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Avatar n tn I've been put on effexor xr 75 mg for a week now. I know this is a powerfull drug... Does this problem need to be fixed with such a hard drug? How long should I take it? Is it possible to get off it without pain or painfull symptoms? I really need your help.
Avatar n tn I'm a stay at home Mom of a 3 year old and since deciding to try for #2, my husband and I thought it would be safest to be med free during my pregnancy, since the effects of Effexor in pregnancy has not really been studied. I took 75mg of Effexor XR for a little over a year for general anxiety. I have been weaning for almost 3 months as gradually as I could. My last weaning was for almost a month at 18.5mg.
Avatar n tn The night sweats are not likely to be caused by the effexor and most likely to be caused by an estrogen/progesteron imbalance. You might ask your doctor to either check those levels or refer you to a specialist, like an endocrinologist or ob/gyn who works in that area.
Avatar n tn hi my doctor prescribed effexor for my menopause syptons is this good for that ?? night sweats hot flashes ect i am 48 years old and have had my monthly off & on for awhile and then none for 4 months and have the night sweats bad and hot flashes ?? do not want to take an anti depressent if i do not need to.....she said they do not precsribe the estrogen anymore because the higher cancer risk......
Avatar n tn I have been on Effexor XR 150 mg for 2 years and take it at night about 9 p.m. It seems to help me rest and then the dosage stays with me when I get up in the morning and throughout the day. I also take Trazadone to help me sleep at night as well.
Avatar n tn I am having severe withdrawal symptoms from having to quit cold turkey from effexor xr. The reason why I had to quit is because I had to leave my job to go home and take care of my father who is dying of cancer, my medication is to expensive 368.00 for a 90 day supply, my doctor had me on 225mg a day for depression. I am having severe vomiting, dizziness,night sweats and migraine like headaches, also today I have started shaking uncontrolably.Will these symptoms go away?
Avatar n tn My psych doc wants me off of Effexor XR due to my issues with high blood pressure. I was on 75mg/day for a little over 2 years (with an increase to 150 and then back to 75mg). I am also on Lamictal, Lithium, and Seroquel - hence another reason to get off of it. I am on day 4 of the withdrawal from Effexor and I feel horrible. I have extreme vertigo, cold sweats, and of course the crazy crying for no reason. I would have been on day 6, but my mother convinced me to take a little to feel better.
Avatar f tn i tried going off cold turkey didnt work so well . bad side ffects such as virtigo achey crying for no reason night sweats and night mares! now that ive went from 75 mg to 37.5 i feel great back to normal yay! i got on it only because i was dealing with my father dying of brain cancer felt very anxius and worried .he passed away two years ago! depression never really affected me!
Avatar f tn Sometimes I take Effexor XR and sometimes I take generic Effexor. Now that I think about it I believe the night sweats diminish when I go to generic Effexor. At one time I was on 375 mg of Effexor XL but dropped it down to 300 mg because my Medicare Drug plan would only pay for two pills a day. I was thinking of see if the psychiatrist would be ok with reducing my dose.
Avatar n tn Full body night sweats to the point I have to change my PJ's one to two times a night. I have experienced soft BM's about 4 times a day, along with some stomach cramping. My appetite is low and I have lost weight, just like how I gained it when first starting Effexor XR.
Avatar f tn I have never written in a forum before, but have been reading these for awhile now, especially since trying to get off Effexor XR. I have been on Effexor XR 225 milligrams for about 6 years after an extremely difficult 6 months at the time resulting in major depression and anxiety with panic attacks. To me, Effexor XR with an occasional alprazolam 0.25 milligrams (Xanax) had been the miracle drugs and saved my life. I take my medication every morning anywhere between 8 and 10 a.m.
Avatar n tn The Doctor changed her to the Effexor XR 150mg with little explaination. Doctor stated if she had a bad time with Effexor XR that she could change back to Paxil. Having read some of the postings here, it seems like there is a general "if it isn't broke don't fix it" theme. I have also read what appears to be a greater problem with withdrawel from the Effexor than from Paxil.
Avatar n tn I have been taking Effexor xr 37.5 everyday for two months. It has calm me down alot, I would yell at my husband and grandson, get onto him for no reason at all, I was under alot of stress. Now my doctor has raised my dose up to 75mg. It had gotten to where the 37.5 i caught myself snapping off again. When i first started the 37.5 it did wonders for me. I have heard so many bad things about this medication!
Avatar n tn and I decided that the effectiveness of Zoloft for my anxiety had waned after 3-4 years. He choose Effexor XR as a new med. After taking 150 mg of the Effexor XR for a little over 1 month, I decided it wasn't right for me. My libido became non-existent, I was gained weight, my digestive system seemed out-of-wack, and I'm not sure that it helped my anxiety.
Avatar n tn I have been taking Effexor XR since March, 2005. I started with 75mg and by mid April was up to 225mg. I have recently become unemployed and cannot afford the medication anymore. It's going to cost me $200 a month just to buy the medication. I've told my doctor that I cannot afford it anymore and he just tells me to 'stay on it' but he's not paying for it. I'm going to have to quit cold turkey. I only have three days left of the medication. I'm also on Clonazepam. I take three 0.
607502 tn?1288251140 I was on effexor xr for a while I liked it...I didnt have any weird side affects...I am now taking lithium...I think they might put me back on the effxor too so we can figure it out together I guess...by the way thanks so much for all the help....My docs decided on lithium if you didnt figure that out!
Avatar n tn I have read the closed forum headed "Withdrawal Symptons from Effexor XR" to see if other's are/have experiences when stopping Effexor. I have gone 'cold turkey" which I know I should not have after only taking a small dose of 75mg in the morning along with 2 Ritalin for about 2 years (before that taking 150mg). I had forgotten to get my script and I thought I should try to see if I could do without the Effexor.
Avatar n tn Forgot to mention that I do take Effexor XR for depression, and I have read on the internet that it could be the cause for the dreams/night sweats, so I plan to see the psyiciatrist to see what his opinion of the matter is
Avatar m tn hello, i have been on effexor xr for a number of years due to clinical depression and i also have fibromyalgia and it seems to help with that also. i have always had the sweating problem with it. i have tried splitting the dosage etc. Well now they have found out that my thryroid is not working and put me on 100mcg of levothyroxine and 500 mgs of glucophage twice a day. i take 150 mg effexor xr in the morning. now the sweating is embarassing.
Avatar n tn I've heard taking effexor in the non controlled realease form (not xr) can help combat the night sweats. I had one of my primary care docs put me on hytrin, a blood pressure medication to try and counter the effects of the effexor that were causing my night sweats. any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn I have been on Effexor xr for 4 1/2 wks. It has done nothing for my anxiety and actually feel worse now agoraphobic. They had me up to 150mg which made me feel unreal and out of it so they put me back down to 75mg. I know its not right for me the side effects are too bad. My question is how to get off I am so scared of the withdrawl symtoms. I have had every s/e on it including confusion muscle tension dizziness insomnia agitation to name a few so will the withdrawl symtoms be worse.
Avatar n tn My doctor has been weaning me off Effexor XR 150 mg over a 2-week period while at the same time starting me on Lexapro 10 mg a day. The first week I took 75 mg a day of Effexor XR and 10 mg a day of Lexapro; the second week 37.5 mg a day of Effexor XR and 10 mg of Lexapro. The third week I was completely off the Effexor XR and was only taking Lexapro 10 mg a day. I began to feel horrible. I cried non-stop and had electrical shocks going through my head.
Avatar n tn Today, I decided to do a search on the side effects when coming off Effexor XR...so here I am. I started taking Effexor XR in the fall of 2001. The doctor that put me on it was a joke - he tried other stuff, finally putting me on Effexor and when it showed signs of working, he just kept increasing my dosage. Not knowing enough to advocate for myself (and half admitting that I was feeling better), I ended up on 300ml/daily. That was almost 3 1/2 years ago.
Avatar f tn I'm trying to detox from effexor after being on it for several years with the last 7 months at 150 mg. After getting down to 37.5 every other day and feeling okay I stopped and started my new prescription, Wellbutrin-- well, for two days now I'm nauseous, shaky, hot/cold sweats, feel like my eyes are vibrating somewhat when I make too fast of motion with my head. It's as if I have symptoms of Vertigo and can't fix it.
Avatar n tn I have been on Effexor xr 225 mg every morning for about 3 years and 15 mg of remeron every night for about 6 months..My doctor is changing me from the Effexor Xr to Lexapro...He dropped me down to 150 mg of Effexor xr every morning and 10mg of Lexapro at dinner for 7 days..and then to drop the Effexor down to 75 mg for a week with 10mg of lexapro and then the same thing with the Effexor for another week at 37.5mg and then just stop and continue the lexapro..
Avatar n tn My question is, how much different is Effexor XR (SSRI) from Tofranil (Trycyclic)? My doctor seems to think this will be much better for me because it is better for anxiety than Trofranil (he was surprised the Tofranil has worked as well for me as it has since it's more generally prescibed for Depression not Depression/Anxiety/Panic Attacks. He also thinkgs the side effects are better. I really worry about side effects.
Avatar n tn My doctor has prescribed Effexor XR for night sweats during menopause. Is this a good medication for that? Has anyone taken this and had success with it?
Avatar n tn I stopped the Ambien and the Effexor XR cold turkey that night. It has been quite a journey over the last 5 weeks. I suffered severe withdrawal symptoms and was unable to sleep for 4 consecutive nights. After four nights, I began taking Ambien 5 mg. for sleep and immediately felt better. I also began seeing my psychiatrist and therapist again who have prescribed Trazodone for sleep and stopped the low-dose Ambien. I have taken Trazodone for 2 nights now and have not slept.