Endovenous laser vein ablation

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Avatar f tn I'm very concern about the health of my baby, I had an endovenous ablation surgery in my right leg for a varicose vein at that time I did not know I was preganant, I'm worried if the laser and local anesthesia affect the fetus.Does anyone know anything?
Avatar f tn The only vessels that are treated with endovenous laser ablation are the ones that should have been stripped. Stripping is very specific. It refers to a procedure in which either the greater or lesser saphenous vein is tied off at it junction (either the groin or behind the knee) and the vessel pulled out via a second incision either at the knee or ankle for the greater or lower calf for the lesser saphenous vein.
Avatar m tn Newer, less invasive treatments, such as radiofrequency ablation and endovenous laser treatment, are slowly replacing traditional surgical treatments.
Avatar n tn I had undergone a right endovenous laser ablation of the greater saphenous vein for my varicose veins about 9 months ago. The surgery caused nerve injury resulting in severe case of numbness over the medial calf in the distribution of the right saphenous nerve. I have undergone nerve conduction study which shows normal left spahenous nerve, but absense of the right spahenous nerve.