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Avatar f tn I researched any alcohol related allergies similar to this and the ONLY that I came up with over and over again is Hodgkins disease. In about August I noticed a swollen lymph node in the posterior triangle region. I believe it's the cervical chain. It just kind of popped up. I had not been sick with anything since the summer of 2006. The ent said it's about 11mm and described it as firm, rubbery, and moveable and that I shouldn't worry about since it is not painful.
Avatar n tn It looks to me fro the psot that her husband is moving toward more problematic drinking, more frequently and with more alcohol heavy drinks (hard liquor, etc.) This could become a problem on several fronts. First, even without the possibility of remission/reactivation, a cirrhotic drinking hard liquor, on an increasing basis could easily increase the odds of HCC dramatically. This has happened MORE frequently in SVR's who were beyond stage 3.
Avatar f tn They took him off Enbrel 9 months ago and at first suspected the high liver enzymes were the enbrel. Fortunately at that point he only had heavy psoriasis on his elbows, lower back and buttocks and alittle on his head and alittle on his legs (this was a guy who was almost totally covered with it).
Avatar m tn But LDN and alcohol use are separate issues. Same with the coumadin. If I was drinking an occasional glass of wine and still had the virus, I wouldn't worry so much about the LDN, but I would take alpha lipoic acid before, after, and the morning after even the single occasional glass of wine or beer. That's because ALA is probably the most effective substance for protection of the liver tissue.
151263 tn?1243377877 I knew I had to do something about it, I couldn’t continue on like that so as my new year’s resolution I decided to get off my fat *** and take action. I stopped all beer drinking and ate a decent diet, I rode my bike every day. Usually this is all it would take for me to lose weight very quickly. But nothing doing. I rode and rode and rode my bike like a madman almost every day and I strictly avoided all beer and ate healthy foods. Weeks and weeks went by and I could not lose any weight.
Avatar n tn Felt like trash for the next couple of years until I found this doctor who told me I had Neurocardiogenic Syncope. He gave me visken, nexium and rivotril. I quit drinking and eating spicy foods at this time. I felt good for a couple of weeks. Went to the hospital several times. Had some tests done. Positive for syncope once. Negative another time. Doctor decided it was all in my head and proceeded to gave me antidepressants... worst thing ever!
Avatar f tn I have quit drinking alcohol, been taking Meloxicam (anti-inflammatory) for several weeks along with Tylenol and physical therapy, but have not seen improvement. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Avatar m tn She was UND for about 8 years. She has RA and is on Enbrel to treat it. (Enbrel suppresses the immune system so the RA doesn't attack the joints). She suspected the Enbrel caused the hep C to reappear. I just had a serious conversation with her to quit drinking and see her doctor about the status of the Hep C. She's fearful the doctor will make her treat again. I told her the doctor can't make her do anything, and she may want to watch the new drugs.
217229 tn?1192766004 The treatment of PCT involves dietary restriction of foods rich in iron, and avoidance of alcohol and estrogen use. Phlebotomy to remove iron is the first treatment for most patients with PCT. In patients with PCT, we recommend iron depletion by phlebotomy before initiating antiviral therapy with interferon and ribavirin. Antimalarial drugs like chloroquine have been used in the treatment of PCT as well (8).
Avatar f tn All I can tell you is that another 20 years has gone by, and I have not had a drop of alcohol and I have NEVER had those symptoms again...I've queeried many physician friends of mine to see if they've ever encountered this....NOPE....I guess it would take someone seriously interested in research to figure out what the HELL it is.... I will say that although all my tests came back O.K.
86075 tn?1238118691 dvd, a nylon insulated zipper bag with a cold pack (for travel) and bandaids, alcohol pads, and I think, some tylenol...(Somebody's making money off this stuff!) If you have any specific questions with the injections, I may be able to help...I've given lots of shots... Oh, I'm picking up belly dancing again! Something fun for me to look forward to...LOL....Peace for you in the days to come...You'll be fine...
Avatar n tn My sister had her Bachelorette party on this past Saturday, which consisted of alcohol. I'm not a drinker, and I am wondering if the alcohol has something to do with the dizziness and shaking. Does anyone have a clue?
Avatar n tn just wish to share that the thing that helped me most with the post treatment side effects of depression and bone/muscle pain and memory loss has actually been drinking infusion of nettles; pick stinging nettles dry them or use fresh, small handful in flask of boiling water and drink during the day, every day: it contains the b complex vits and others: i know it seems a bit simple, but from all the stuff that ive tried, it has really helped: along with a great physiotherapist who said
Avatar n tn This happens often and I have always treated it as a possible yeast infeciton. This time it didn't go away and so I saw my ob/gyn. She took a culture and found strep B, which has nothing to do with Strep A that creates strep throat. She said she could give me antibiotics to make it go away but then I would get a yeast infeciton from the antibiotics and then we'd have to use another cream etc. She said just to let it ride it's course.
Avatar n tn Through journaling my pain and pain management, I have noticed when it's time for me to take the Enbrel injections the pain in my back and neck is lessened. I have not taken my Enbrel for the past 5wks and guess what... zero pain in my back and the pain in my neck is almost non existent. Wow...right? Also when I spoke with my mother who has diabetes, we found that she had not had debilitating back pains prior to taking insulin injections. Just something to think about.
Avatar n tn I'm pleased i've managed to stick with it cos believe me, it has been one of the toughest things I have done in my life and I have cold turkeyed from a number of drugs and alcohol. Yesterday I had pretty much spent 6 days in bed and cfelt I couldn't come out. Today has been a lot different and my legs have stopped aching too!! My symptoms are all above, but didn't include a runny nose, aching limbs and an inability to know whether I was too hot or too cold, never comfortable.
Avatar n tn Caltrate plus can't think of anything else I take, except for drinking a few glasses of homemade red wine and a bottle of Fuze daily. I hope that with all our input we can all help to put a name to our problem.
Avatar n tn I gained about 40 pounds and started to drink alcohol along the way to all of these new symptoms. Not a lot of hard drinking, but at least 3 glasses of red wine per day. Little by little my life fell apart and I stopped going to work. All I did was stare out the window and wonder how people could live normal lives. I was envious of them.
Avatar n tn There might be some mention within other threads of post tx sides, but the threads mentioned might give you a good headstart of other svrs that have checked in and commented already, while you wait for answers here. I had aches and sensitivities prior to tx, they got enhanced during tx and I don't expect them to completely go away post tx, but it would be nice if they did.
Avatar n tn The only difference between you and me is that I have it basically all over, my arm, legs, face,scalp and sometimes my back. usually legs and face. It will drive you insane. I have tried many different kinds of medication without much sucess. but maybe some medication that the doctors give would help with the small area that you have.
Avatar n tn I think I am going to go with the detox and cleanse and start drinking lots of water, which,, I admit, I dont do enough of! Im almost 47 and have started entering menopause, so yes, it is possible it could be an imbalance of hormones!!! Ill let you guys know what happens with this!! Good luck to everyone!! Stay Cool!!!
Avatar n tn I have surgery scheduled, but not for a few months since I don't relish the idea of being disabled during the summer months, but I'm not sure I will last the few months with these symptoms. I also take Enbrel for psoriatic arthritis (and have for many years), so I'm not sure this contributed in some way, but literature does not suggest this. I've read that aggressive physical therapy may help, which I am going to try. I have been in PT, but when my shoulder gets sore, I usually stop.