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Avatar f tn Hi All, Here are some key pieces of information presented at the EASL 2013 International Liver Congress in Amsterdam these past few days: Gilead: reported results of four phase 3 trials, Neutrino, Fission, Positron, and Fusion.
Avatar n tn We do not recognize them because they come so slowly, but once free of virus, when vigour and energy return, we can see quite clearly how sick we were, and how low our quality of life really was. In my mind, there is absolutely no doubt that hepatitis should be treated at any cost, because it is a vicious battle between us and the virus, in which virus will surely win unless we do something about it. The fact is, unless we kill the virus, it will kill us.
Avatar n tn My boyfriend thought I was crazy because the only way I could describe it was that someone had strapped a cell phone set to vibrate to the underneath of my left foot that went off every 5 seconds. It's so annoying. I'm 34 female, and like many of the rest of you I'm stressed at work -it's about the only thing I can see as an underlying cause. I also get extremely dizzy. I've been to the neurologist, cardiologist, pulminologist, infectious disease doctor and they have all come back negative.