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1544019 tn?1318508126 And THEN they added the part about the insurance deductible needing to be met and how it's going to cost $900. SIGH. I used to have better insurance and the copay for Enbrel was only $25. I guess I should be GRATEFUL that all those years of taking it (10+) it only cost me $25 per month when it retails for over $3000 a month. Just sad that I have to be "making up for it" now. Okay, I'm done ranting. And whining. It's just hard when I'm in so much pain.
Avatar n tn if things get really bad i would have to consider stepping up to biologics - like Enbrel - that cost something lik 5k per 6 weeks of treatment. i am prescribed the vics along with nsaids, but have discontinued the nsaids (500 mg naprosyn 2x daily) cuz i dont want to blow out my liver and the ld vic along with diet & exercise seems to be working. i detoxd from my 2 per day use during the hot summer months (with help from this forum).
737030 tn?1257662720 So I did and the pharmacist said the Enbrel was $1350 per month and the Remicade $2700. Then I said -- well how much for those pain pills he prescribed and she said $21.00. I replied: " I'LL TAKE THE PAIN PILLS PLEASE " Later, after being encouraged by an aquaintance that suffers from Ankylosing Spondylistis ( and has a narcotic pump implanted in his abdomen) I contacted the drug company that makes Enbrel to see about assistance and they provided some to get me started.
Avatar n tn After time it does not work so well and the dose went up I was as high as 320-400mg per day thats equivilent to 80 percacet! My reumatologist finally came up with this new drug called Enbrel but cost $1600 per month. My benifits finally agreed to cover it. Now I needed to get of the oxy. Well I was successful but it took about 3 months. My docs approace was different he put me on a 100mcg Fentanal patch 5 times then down to 75 mcg 5 times then 50mcg, and finally 20 mcg patches 5-10 times.
Avatar n tn Enbrel cost me (my insurance company actually) $1435.88 per month. That is a series of 8 shots which I take 2 per week. But Enbrel is getting ready to go to a once a week shot. I've already got the newsletter telling me that but of course I don't know what it will do to the price. Hopefully get it down some. I started Enbrel when it was in testing stages. Was involved with the manufacture and kept records for them and stuff so got some of my treatment for free.
723660 tn?1247167111 For the newer drugs, pretty much every manufacturer offers a patient assistance program that may get you what you need at greatly reduced cost, or even free. Also check with your local health department for state assistance programs. If it comes down to it - and it may not - your state's bureau of vocational rehabilitation may be helpful for you to get retraining in another field. Through them I got some grants that helped me pay for college. A medical social worker can help you with this.
Avatar m tn Can proper diet help fight CDW Bacteria? Dose oxidation therapy do anything, like MMS(Chlorine Dioxide) drops or 35% food grade H2O2 drops?
Avatar dr m tn Mre -- In general, they don't like to mix in another immunosuppresive with the treatment drugs, for among other reasons they are often not studied together. I ran into this when the immunosuppresive drug Enbrel (etanercept) was suggested for my psoriasis. One liver specialist told me to use it only if absolutely necessary. On the other hand, there was one old study that suggested etanercept might actually facilitate SVR.
131817 tn?1209532911 On a side note, I am wondering what the maximum dose of Procrit anyone has been on. I am on 80 per week and just got a call my HGB is down to 9.0, platelets are 51. Neup works great on me, WBC are 3.8, usually 4. or normal. I am 41/48 or so. Neulasta vs Neupogen--I think Neulasta is often used to get you started since it works quickly and lasts longer and using Neupogen is for maintenance and that dosage can be adjusted.
Avatar f tn Do you think sub would work for me and take all the wd away? i do have a borrowed bp machine here and i was taking it alot per day. I will keep watching it since i am going to increase the clonidine again. thanks to everyone for all your support.....i will hang in...
394687 tn?1290924440 So while getting started now may not help you immediately, it could help you a few weeks down the road when the only recourse might be a dose reduction of ribavirin. Meanwhile, a riba reduction may be in order as you are UND and a geno 2, given your symptons. You've also mentioned dehydration in the past and I personally found a day in the ER on IV fluids did wonders for me in a similar position.
1064998 tn?1254942645 If you have any question's Private message me. Im 27 days clean from a 400 mg per day addiction. KEEP US POSTED ...
Avatar n tn The center put me on what they call a Taper. You start of with a liquid that contains a dose of narcotics comperable to what you have been taking and every week they cut you back by 10%. It is too much to go through alone, it is the same as herion withdrawal. It's not your fault and you don't deserve it. Don't feel guilty, even if you took them sometimes for mood enhancement ( I did ) don't feel guilty, anyone would.
Avatar m tn For a list of certified compounding pharmacies go to www.ldninfo.org - by the way, low dose naltrexone only costs $30 per month without health insurance - even using a compounding pharmacy. For an integrative MD in your area check out the search sites listed above. Good luck to you.
Avatar n tn My gyno gave me a list of what to do, and the next thing is to take one diflucan and use Gynofort cream (one-time dose). If these don't work, then my next option is a vaccine. I don't know what it's called, it might not be available in the US. My gyno says that she's ambivalent about this vaccine, but that she has some patients who swear by it. It lasts about a year. I'll post again about my progress.
Avatar n tn The SVR Rate on the TX that I just finish, which was Pegasys with a high Viral load and having bridging fibrosis is about, 74% SVR For Pegasys vs 58% SVR per Rebetron. So I have a good chance of beating it this time. Now days people with genotype 2 have about an 82+% SVR rate.
Avatar n tn I was not able to access state help and was abandoned so I went to a clinical trial due to cost of meds, my age dictated the 40% possiability of remission, and was given 4 times the normal meds. My hep c is the type that can't be cured it just goes into remission and can come back later in life. I hpoe and pray for you and your wife, but it is hard to realy understand what is going on if you haven't been there.
Avatar f tn I am sitting now with a hot water bottle on my back, despite it being a fairly warm summer's day, I go through about 5-6 hot water bottles per day as applying direct heat to my spine is the only thing that stops it. The rest of my body apart from my feet and bottom is warm. I have been reading all the above stories and have some of these symptoms but not all. My chills do not hurt they just make me feel awful because I am so cold.
Avatar f tn I can so relate to you and your situation - I had an ablation about 5 years ago after having a tubal after the birth of my fourth child (the only one via c-section - 12 years ago) . . . I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and I take Enbrel for that. I have had post-ablation, post-ligation syndrome for 3-1/2 years - my OB/GYN had put me on low estrogen birth control pills and had me taking the suppression cycle pills only.
299940 tn?1192322967 With medicine included, I've spent under $800 out of my own pocket with NO wait time. Surgery probably wouldn't cost more than another $500 - $1000 I'm guessing. If you knew exactly what the problem is, you could bring your MRI and CT scans, could see 1 ENT and 1 neurologist and then push to have it removed, saving you a ton of money. You would pay only around $100 total to see them BOTH! Your biggest expense will be the plane ticket here, about $1200 from the USA if you shop around.
Avatar n tn I have just started physiotherapy once a month also. My GP has me on a muscle relaxant and also a low dose antidepressant - don't think it does much. I have started to see an exercise physiologist to try and rebuild the use of the muscles also. I used to suffer from panic attacks and post natal depression. They are all telling me that they think this is my body's way of dealing with anxiety and stress, so I have started meditation as well.
Avatar n tn I have never taken the three drugs at once, but have gradullay moved from one to another over the years. Currently I am taking Klonopinat 2mg per day. I have failed on all the SSRI's because they all made me much worse very quickly. About 5 years ago I began to noice that my anxiety symptoms, which were always insufferably bad since the traumatic family incident, were becoming worse and worse.
Avatar n tn Since I work in medical, I will ask about it. Per web search, suspect conditions are high blood pressure and liver dysfunction... as far as I know, neither of these are the case. I am 60 and take no meds.
Avatar n tn I have had this same thing happining to me White Male 28 years old 5 ft 5 inches well anyway this pain is on my Outer left thigh when I wake up early in the morning like a hot ice pick is being stabbed into it then after I fall back to the bed like a min later it fades away and then threw out the day it just feels like a sore bruise but there is no mark and when I push on the area I can't really find a mid-point and at times my whole thigh feels cold or hot it's hard to tell what it is it almost
Avatar n tn Exactly what you described happens to me maybe 2-3 times per year. I went on line trying to find some answers too. It always seems to happen at night. I've found the best way to avoid passing out is to stay in bed with my head down and my knees bent under me until the sweating and "burning up" part passes and then I am able to make it to the toilet after that. I don't know what triggers these episodes other than the fact that I usually haven't eaten very well that day (i.