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Avatar f tn Vincent or vicente has a really good meaning I also like valentino is there any that u are particular about keeping lk r u set on the first name or middle or u jus dnt lj the name u picked in general I also like the name Elias
Avatar f tn Do you guys think tht Enrique Jayden goes good together? My bf wants his son named after him and i really lik the name Jayden as a middle name but my mom believes it doesnt "flow".
Avatar n tn uff we could go so on... but it also depends on the last name ..... ughhh i feel sorry for my girl having a chili as a last name....
8444768 tn?1416123086 im so sad to hear little boys eyes are still so bad.....the kitten(s) likely have FIP, this can manifest itself in any organ of the body depending on their immune systems...if it affects the eyes they likely become blind:( So I do desperately hope this isn't what they have and its just conjunctivitis. Bless your good soul for trying your best to care for these little ones..is there a no kill shelter that would take the family in and give them the medical care they need?
Avatar f tn Me and my fiancé finally picked a name! Nathaniel Enrique ♡ I am a ftm and am getting very nervous for labor but me and daddy just can't wait to see and hold our little man! ♡ anyone else picked names out yet?
10025015 tn?1422498264 I'm naming my boy Jose Santiago. A cute name could be Leonardo and call him Leo. I also like Enrique. Those aren't so common like Jose.
Avatar f tn It shouldn't affect the baby at all in the womb, and your doctor will talk about delivery options if you are still infected at birth. The biggest risk of chlamydia is that it can infect something in the baby's eyes and blind it. BUT most hospitals routinely treat newborn babies eyes just in case so it should be fine. You should still be able to deliver vaginally.
Avatar f tn Rick is a nickname of Alaric, Broderick, Cedric, Cerek, Derek, Edric, Emrick, Enrico, Enrique, Eric, Federico, Frederick, Henrik, Kendrick, Maverick, Orrick, Patrick, Ricardo, Richard, Richmond, Richter, Ricky, Roderick, Tarique, Ulric, Warick, and Yorick. All of these have Rick in them, Found them online.
Avatar f tn It might be recorded as count fingers at a certain distance, for example CF 3 feet. The other way the vision could be recorded is 2 ft/400, meaning that the person has to be 2 feet away from the chart to see the big E, instead of the usual 20 feet away.
Avatar m tn he stared by doing blood work thin sent me for a ct of my chest after a week while waiting for the test to come back i had a nother attack and yes i ended up a ER this time the ER doc sad i needed to go get a stress test done on my heart wile waiting on all the test to come back my neck started to tighten up and it pops all the time the last time i was at the ER i told the doc about the presure behind my eyes and noes he gave me a ct on my head sad it was all good the doc looked a
Avatar f tn in it she has drawn on each page,angry and sad faced people. then an arrow and the word me. then i hate me. each page the face gets sadder and the wrtiting gets bigger and more scribbled. i know this is not normal what is she trying to say. This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/276303'>Drawing analysis</a>.
Avatar n tn I let my fiancées Mom take the baby for a bit so I can rest and my fiancee and I can go to dinner but now I'm really sad.. I tried to sleep but couldn't because I'd open my eyes and my son wouldn't be next to me :( I've cried this entire time.. Is this normal?
Avatar f tn My eyes burn so bad, but I feel a lot better now. I hope your night gets better and tomorrow is better day.
290867 tn?1333569278 s(shes 10) brother (my nieces brother meaning different Dad) has a rare skin condition called EB... Well he passed away this evening and I am asking for you all to pray for our family.... and his. I am not 100% sure on all the details of the condition.Here is a story that our local news did on it... Please watch... Please pray..... They also hahve a myspace page on his behalf (obvisoly before he passed away) His name is Gage Wickiser... http://www.fox2now.com/search/dispatcher.front?
979826 tn?1389036358 Hi Molly this is so sad, how did u get this info? Wasn't this Dr a true Chiari specialist? How could they not check for veins....I know my was as well as nerves were on what TCI calls Dopplar mapping this is done thru out surgery.... We need to stand up and scream Chiari Malformation is not insignificant !
427279 tn?1210919821 i have a appointment tomorrow with eye dr.going to ask about that and the little black spots in front of my eyes...they have a x-ray of somekind that looks in behind your eyes and im having that done to...thanks so much for your concern.....
362249 tn?1441315018 s Concrete Angel every SINGLE thing about that song makes me soo sooo very sad i just hate child abuse!! What song makes you sad?
Avatar f tn He said that in his dream we have lost our baby boy!! this is the story he told me it was pretty sad amd scary!!!! he said he didnt see when i lost the baby but that when he saw me i didnt havr a belly no more althought he said he check on my phone how many days i had left for out baby to be born and it said 80days left but i didnt have a belly or our baby with us! honestly that got me so scared whenever i turn 80 days or pass that ill be so happy! i would die if something happend to my baby!!
Avatar f tn Xavier/Javier, Luis, Leandro, Enrique, Isaiah, Ricardo, Israel, Jonathan, Joel, And David. My boyfriend's Name Is Victor And His Brothers Are Miguel, Alejandro, Maximilliano, And Fernando.