pretty painful. I have no idea if this is legal or not. Has anybody had such an experience? FYI, my insurance is Kaiser. Helllllllllllllllllp!!
Avatar n tn also is it possible to have systemic reactions to a local anesthesia if just a tiny bit is used, as for this procedure? i had some nerve pain on my face the day of the removal (from another body location), so was just wondering if that could have been the cause. thanks!
Avatar n tn My patients that have been pregnant and needed to be treated I was able to use local anesthesia without any vasoconstrictor(epinephrine). I consulted the OB doctor before any treatment was preformed. What was the diagnosis and what treatment is necessary?
Avatar n tn With pregnant women the ob-gyn prefers that we do not use any epinephrine in the local anesthesia. I don't think that what you are going to be doing would effect the fetus but I think your MD would be the one to consult.
Avatar n tn I think you should follow the advise of a Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon. The judicial use of and local anesthesia containing a vasoconstrictor such as epinephrine is often benefical for removing teeth. It helps control bleeding and the anesthesia is usually more profound thus reducing the "stress" and pain during the procedure.
Avatar n tn Also if you need local anesthesia they prefer that you do not have epinephrine in the LA. This sometimes makes the treatment a little bit more difficult.Good luck!
Avatar f tn Periodic administration of local anesthesia without epinephrine and /or systemic administration of gabapenti/amitriptline may solve your complaints. Seeing an Orofacial pain specialist is advised.
Avatar n tn Also, they should not be given cocaine or local anesthesia containing vasoconstrictors vasoconstrictors. The possible combined hypotensive effects of Nardil and spinal should be kept in mind. Nardil should be discontinued at least 10 days prior to elective surgery." In many institutions, an anesthesiologist is the person who makes the decisions regarding anesthesia and administers this. If your surgeon will not be using the services of an anesthesiologist, you have a couple of options.
Avatar f tn In the lumbar area, the anatomy is such that major blood vessels are not disturbed. I am suspecting the local anesthetic absorbed by capillary action, or IV anesthesia used during your procedure may have caused these side effects -- perhaps the benzodiazepene medication midazolam (Versed) given as part of the "conscious sedation" used for this procedure.
Avatar f tn my gums have been bleeding during the past 2 months but i had no pain. also fillings are allowed with local anesthesia not containing epinephrine. whitening is advised for post delivery.
Avatar f tn In local anesthetics (like those used in dentistry), it's the epinephrine that's mixed in with the anesthetic that causes the problems for most patients with dysautonomia. There are local anesthetic formulations available without epinephrine, they just last for shorter periods of time and may require higher doses for efficacy.
Avatar n tn It is specifically for that reason that there are limits to the total amount of local anesthetic used at a time. This can be altered by adding epinephrine to the lidocaine to decrease the uptake into the blood vessels (you can use a higher dose) In relation to the nitrous oxide, very unlikely to cause seizures. You can have some myoclonic activity with this inhaled anesthetic, but very unlikely to have an actual seizure. Dysphoric effects can also commonly occur with nitrous oxide.
1817071 tn?1366231843 I have had 2 root canals with local anesthesia without the epinephrine. It is fine..no difference, not a big deal. The only difference is that it wears off a little faster and you may need another injection at some point during the procedure. I would not be talking to the dental nurse anymore about it. Speak to your dentist and tell him your concerns and INSIST that they use anesthetic without epi. If he won't or says that he can't, whatever the reason, change dentists.
Avatar n tn both WITHOUT EPINEPHRINE,YES,WITHOUT EPINEPHRINE and I made sure of that before the skin test.They had to discontinue the Lidocaine because of heart side effects.But they finished with the other one and they thought that everything was fine and sent me home..The next day,BOOM! they hit with a vengence..P.V.C.S over and over again lasting for 3 weeks or so until they finally tapered off.
Avatar n tn also is it possible to have systemic reactions to a local anesthesia if just a tiny bit is used, as for this procedure? i had some nerve pain on my face the day of the removal (from another body location), so was just wondering if that could have been the cause. thanks!
Avatar f tn The medicines given to you are the usual medicines given during local anesthesia administration. There is a possibility that you had a drug reaction. You should tell the anesthesiologist the reaction you had during the administration of the anesthesia so that anesthesia induction can be delivered safely and uneventful. Perhaps a different kind of anesthesia can be given to you. Take care.
1182699 tn?1297578384 It's funny that you said that...after I posted earlier, I called a friend of mine who's a dentist and he said he always put his patients on antibiotics before the procedure which helped to enable the effect of the anethesia. I actually go see an Endodontist on Monday and I insisted on antibiotics today before I left my dentist. I hear this Endodontist is a God at numbing just one tooth for the procedure so he may became my new favorite person if all goes well.
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Avatar n tn I think the reaction you had to the anesthesia might be related to the epinephrine(which is the anesthetic) entering your blood stream. Also you might get a reaction from the local anesthesia if you have not eaten. My concern is the amount of pain you are in and the fact that the furcation area(where the roots split) is involved.I don't know the prognosis of the tooth but the endodontist should be able to give you some idea for the long term.
Avatar f tn Typically, how much time would you expect prep and impressions for temporary crowns on 10 top teeth to take? I was in the chair, under local anesthesia (septo/lido). for almost eight (8) hours. I was given numerous (amsa) injections in my palate; both left and right side (no wand used). I developed excessive necrosis, tissue sloughing and bone exposure at both points of injections on my palate.
Avatar f tn I am so glad your feeling better. I hope it keeps up. Do you have any more work that you need done with your mouth?
Avatar n tn Surgical therapy to remove the lesion can be considered if the lesions recur despite conservative therapy. Depending on the location, local anesthesia can be used. These options can be discussed with your urologist. Followup with your personal physician is essential. This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.
Avatar n tn If he did, this is an injection of saline mixed with lidocaine and epinephrine and bicarbonate. If you had general anesthesia it is less likely, but if you had IV sedation, it is probable that you had those injections. Are you on antibiotics? Are you using chlorhexidine gluconate soap to cleanse your skin? The rash is likely a reaction to a specific injection, soap, bra, something new and probably a medrol dose pak will clear it up. Good luck.
1917408 tn?1421955640 Its just that auto immune does cause problems with local and deep anesthesia, its more to do with the epinephrine..... Will you let us know how she is later. Thinking so much about you all. Big hugs.
Avatar n tn I am 7 months pregnant and have to have a tooth extracted on Monday, due to a crack in the tooth which caused an infection. In the past, I have had a slight reaction to the local anaesthetic used - after it is injected, my heart races for about 10 minutes. Should I worry about this? The dentist said they would use no epinephrine. Will that help? I am very nervous about having this done while pregnant - I also have exercise induced PVC's. Any advice you can give will be appreciated.
Avatar f tn Joy~ There's more risk to keeping them in (chronic pain...stress...etc) than getting them out. You can get the numbing meds without the Epinephrine (sp?) in them, and you would be OK to take pain meds for a few days. The pain medication they'd give you would be safer than Ibuprofen which can cause heart defects in 3rd trimester. Since your out of your first trimester it would be relatively safe.
485259 tn?1519050626 You may want to ask in advance, because the average dentist doesn’t keep this particular drug in stock. Epinephrine is a vasoconstrictor; it’s sometimes added to local anesthetics to prolong their numbing effect. Epinephrine can trigger nerve pain, especially in cases of trauma-induced TN. In these cases, ask your dentist not to inject a vasoconstrictor with local anesthetics in the area of nerve damage. Consider the injection point.