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Avatar n tn weird, never thought that enbrel would be a cause of hpv. I have developed hpv before starting on enbrel. what connection is there between the two?
Avatar m tn Last week, I was diagnosed with HepC, Genotype 1a, Stage 2, Grade 2. I've been taking 50mg/week of Enbrel for 6 years, and the Enbrel is a godsend. I'm wondering how the PA and/or Enbrel fare with HepC Treatement. Thanks in adance for your response.
1544019 tn?1318508126 I'm now 32 and pregnant. I've been giving myself shots of Enbrel to control it since 2001. When we started doing IVF treatments to get pregnant, I went off of the Enbrel. For the first two trimesters, my RA seemed to go into remission and I didn't need any treatments - which was a MIRACLE! Now I'm starting my third trimester (I'm 27 weeks) and I am starting to have ALL SORTS of complications with my joints. Pain, swelling, can barely move.
Avatar n tn Enbrel must be refrigerated at 2° to 8°C (36° to 46°F). Also, therapy with enbrel makes you most susceptible to infections, so take adequate precautions. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn Joint inflammation and pain are controlled Significantly reduced sed rate Side Effects: Debilitating fatigue (Remicade but not Humira) Mood swings and constant cranky, withdrawn feeling -- abnormal for me even when sick (Remicade but not Humira) Deep muscle pain and tightnes (Both) Terrible pelvic pain, testicular swelling and urinary issues (Both) Pudendal nerve problems (Both) Decreased testosterone and libido (Both) Pulsating headache along ear, jaw and trigeminal nerve (Humira more than Re
Avatar f tn Unfortunately not. I believe physical therapy and painkillers can help but there is no cure.
1024532 tn?1380061952 Then will see if I can get help with Enbrel since we have a LARGE deductible with our insurance we haven't met this year. Any advise about going on Enbrel now? I had no appetite on methotrexate had a great appetite on leflunomode but lost too much weight and pain was horrible with it. ANy help is appreciated!!
Avatar f tn They took him off Enbrel 9 months ago and at first suspected the high liver enzymes were the enbrel. Fortunately at that point he only had heavy psoriasis on his elbows, lower back and buttocks and alittle on his head and alittle on his legs (this was a guy who was almost totally covered with it).
Avatar m tn I have had the same problem for awhile now but prolly worse, I just been diagnosed with AS and Enbrel is the treatment from what I been told, I just started my Enbrel Friday and hope it works, pain is no fun prayers to you.
766574 tn?1238469073 does anyone know about any new medicine for psoriasis?beside dovonex,enbrel,humira.?
Avatar f tn A good rheumatologist is helping me manage my symptoms ...along with therapy and PT...hope this helps...
Avatar n tn 1. The doctor was encouraging me to start taking Enbrel, but I'm too scared because of its side effects and because of the risk of getting Multiple Sclerosis. How risky is it? Is it really the only solution I have right now? 2. One of the doctors told me that the symptoms will go away on their own within 2 to 6 months. Shall I just wait this period and suffer through the pain to avoid taking the Enbrel? Although I really need to get back to normal soon because I have studies and work. 3.
Avatar n tn We report the case of a 64-year-old woman with RA and renal insufficiency on hemodialysis treated using etanercept therapy. This case suggests that etanercept therapy might be effective in the short term for such patients. That said, I would suggest you talk to a pharmacist to find out if they are aware of any concerns. Sometimes they have better information that doctors on interactions.
Avatar f tn Several ground glass opacities in my right lung showed up on a CT scan in July 2011. Enbrel was discontinued and coincidentally I took a regime of prednisone for an allergy problem - 60 mg for one week, then with a weekly taper. A repeat CT scan was performed in December 2011 and one ground glass opacity remained (15 mm), with a small focus of sold component within the ground glass density. A percutaneous biopsy was performed to rule out bronchogenic carcinoma.
Avatar f tn I had radiation therapy 15 years ago but just in the last 6 months have started taking enbrel for rheumotoid arthritis. I had the arthritis before the brest cancer but have had to take stronger medications as I have gotten older. I have been experiencing the symptoms of radiation pneumonitis and treated with prednisone. Dr.'s look at you a little odd when asked if the enbrel is related to the pneumonitis.
Avatar f tn He is 56 and suffers from chronic neck pain, which he says is 6/10 scale constantly and unrelieved by medication or any other therapy he has tried. He had an auto accident in 2002 and suffered head trauma; loss of consciousness and was sedated for 3 weeks. He then was in therapy for 3 months. He still has visual problems (sees double with left eye), feelings of dizziness and fogginess, and some paralysis of his right facial muscles.
Avatar n tn Can she take Enbrel? It might help with relieving the symptoms of inflammation. I currently take Enbrel and methotrexate as well as Naproxen (the lattrer is for OA). Also, there is a new med just approved by the FDA which my arthritis group is looking into and it is Retuximab.I believe it has good success wth RA.
Avatar m tn Of interest is that Enbrel had been trialed as both an adjunct to HCV therapy and as an antifibrotic in the past although haven't heard any follow-ups. http://dermatology.cdlib.org/127/reviews/psoriasis/cecchi.
394687 tn?1290924440 Good news is my been on an alkaline diet and am getting much better energy wise - tummy is much better and so are headaches.. Still taking the Enbrel but it does not seem to help anymore - looking into next steps - Rituxan a B-cell modifier but unfortunately it has a history of bringing Hep B virus back so they are not sure about Hep C (would like to stay clear) So may try Humeria the other biogenetic.
Avatar f tn Treatments include, rest, meds and physical therapy. Meds used can include NSAIDs (like ibuprofen), Corticosteroids, DMARDS (disease modifying drugs used to reduce joint damage) or TNF Inhibitors (meds that work to reduce inflammation, relieve pain and stiffness.) TNF Inhibitors are used in more severe cases. Examples of TNF Inhibitors are Enbrel and Humira which you may recognize from TV ads.
Avatar f tn She has taken Methotrexate along with Enbrel, Humira, and now Orencia. All of her numbers are going up and her CRP and RF are rising significantly. Her rheumatologist is now suggesting Rituximab. It's scary to think that this drug is designed to wipe out all of her B cells. What can you share with us about side effects, success rates and long term effects of this medicine? Should she wear a mask to prevent illness?
Avatar f tn I want all to know I am just starting Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN). Stopped the Enbrel, Plaquenil, Celebrex, muscle relaxers, Methotrexate and other meds, and am only taking my blood pressure meds, hormone therapy and this LDN! I am STRONGER, less fatigued, and am doing very well in many areas!! I just wanted all of you to realize this LDN is out there, it's available and works well for most of us.
Avatar f tn He looked me in the eye, and said that he was sticking to his guns ,and I only had 1 choice in getting better, ENBREL...what??? I said that the risk of cancer from that drug was not worth it to me, so he said, but your quality of life is poor, your crippled, "disabled." We clearly disagreed on treatment, but I tried to keep level-headed and said that I would see how I would do after physical therapy and decide from there..
149918 tn?1208132344 My guess is that he would have to go back on Enbrel should he do treatment and even then no guarantees. Other than Enbrel, some of the other systemic drugs for psoriasis can get quite liver toxic.
Avatar m tn I was initially writing to warn you of what I thought were adverse interactions with IFN/Riba therapy and Enbrel (entanercept). I had been communicating earlier this year with a patient that used Enbrel for controlling RA.
Avatar f tn Thanks, my h's psoriasis is flaring and before he goes back on Enbrel he thought he'd try some topical stuff. He managed to clear the psorasis with Enbrel before he started the Hep C treatment, but winter is the time of year that psoriasis comes back whether you're on Hep C treatment or not. He's UND at 12 weeks so he doesn't want to do anything that might challenge that situation.
Avatar f tn I was dx with HT approx. 15yrs. I also have RA which is controllled by Enbrel(doing great). My last tsh level was 35(one week ago). Which explains my intolerance to cold but I also am experiancing symptoms indicative of Hyper. I have diahrrea right after eating, weight loss, trembling in hands and mild heart flutters. I also have terrible night sweats in which I have to change my pj's during the night. In addition, i am dealing with anxiety symptons. I have a script for zoloft 100mg.
Avatar f tn Methotrexate didn't help much, but I did see improvement after combining it with Enbrel. However the treatment had to be stopped due to acute infections. After getting fixed up from all that my Arthritis supposedly went into remission and only started emerging again over the past few years (I stopped all therapy in 2007). However I am skeptical whether the diagnosis was correct, as I seem to pick up more symptoms.
Avatar m tn you should ask if Enbrel is covered. how old is your son? i've had it since i was 7, i am 37 now and i can tell you that my worst of times was being a child and teen. child because children can be so mean and as a teen because it was humiliating. as an adult i have learned to love myself for who i am but it tool many many years. there's lots of advances on medicine. if you are close or in San Francisco, try Dr. John Koo he specialized only in psoriasis and eczema.