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Avatar n tn I had to cross this bridge myself half way into treatment with a biologic called Enbrel that was recommended for my psoriasis. Unlike other systemtics, Enbrel supposedly wasn't liver toxic and in fact one preliminary study suggested it might help SVR. Still, given my RVR, I was reluctant to add another immunosuppresive to the mix and didn't. I'm sure Oxymatrine works on a different mechanism, but again, if it ain't broke, don't fix it, and if treatment seems to be working, don't change things.
Avatar n tn There are a few things that have been helping me - I take the Biogenetic Rituxan infusions every 6 months (Enbrel use to work) I take a gambet of vitamins and brain food (Q-10, amenio acids, enzymes, omegas, lipids etc) They seem to help...but the best thing for the fatigue by far is Consortea (an ADHD drug) I split a 36 mg 4 ways and take every 4 hrs. I also take 1/2 darvacet several times a day and 5mg prednisone.