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1603392 tn?1391190272 i have run out of options with the Hospital i am being treated at right now. I am on a cocktail of drugs including testosterone and enbrel jabs monthly. The Doctors are only treating me symptomatically and i have to do more in order to maintain my own autonomy and i am getting flushed out and fatigued and dont know how much longer before i get completely bedridden. I am looking for some information on this and would appreciate any feedback. Thank you.
6537448 tn?1383247094 Hi sunshinecloudy, Methotrexate can take 3-6 months in your system before you can determine if it's going to work for you or not. That's one of the frustrating parts about autoimmune disease - we spend a lot of time waiting to see if a drug is going to be effective. Very few of them have noticeable effects after the first or second dose. Mtx works for a significant number of people, but honestly I wish doctors would go straight for the biologic "big guns" like Enbrel and Humira.
371980 tn?1276744409 They contain some of the same ingredients as my other medications. That is the problem i keep running into. Thanks for you help though.
Avatar m tn overall i'm better than where I was two days ago. finally able to get a nap and a dream believe it or not - but still feel sleep deprived. I have melatonin but perhaps i'll pick up the alteril. The diarreah hasn't let up and I hesitated on using immodium bc I figured let the "junk" clear out of my system - but do you think that's wise?
459853 tn?1283144114 they have taken me off the methotrexate and put me on enbrel and back on prednisone. i still need large amounts of narcotic pain meds to function if what we do you call function everyday.
Avatar n tn Not only does it give side effects and such but all the ingredient-- including the inert ingredients. I find I react to the inert ingredients (thankfully I have not had hives or joint pain but I do get asthma attacks, a bloody nose and horrible migraines.
Avatar m tn i used to use z multivit called Alive the one with no added iron it still has some iron fRom the other ingredients do you think it is safe to take? also looking for recco for naturpath to do iv with in nyc? as far as ldn i think it is doing somthing but still to early to tell (11days)i will post next bloodwork in a month or so. what is your take on coffee? there are some reports that people who consume 2 to 4/day develope less fibrosis what do you think? My appointment with berkson is dec7.
Avatar n tn Was treated in 2000 for hep c. Did the 48 week treatment. 10 years later I still suffer chronic fatigue and chronic pain especially in joints. Have gone to many doctors.
Avatar n tn by putting together the information in the posts I read this morning on Lipo-Flavonid and info about what the product does, why the specific ingredients are in the product, and the product success rate, together with a post on this thread in 2007, by a female neurology teacher(I think that's what she said she was..it's a long post so it will be easy to find if you'd like to read it). Also, her husband is a Dr. and he aided her in trying to find a cure.
Avatar n tn There are a few things that have been helping me - I take the Biogenetic Rituxan infusions every 6 months (Enbrel use to work) I take a gambet of vitamins and brain food (Q-10, amenio acids, enzymes, omegas, lipids etc) They seem to help...but the best thing for the fatigue by far is Consortea (an ADHD drug) I split a 36 mg 4 ways and take every 4 hrs. I also take 1/2 darvacet several times a day and 5mg prednisone.