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Avatar m tn Certainly in our clinic we have had many new diagnoses of patients using this HIV DUO test combination in that time frame. The HIV DUO test relies on the principle that when HIV first establishes itself in the body it will start to replicate rapidly and almost as a by-product of this replication a core protein - the HIV p24 antigen - is produced in huge amounts from around 10 days or so after first infection and before or during the time when antibodies to HIV are being formed.
Avatar n tn Does anyone know the difference b/w the standard ELISA test and the MEIA one i had? thanks guys, i look forward to your responses.
Avatar m tn Une personne peut être considérée comme non infectée par le VIH si le test de dépistage Elisa combiné est négatif six semaines après l’exposition supposée au VIH, et non plus trois mois comme auparavant. ENGLISH TRANSLATION: A person can be consider as not infected with HIV if the Elisa combined (i.e. DUO) test is negative six weeks after suspected exposure to HIV, and not three months as before.
1024580 tn?1331577721 Certainly in our clinic we have had many new diagnoses of patients using this HIV DUO test combination in that time frame. The HIV DUO test relies on the principle that when HIV first establishes itself in the body it will start to replicate rapidly and almost as a by-product of this replication a core protein - the HIV p24 antigen - is produced in huge amounts from around 10 days or so after first infection and before or during the time when antibodies to HIV are being formed.
Avatar m tn I three months ago was exposed to a potential HIV risk when during intercourse with a sex-worker(female)the condom slipped off and was only noticed a couple of minutes later. At 11 and 13 weeks I took an Elisa/Western Blot test and they fortunately turned out negative. I know from FAQ that this is considered to be conclusive and final testresult regarding detectable antibodies. However I noticed that some experts say(e.g. Mark H. Katz, M.D.
Avatar m tn I had a HIV combo test and the hospital I went to used this new Centaur chemiluminescence test which I have read is super accurate. It came back positive with an index of 2.69. However, the Western Blot came back negative, and they ran a separate test for p24 on a different machine and that came back negative. Up until now, I have only had rapid tests, all negative, crazily at 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 weeks and at 4 months and 6 months, all of varying brands.
Avatar f tn Then they expose your blood to virus and let all of the HSV2 antibodies stick to the virus (which means they can't stick to the ELISA test now) then you re-run this neutralized blood on the ELISA. If the score drops by 60% or more and the reading is now 0.88 or lower, they say that your blood had HSV2 antibodies that now can't be seen by the ELISA anymore because they were stuck to the virus. If the score drops 40% or less and your score stays at 1.
Avatar n tn I feel I may have taken the test too prematurely to have gotten a reliable test result. (I also had them run a regular blood test which showed I did have some sort of virus- I had high lymphocytes.) I just went in for another test yesterday- at 11 weeks, 2 days and am worried about my result. 1) Was my sore throat possibly an ARS symptom? 2) What kind of risk am I at? 3) Was my first HIV test reliable judging by the time frames?
Avatar m tn Sir I am a 40 year old man, I was drunk and unprotected oral (recipient) and protected vaginal sex ( 4 brief episodes) from a CSW(china). I have undergone a DNA PCR - at 9 Days ELisa 3rd generation - 40 days Rapid blood test - 44 days So far the indications are no HIV. I am very worried, dont know what to do now...
Avatar m tn Hi there Thanks in advance for your assistance. I got my results back from Pathcare. According to their website their test utilizes "...enzyme immunoassay technology (Elisa)." My results were as follows: HSV-1 IgM NEGATIVE HSV-2 IgM NEGATIVE HSV-1 IgG POSITIVE HSV-2 IgG NEGATIVE I have had no symptoms of HSV-2.
Avatar n tn She had a result of 1.22 value for a standard HSV-2 IgG test. (I was negative.) She was not tested for HSV-1; however, she did have a single episode of a cold sore on her lip years before. As she had never observed symptoms of a genital outbreak, I suggested she consider a Western Blot test for HSV-2. A week later she had a WB result of 8.8 and was told by her Doctor this was a positive result. (Interestingly they said the WB test was run in San Diego as opposed to Washington State.
Avatar m tn HBV DNA (Hepatitis B Viral Load- Quantitative) HBV DNA Detected via test principle PCR Viral Load 17 IU/ml (The lower quantification limit of this assay is 10 IU/ml). My doctor has advised me there is no need for treatment. Could you please advise me as to the following: 1. Is there anything to be concerned about? 2. What precautions/diet plan, if any, should I follow? 3. What are chances of HBsAg being Negative? 4. How often should I get myself checked up and for which tests?
Avatar m tn 2 days ago I did a herpes test (ELISA IgM and IgG), now 2 1/2 weeks after the first pains. I will get results tomorrow. The problem is I live in an Arabic speaking country, they have no tests that differentiate HSV1 and 2, so I may get false positive or false negative results with the IgM and IgG is (too) early. Questions: 1) What HSV risk was I exposed to? One of the sex workers used lip stick; could the latex condom have been damaged and subsequently oral sex or intercourse have passed HSV?
Avatar m tn Test was through tSTD, which claims to use HerpeSelect ELISA. Blood draw and test performed at Labcorp, which informed me the test ordered by tSTD's doctor was test #164905, which a little googling shows to be HerpeSelect. However, further searching reveals Labcorp has switched to Captia as their default test. But since my tSTD doctor ordered test #164905, it means I've had the HerpeSelect, correct?
Avatar m tn actually I had an exposure and to check the HIV status, I went for HIV testing after 92 days,(3 months),I went to a private lab for testing and asked for Hive antibody testing and he told that he will do TRI-Dot method which is antibody testing for HIV and I asked to do Elisa also and he had done both the tests and told me the result is “Negative”, The principle used in that tridot testing is : HIV antigens are immobilized on a porous immunofiltration membrane.
Avatar n tn This is what the labs website said after i looked up how reliable the HIV 1,2 + p24ag test was at 4weeks, which i had and was negative hopefully this can alleviate some of the stress. HIV-1/HIV-2, Serology Test includes HIV antibody detection by ELISA, confirmation of ELISA positives by Western Blotting, p-24 Antigen detection on request Background Human Immunodeficiency Virus(HIV) is the etiologic agent of AIDS. Acute infection is either symptome free or presents with a flu-like disease.
Avatar n tn Do you recommend a viral load, or CD4 count being I am having tongue issues? Is it possible to be symptomatic however test negative on an Antibody test?
Avatar n tn See Chris, that is why it is said that once DNA PCR is positive it remains positive for life while it is not necesarily the same for RNA PCR. I go with the principle that RNA PCR is the most sensitive test till 1st 3 weeks, and beyond that DNA PCR becomes equally effective.
Avatar f tn HIV test results always overrule symptoms and exposure history. There are no exceptions, as long as testing is done sufficiently long after the last exposure -- and 14 weeks is plenty. You apparently are reacting emotionally to a sexual exposure you regret. You're gong to have to deal with that aspect. But your test results prove unequivocally that HIV is not a concern. Do your best go get beyond those fears. You don't need any further testing and should not be at all worried about it.
Avatar n tn is based on data gathered from the BCCDC. Now I tested exactly at 4 weeks. The test they use is ELISA. The nurse tells me that my next test should be in April despite my wish to be tested at 2 months... My fear is growing again but I would like to believe what you have informed me before. My test result should be negative (I find out next week) but according to the nurse, it's only 20-50% accurate... Should I dismiss what he told me? Thanks doc..
Avatar f tn Real Time PCR Target Selected : Gag Gene Sensitivity : The Lower limit of Detection(LoD) for this assay is 900 Specimen : EDTA PLASMA copies/ml of plasma. HIV - 2 RT NOT DETECTED But they did not test for HIV-1 RNA . i am not able to reach the testing place but will contact them tomorrow and ask them why. What i wanted to confirm that considering my exposure as the low risk exposure can I conclude that I am not infected and also do i need another testing after 3 months.
Avatar m tn Here in london--i spoke to three STD doc and they said with HIV DUO test at 6-8 weeks is almost conclusive and test at 3 months i.e. standard test is 100% conclusive.
Avatar f tn You may need a longer course. Also, what test did they do? The Elisa ***** and unfortunatley you can't get the Western Blot unless you get a positive on the Elisa..(that is rare). IGENEX Western Blot seems to be the gold standard in lyme testing as far as my research is concerned. Although it is not a perfect test either and it is not a diagnosis, just a tool toward it. You can get a test kit yourself and then either go to a llmd to get the blood drawn, or find an open minded naturopath.
Avatar n tn This all started four months after being treated for lyme disease. I have had a brain MRI to test for MS, an EMG to test for degenerative muscle conditions and tons of blood tests, and everything has been well within the normal range. Many doctors have been totally stumped as to what is wrong with me.
Avatar m tn You are right longone, neither one of them should make that comment when it is not supported by the manufactures of tests or the FDA.
373367 tn?1246405635 The difference in the two tests is that the neuro probably ordered the standard ELISA test for Lyme, which is pretty useless. Igenex runs a full Western blot and looks for O-Banding. Also the running and interpretation of the Blot takes skill and lots of practice. Regular labs do not have good quality control on the test often/ Lyme is characterized by a preponderance of sensory symptoms, pain, paresthesias, and joint complaints (which are unusual in MS).
Avatar n tn An HIV antibody test at 13 weeks is conclusive, regardless of the route of exposure. If you had a negative result, you are home free. No, I have never had a patient negative at either 2 months or 3 months and positive later.
Avatar n tn My hep DR said antibodies in HCV don't clear the virus. Do all Elisa tests show antibodies? Does it mean I have a good immune system if I have not had a cold in almost 2 years?
Avatar f tn And that's only if you had a CDC positive Lyme test at one point in time. We do have a lot of symptoms in common with various autoimmune diseases, but as noted above, a key difference is the cause. Our immune systems are not just firing against our own bodies, but are actively fighting an infection.