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Avatar n tn Respected Doc, This is Mary from Mumbai. My TEST RESULT NORMAL VALUES UNIT SEROLOGY & IMMUNOLOGY HIV SEROLOGY 0.205 Description Can Someone tell what does it mean?
Avatar m tn Do consider this oscillation/variation on the values normal, even being a increasing oscillation instead of a decreasing oscilation? If a pacient you have been caring for, appeared with these results would you consider it end of story? thank you very much in advance.
Avatar n tn My values have always fluctuated up and down and within close proximity of each prior test, which is normal, as no test can be the same test to test. My values have always been more or less: HSV1: 0.21 HSV2: 0.07 Again, I've never seen a 0.00 assigned and I would be curious to find out why from HerpeSelect or Quest. Negative is less than 1.
Avatar f tn They were talking about the index number. My question is, when they test with the Elisa, is it the index value that determines a positive or negative test? Or is it a control and test line like the rapids? Would my value make a difference, if it is really high or not?
Avatar n tn Well, I was so devasted but also confused by those initial results that I wanted a retest as soon as possible. So this past Tuesday, I had blood drawn again for the HSV tests and Chlamydia, this time at a different lab that I hoped might have more up to date testz or testing methodologies. Late today, my doctor finally called me with the results (I haven't actually physically seen the paperwork myself yet). He information he provided was as follows: HSV 1 IgM - 5.
Avatar f tn Hi doctors how are you hope you all are fine... Like the rest of people i got question and doubt hope i will benefit myself and other people who will read my post too.. I go through unprotected sex with two girls one was anal, i done it with her 6 times i believe and the other one verginal sex whivh last for 2 minute only and one time only...
Avatar n tn my problem is that about two months ago i received one unprotected fellatio from a person of unknown hiv status,after that i pushed my self very very very nervous, and i asked the person about there hiv status and told me that it was negative i was relaxed for some days and then i was very nervous again so much that i was sure that i was having hiv so i decided to ask a doctor here in my country, and told me that am not in a danger by this exposure,so the same happened and after two days i was
Avatar m tn only 35% of low positive (index values 1.1–3.5) Focus HSV-2 ELISA results confirmed as positive by Biokit and WB compared with 92% of those with index values >3.5. Mathematical modeling of the data resulted in expected positive predictive values over 98% for populations with antibody prevalences typical of clinical practices in the US and Europe." http://www.pubmedcentral.nih.gov/articl ... id=1276011 Furthermore, in a previous post on this site, Dr. Handsfield wrote: ". . .
Avatar f tn Now I went through a standard blood test and I discovered values that seem to be not normal. The total white cells count rose to 9,500 x mill, the Neutrophilis count rose to 74.4% and the Lymphocytes count fell to 18%, which means (if I'm godd at maths), 1.710 absolute lymph per ml of blood. Please consider that I have been so much stressed for quite a number of weeks and, at the some time, that the values of my former blood tests revealed values within the standard.
796855 tn?1237434999 I am gathering from this paragraph that the test I was given is an advanced test that serves as both qualitative and quantitative in one single test.... I feel from reading this that i really could be HCV free...for real...and have believed for years to be infected....I want to thank "willing" for the original post for that link...it helped answer a lot of questions...thank you and i hope by re-posting the above info i have helped someone else out...
Avatar m tn I would really appreciate it if anyone could clarify my doubts about the testing window, type of test, and symptoms. Thank you in advance for all the help. PS. I see on one page ELISA for HBSAG , HBSAB, HBEAG, HBEAB, HBCAB, PRES1 with values of 0.03, 2.28, 0.06, 1.64, 3.38, 0.00 respectively, and on other page where it has HIV there is a number 0.26 by the side and also the doctor circled a 0-1 result saying that it is normal.
Avatar m tn I am opting for the latter early next week. HIs thoughts for the diffferent values were lab conditions and its normal for antibodies to fluctuate. I countered that its quite unusual to have such a significant variance between tests values and lab conditions should be standardized...I am not a dr or scientist but his statements do not make much sense to me. Thanks for your comments!
Avatar n tn This doctor was not sure what to tell me if it came back HSV-1, thought that an ELISA test could give me a titer..etc. I was not impressed. I would only consider getting an HSV-2 test done, and only then would I get the HerpeSelect HSV 2. I also know that this product has a Positive Predictive Value of 85% (or a false positive rate of 15%) in a prevelance rate of about 15% (which is where I figure a 45 year old male would be).
Avatar f tn Now I went through a standard blood test and I discovered values that seem to be not normal. The total white cells count rose to 9,500 x mill, the Neutrophilis count rose to 74.4% and the Lymphocytes count fell to 18%, which means (if I'm godd at maths), 1.710 absolute lymph per ml of blood. Please consider that I have been so much stressed for quite a number of weeks and, at the some time, that the values of my former blood tests revealed values within the standard.
Avatar n tn I appreciate your thorough and rapid response, as it was quite reassuring. I understand that the normal cut-off is 0.99 for the HSV2 test that I received, although I will confirm this with the clinic. If I choose to receive at Biokit assay (or Surevue) where should I go to receive this test and what is the approximate time-frame for results? I live in NY, so I would imagine the availability would be quite accessible. Thank you, again.
Avatar n tn Given her apparent low risk of genital herpes and lack of symptoms, almost certainly the high HSV-2 result (5.0 or higher) is false. She could sort this out by having a third test. If it also shows a normal result (ELISA ratio under 0.9), it will confirm she isn't infected and you can ignore the positive result. You are welcome to continue to ask questions on this and other forums, as long as you adhere to rules, i.e.
Avatar f tn it maybe vaccine or alinia too eraly to say i'd keep taking alinia at least 6 months, the ideal test would be a hbsag mutation test to see if you have the mutated form maybe if this test is not available you might try the old elisa test, it doesn t get many hbsag mutants and you might end up with hbsag neg and hbsab pos, it would confirm the mutated hbsag
Avatar n tn 98 indeed is in the equivocal range, most people with such low values are not infected. Having a BiokitUSA test is a good move. Perhaps it will be positive and surprise me. But you can expect a negative result. Don't worry about proper specimen handling. You can't mishandle blood in a way that would give a false Biokit result. And the instructions (for your doc's office) are very clear on the test kit packaging.
Avatar f tn I contacted a lovely lady from Lyme Disease Action and she spoke to the RIPL lab for me to get my actual numerical values to see just how negative the tests were. You are positive on the ELISA if you reach a numerical value of 1 or above and my results on the tests were 0.368 and 0.327, with no sub-threshold bands on the Western blot.
Avatar n tn definitely infected people usually have values of 3.5 or higher. I recommend you have HSV Western blot test, the ultimate gold standard to confirm positive HSV-2 results. WB is done mostly at the University of Washington lab, where the test was developed -- but any lab knows how to refer a specimen to Seattle for testing. Your wife has opposite results: she apparently has HSV-1 (despite her negative HSV-1 result 2 years ago) but not HSV-2.
475555 tn?1469307939 The doctors are obviously screwing up by not testing people with ALT above, say, 25. The test is simple and cheap. It's just a quickie ELISA antibody test. Why aren't we getting it when we should? I hope Trish is right and that this awful situation will be corrected. But what are they, the doctors, waiting for? I think we have a right, even a duty, to ask this question. I had a long consultation two years ago with Dr.
Avatar n tn ) However, the likelihood of a true positive result rises with increasing numerical values. Probably only 10-20% of values of 1.2 are truly positive; around 50% of those at 2.0; and it's only values of 3.5 and higher that are definitely positive. Here is a thread that explains why there is a difference between the official cut-off values (according to the test manufacturer) and the reliable results according to herpes experts: http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn 2nd negative blood test: ELISA IgG: .05 HSVI, .11 HSV2. EVERYTHING feels like a prodrome. Lower back/buttock pain, soreness and tension, strange tension/cramping in back of upper thighs, small sharp pains in heels. I just don't know anymore what I actually have and what I'm creating. It all feels real. Vaginal pimples still occurring monthly, sometimes several times a month. I feel like I'm going crazy. I can't stop reading and researching everything I can on this site.
Avatar n tn I have had a PCR DNA test at 72 hrs after, A ELISA 72 hrs after, a HIV EIA test at 6 days, EIA at 18 days, and ELISA at 8 wks, and a ELISA / P24 test at 69 days after possible exposure and they all came back negative. Possible Symptoms: I have been in panic mode since the day after the event, and my tongue turned white 6 days after the possible exposure. My mouth has been extremely dry for the past two months, especially at night and the whiteness has not gone away.
Avatar n tn Stafno, thanks for the quick reply , my result for HepsAg is 44.95 S/CO , I made mistake regarding the normal values “as per the lab” for this test, it is stated that ( = 2 : reactive ) so my result is positive or reactive since its above 2 , I'm not sure though if its a high number or just a positive or negative indication. in my second paragraph above I wrote my PCR test results ,, 63 IU/ml , is that what you meant by the quantity ?
Avatar n tn Although too soon for the antibody test (ELISA), most infected people would have a positive PCR and many a positive P24 antigen test at 2 weeks. Your doctor probably recommended follow-up testing. My suggestion is a repeat standard HIV antibody test 4-6 weeks after exposure and again at 3 months. The odds are strong that both will be negative.
Avatar m tn I have discordant test results (negative, a positive in 2004, subsequent negative Western Blot, another negative ELISA test) and in light of some recent vaginitis symptoms, have gotten very paranoid about my prior test results again... I called Fischer Scientific this morning, and they've contacted their regional sales rep, but other than this, I'm not sure where else to find out more about rapid testing? Thanks so much for any help you may be able to offer!
Avatar f tn HSV Type 1 Flags: none Results: Negative Ref-Range: Negative HSV Type 2 Flags: Above High Normal Results: Positive Ref-Range: Negative Herpes Simplex Virus Culture Flags: Progressive Results: Above high normal Ref-Range: Positive None Isolated Wet mount positive for clue cells, shows increased WBC and alkaline pH. The None Isolated is written twice and has me very confused as well as the diagnosis in general.
Avatar m tn As i don't know why value increasing from second test to fourth test i have did.As all were done from same lab same type of test.And the values gradually increasing Please help me and answer my queries .I am very tensed .I am not under any treatment of hepatitis,cancer,transplant etc.I have not taken prep or HIV medication after/before exposure .And my immune system is normal. So are my test conclusive???? PLease help very depressed Thanks for helping!
Avatar f tn First test (15 August 2011) : - HSV 1 igG : 3.16 *positive - HSV 1 igM : 0.53 - HSV 2 igG : 0.24 - HSV 2 igM : 1.60 *positive The test shows that i have antibody for HSV 1, and recent infection (igM) for HSV 2 Second test (20 August 2011) : - HSV 1 igG : 1.45 *positive - HSV 1 igM : 0.48 - HSV 2 igG : 0.08 - HSV 2 igM : 1.73 *positive The test result came out on 22 Aug,we decided to go on under c-section.