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Avatar f tn Reason being when your body is getting rid of vitamins, meds, and so on they come out through our skin and hair. It is unhealty for all of that to be left on the scalp skin. It can clog your follicles and cause further hair loss!!!!! If you have any more questions please feel free to ask!!!!!
173975 tn?1216261375 Its supposed to be good for your hair and skin but I don't know how much good its doing. I don't think it can hurt.
Avatar n tn I think you need to soak yourself in motor oil now and go shave the neighbors cat and glue the fur onto your chest. Get a girly magazine and try not to look at them for how soft they look. You need intense therapy now to maintain your manhood. Even though we get too tired to use it much on tx, you will want it intact when you finish. Now get out there and "Cat- Call". Remember your roots man!
Avatar n tn i use nioxin which helps grow hair (shampoo, conditioner, scalp treatment, and follicle booster) and just continued to lose it.
1826037 tn?1320340914 but this time i'm on 24 week triple w incivek @ week 16 and i dont have much of any hair thinning ...i am using nixon shampoo and scalp treatment dont know if that is making the diff.. or if it just takes longer to fall out....or maybe i'm immune to it after all that and chemo for breast cancer once...would love to hear your feedback .. i have really loved reading all your posts..thank you so much for being so kind, brave and entertaining ! my best to all of you !
Avatar n tn I know this may sound trivial, considering my HepC was eradicated, but I have had and continue to have serious emotional issues dealing with the skin issues (and others that the treatment brought on). Sorry to ramble...... I know I should consider myself one of the lucky ones...and yet......I don't think I'll ever truly get over the emotional pain and suffering my bout with HepC and it's treatment caused.
Avatar n tn Glamazon/Christie I can surely relate to your sadness. My scalp and skin have practically quit secreting any oil so I try not to shampoo but once or twice a week. And as vain as I am about my hair, the weakness, short of breath, dizziness etc is a bigger worry. There are so many natural looking wigs/wiglets that if I were to go almost bald I think that could help a lot. Dolly Parton and Tina Turner have worn wigs forever. I know that wont cheer you up much but at least you arent alone here.
496771 tn?1209698358 I had severe reactions to all salon hair color treatments and over the counter hair colorings. I am Asian and hated the gray in my black hair. I constantly tried new treatments and talked to several specialists and they recommended different hair colorings that did not work. One day I found a new one that I had not tried, it is Natural Match from L'oreal. This is the first hair color that has worked for me and I hope it will help others.
Avatar f tn It will help with your recovery—I am 30 weeks EOT now, and still find I need to keep my water intake up. It will take time for your skin and hair to recover too. You should notice your spirits improve right away though, and energy will gradually increase too. My nurse also advised me to take vitamins too, as they helped with my skin and hair, and energy too. Check with your doc about that. Dragon Slayer on the bench!
Avatar f tn I too have the same problem but it is completely on the outside of my vagina and I've tried every cream, even tea tree oil and nothing helps. I am going to see my dermatologist in March and will be telling him exactly whats going on. I cannot even have sex without discomfort, I am exhausted with the whole thing.
Avatar f tn I had (and still do have) long hair, and my Crown was SO oily, I HAD to wash my hair everyday. And also the oil from my hair was getting on my face and making my severe acne even worse...gross right? But with that said i was a teenager and hormones were changing and such. But then I went on accutane for my severe acne...and guess what...my oily hair went away too (granted because accutane prevents glands from producing sebum)!
Avatar n tn Treatment and remedies The treatment of this condition can be suggested only after the cause is ascertained. For normal darkening of the skin, Acanthosis Nigricans, and ageing skin, there is no treatment. The dark vagina can be treated with home remedies in such a case. If there is a disease that is causing the darkening of the skin tissues, the doctors will determine the appropriate treatment course.
2065676 tn?1331426040 This is based on loads of flexseed oil combined with cottage cheese (3 tbs of oil each morning). My skin and hair changed in a few weeks time from being extremely dry to being very soft. So yeah, good fats will definitely have that result Luckly I like fats, so I am going through piles of avocado and bottles of Flaxseed oil.
Avatar n tn Hey,,,I know what you mean about the heat! Texas here and its been so hot and being on this treatment,,,it just wipes you out. We normally in the summer,,,go to the lake and are outdoors alot. Its hard this summer but if I stay in sun too long,,,I kinda get nauseated. haha I'm mowing the yard later and later in evening,,,this past week it was almost dark and I turned on outdoor lights. LOL Oh well,,,there is always next year right? At least this will be temporary! Take Care!
Avatar f tn I bought organic shampoo, by Desert Essence, it was Tea Trea Oil Shampoo and Conditioner, and it was very gentle on my hair. Then, I only washed my hair once a week, because it became so dry, on Triple Tx. Then...a few days before I washed it, a oiled my scalp, with a product called waxalene, which had soy bean oil, vitamin E, and bees wax in it. But coconut oil will sufice, or olive oil.
Avatar m tn but seriously, I started taking olive oil baths and just leaving in on my skin and hair overnight. so far so good....6 months tx and hair is still here. I think the stuff breaks off from brittleness which the drugs cause....so my theory was what has worked for women in the desert heat for thousands of years might help. So far, so good. I also leave conditioner in when I wash my hair. Sme types are fine for this....and don't leave hair oily if you use a small amount. Again, think supple....
Avatar n tn They suck human blood and share their life cycle between plants and unwillingly with humans in the absence of other animal/ bird hosts. They lay thier eggs on the skin hair and thier larva burroughs itself under the skin for ese of blood sucking. They come out from the skin pours in the night time or to take little fresh air during day time. The larva keeps crawling and bouncing on the skin surface when they come out.
Avatar n tn I choose to enjoy it and TRY not to worry about my skin (that is a tall order for me!) because I don't want to waste a minute of my life. I want to enjoy all that I have and all that I am for the rest of my life. It's a totally different mind set and not an easy one, but I believe I'm getting there. Ahhh...it is so much calmer in my mind when I am there and I can enjoy myself so much more. Maybe that is why I love camping...
Avatar n tn Since lemon can be very acidic, it can chafe the skin and hence is best to use a small quantity as an application. Mix the juice and oil together and apply it on the inner thighs. The application can be washed off after an hour. Although there is no particular kind of food or diet that can cause the lightening of the skin, having a balanced diet is beneficial for the development of healthy skin.
Avatar m tn then i see people with gorgeous perfect skin and it makes me jealous and want to go at it again....
Avatar n tn I was told at the beginning that it would take about 2 weeks to heal then later he said it would really be 6 to 8 weeks to be completely smooth and now I'm at almost 8 weeks and I have a healing gash and obvious bumps of skin. My boyfriend has no idea I did this as I told him very vaguely that I was having a minor surgery and I didn't want to talk about it much.
Avatar f tn I also bought some vitamins B complex and fish oil in addition to my biotin and multi-vitamin for my skin and hair and just to get back on track. I was wondering though, if you have any other recommendations for how to take care of hair loss (naturally)? Or how long it might take for the hair to cease thinning or falling out if following this regimen? I also found out that there are lots of Celiacs in Italy!
Avatar m tn A crawling sensation in skin is seen in people who are very anxious and stressed out. Very dry skin (you rule this out) and disorders of thyroid gland all can precipitate a crawling sensation. The other possibility is Morgellons disease often mimics scabies. The disease is believed to be caused by weak immune systems in people that have contracted the tick-borne Lyme Disease at some point in their life. It can also be a fungal infection like Tinea corporis.
Avatar n tn I'm 17 yrs old and I have belly hair, whenever I was younger I had it and my dad told me to shave it and I did....the hair does come back thicker. I like it and my boyfriend likes it to but I'm embarresed of it in front of people. Like I can't wear a bikini in the summer cuz I'm afraid people will make fun of it. Help I guess?
440193 tn?1293814117 Upon my research, I have learned that dandruff, excess oil in the hair follicles and chemicals from shampoos are one of the factors of hair loss. It makes the hair follicles weak that it don't have enough strength to hold the hair. I found this treatment centre in singapore that have hair detox treatment that cleanse the scalp to promote natural hair growth. I was so happy that I was able to solve my hair loss problem and right now I am growing more hair naturally.
Avatar f tn I have known being the carrier for about 10 years (probably since birth). I first started treatment since Jan 08, due to very high load of DNA (almost 600m copies) and high AST, ALT (200, 600 respectively). Echographie abdominale shows Liver were functioning well (all following tests showed same result). As prescribed by doctor, I have been using Baraclude since. After 6 months treatment (Jul 08), ALT, AST were back in normal range. Virus count dropped to less than 30K copies .
Avatar n tn Everyone who knew her pre-interferon says she has aged a lot. Her hair is different, she has a never ending facial rash (rosetta?) and she is having difficulty walking as a normal person would. We have had 3 visits to a neurologist and just yesterday he explained the recent PET scan results to us. He believes she is exhibiting signs of early Parkinsons desease but it is still too early to tell.
Avatar m tn I laid on a couch working home care and something began to crawl in my hair and by morning i was really crawly. I bought lice treatment and shampooed. Kept crawling. I bought some more and let it be on entire body. Nothing. I bought deep woods off. relief for eight hours and right back as strong. Day two: washed everything I wore. Put it back on. Crawly again. Someone told me I had to bag everything for three days at least and then rewash in hot water.
Avatar n tn I worked in the medical field and wore latex gloves all day, every day and now I'm super sensitive. If I'm exposed to latex, I get open sores and my skin swells and splits and if I miss fabric content lists and there's latex (like around the top of support hose or stockings), I'll get redness and irritation. Might want to check that. Other than all that, I'm out of ideas. It seems like something a doctor would have already picked up on.
Avatar n tn Bed Bug bites leave marks on the skin right? I don't see any bite marks on my skin though. Its been plaguing me for 1.5 yrs now and its driving me crazy. Lots of days extremely sleepy especially when I have 8am classes at school.