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Avatar m tn Hello, I have been taking Effexor 75mg for almost 4 years for depression and anxiety for about the last 4 to 6 weeks I have been feeling anxiety at a much higher rate and having actual panic attacks again. I talked to my Dr. and he advised me to increase the dosage up to 150mg and gave me a twenty pill script for buspirone. I have been on the increased dosage for almost a week now and I have seen no change in the anxiety or panic that I am feeling.
429925 tn?1203908715 What is the maximum dosage for Effexor XR? Also, is it advisable to take with Lorazapham?
Avatar m tn Since both come from the same family of SSRI's, it's difficult to determine if Effexor XR would be a better medication for you. Sometimes it takes a long period of time to determine what medication(s) work best in a particular situation. Consult with your healthcare provider, explain your concerns and see what they can recommend.
Avatar f tn Hi, thank you for talking to me i am approaching 3 weeks on 150mg of effexor xr today and not feeling much different. My moods are up and down and am stressed whether this is going to work at all. This is my 4th lot of meds and i have counsiling weekly. I take it for anxiety which has been going on since May of 2011. So any input is fantastic.
Avatar n tn Hi there, I was on Effexor XR 150mg for a couple months only. It did nothing for me and actually brought back a lot of my anxiety symptoms. The only drug that works for me, for anxiety/OCD issues is Zoloft. I went off effexor in a matter of 5 days and the withdrawal was the worst I have ever experienced. I have a pretty resilient body though and medicine, etc moves through me pretty quickly. I would say that my withdrawal lasted 2 weeks while it was REALLY bad.
Avatar n tn Lying in bed, staring at the TV until 4 AM then I finally knocked out. Tapered myself off Effexor XR 2 weeks ago (on my own) felt horrible. Went to the doc and I've been back on it for 5 days. Still feel horrible. I get shooting electrical shocks from the top of my head, coursing through my body, down to my toes. I have a massive headache most of the time. My abdomen swells up and I get a frantic urge to go to the bathroom. I am frustrated to say the least. After 5 more days of 37.
Avatar f tn I have tried weaning off the effexor XR a couple times and have gone into Panic Attack mode when I do. I only will get a panic attack maybe 2-3x a year, so I know that the medicine has helped (for 6 years), but I have to say that it definetly has decreased my sexual relationship with my husband (I have heard this is a common side effect). I have heard that lexapro or wellbutrin do not do this.
Avatar n tn I was put on effexor for anxiety, depression, IBS... that was ten years ago and I'm still taking the damn things and my dose is now 300mg a day. Try another solution or you will end up with dreadful side effects whilst trying to wean off effexor. I now have myoclonus which could (not definite) be due to effexor. I did stop taking effexor for about 6 months but my depression became so severe as nothing else helped so I had to start taking it again.
Avatar n tn My 20 year old son is weaning off of effexor xr. He was up to 300 mg per day and now is on 75 mg. Tommorrow he goes down to 37.5 mg. He has had some withdrawals. I am wondering what will happen when he is right off of them, if he will still have withdrawals. Can anyone share their experience with me.
Avatar f tn My doctor started me on Effexor XR a couple weeks ago. I'm not exactly sure of the dosage because they were in a trial pack. The first two weeks I was supposed to take a smaller pill/dosage and then go up to the larger one. What I'm wondering is will I have w/d's from this and what is everyone's general thoughts on it. It seems to be helping but it's hard to tell. He gave it to me after I flipped out in his office crying (my mom had just died and I had a hysterectomy etc.
Avatar f tn I have been on effexor for about 12 months for Anxiety. The celexa was no longer working for me. My MD advised me to see a physciatrist. I did and he put me on fthe effexor. I went from 75 mg to 300 mg. Thought I would fell great but didn't. He eventually but me on lamactal, that made me worse after on it for 3 months, Noticed I had brain fog more than i had ever had. Was loosing the ability to spell and write.
Avatar n tn I have been on Effexor XR since August 2006 due to depression and anxiety. I am currently trying to figure out how to get off it and not go through the he-- that I went through yesterday and the day before when I forgot to take it. I had no idea there were "withdrawals" associated with Effexor; my doctor never said a word and what I have experienced in just 2 days was not listed anywhere on Wyeth's website or on the package content.
Avatar n tn I am so happy to come across this site. I have been on effexor 150mg for about 18months for anxiety. It really seemed to help, though I always still worried about my health because I still have this one "crutch" that I can not seem to break - quitting smoking. I have 2 children and worry all the time that I will not be here for them. So my doctor prescribed Wellbutrin for the Zyban part of it. I have been off effexor for abut 5 days and on the Wellburtin.
Avatar f tn I'm on 150mg of Effexor XR, but I'm not sure if that's as a preventative or for my secondary depression. I've been on various doses over the years, but FOR ME 150mg is the best. However, EVERYBODY is different, and what I take shouldn't be any reason for you to take that same dosage. Trust your doc, as they'll know better than we will.
Avatar n tn I've been taking 37.5 mg of effexor xr for panic disorder for about a month. My doctor tald me to take 37.5 mg the first week then increase to 75 mg after that. I did not increase the dosage because i feel like my heart is beathing thru my chest sumtimes and sumtimes when i laying down its worse. I do not know if this is just my body having the panixc attacks and i need to up my dose or if it is a more serious problem and need to consider a different med.
Avatar f tn I was wondering if anyone has ever had negative side effects from drinking beer while on Effexor XR. I recently went on vacation and drank beer for 11 days straight. A few times I got pretty drunk. Since then, I have been depressed and feel like my medication is not even working. I believe the beer nullified the effects of my Effexor XR. It has been 2 weeks now since I have drank anything and still feel that depressive, blue, unable to concentrate or make decisions feeling.
Avatar n tn Do you believe withdrawal from Effexor XR caused my blood pressure to sky-rocket? 2. Did Effexor XR permanently elevate my blood pressure? 3. Will my blood pressure eventually return to my baseline of 110/70? 4. How long will these "zingers" last? Thanks for listening !!
Avatar n tn I was just weaned off of Effexor XR. After 1 week of taking the half dosage, three days ago was my first day being off of it. I felt fine the first day, but yesterday My body started to feel wierd and today its multiplied by at least 10 times. It feels like Im in some sci-fi movie. It feel likes a combonation of the feeling of when your leg (arm, etc.
Avatar n tn Effexor XR can be very helpful for depression and anxiety. It gets a bad reputation because of the discontinuation syndrome. You likely experienced a mild version of this when you missed a few doses. Just be aware that if and when you decide to stop taking Effexor XR, you should taper gradually. Elevated blood pressure can occur, but you can check that every month at the pharmacy and when you go in for doctor's appointments.
Avatar n tn I have been on Effexor XR 150mg for about one year. After running out of my script, I decided to stop taking it cold turkey. I am also taking Clonazepam 0.5mg as needed for anxiety and my doctor said increasing the dosage to 1mg as needed would help with the withdrawal symtoms. However, it has been 5 days off the Effexor XR and I am still having horrible withdrawal. Does anyone know how long the withdrawal effects will last so I can live a normal and happy life again!
Avatar m tn Wow this sounds scary. I currently take Effexor XR 75 MG. I've taken it for a year now and somedays are better than most but I know for sure without it I'd lose it. Maybe perhaps you were taking to big of dosage to start with? There has been a couple days where I have forgotten to take it and the next day I'd have withdrawls and I don't even want to think about going off of it if it's going to be that bad. I have a very fragile mind it doesn't take much to make me cry.
Avatar n tn Which is exciting and intimidating, because I've taken Effexor and Effexor XR for more than a decade. Over the summer, I cut my dosage in half, to 75mg. And now I'm struggling. I feel more anxiety, and I generally feel more vulnerable, reactive and tired. I also find I become angry more easily. All of which has had a negative impact on my quality of life and makes it more difficult to work. I appreciate people sharing their experiences in this forum. It's helpful to know I'm not alone.
Avatar n tn Hi, I have begun Effexor Xr 37.5 mg. for basic anxiety- I worry alot.. I have gone on/ off for years, the stigma of being on meds. gets to me. I am a healthy, school teacher and am not depressed.. more like a cat on a hot tin roof, worry about alot, especially my health (not really a hypocondriac, but close!). I have had weird things happen like a virus of some sort that made my liver enzymes go out of whack.. so, 6 months of blood work, ultrasounds on liver etc..
Avatar n tn I have been on Effexor XR for about 2 years now and just switched over to Lexapro...I'll tell you, I didnt realize how bad the sides were from the Effexor XR until I switched. High BP, sexual sides, and panic attacks just to name a few. But then again, I have a friend who is taking Effexor and has very little sides and is fine. I guess its a trial and error thing for some people...some respond better then others. I just wish I would have known about Lexapro 2 years ago!
Avatar m tn I used to take 300Mgs a day of Effexor XR for 4 years (before it pooped out on me) Anyway there is something that you need to know about Effexor XR (Venlafaxine) that is that at or below the 150Mg dosage mark Effexor is simply just another SSRI and has no SNRI action. With Effexor the Norephineperine mechanism of action does not take place unless the patient is taking at least 225Mgs a day. In most cases 300Mgs a day.
Avatar n tn I've been on Effexor XR for 4.5 years. It has been an absolute miracle for myself in dealing with my autistic son who needs me to be an exceptional mother and then some. This drug has enabled me to be patient and calm when in my life prior to effexor, I would have thrown him through a wall. He is doing great and so am I.
Avatar n tn I have been on Effexor XR for probably 5 years now and am taking 150mg daily. For quite a while now I have been experiencing word-finding problems. Simple words and names that I may use on a daily basis are just lost and it takes considerable thought to remember the simplest thing. I also am not able to concentrate on school work very well. I don't no if its just me or the medicine because I have been on it for so long. I also just do not feel as smart and bright as I used to.
532848 tn?1214348768 don't know how much of my problem is Effexor withdrawals and how much is depression) recommended that in order to get off Effexor, you should be put on Prozac (sorry, I don't know the dosage) for several weeks, (it takes a long time for Prozac to take affect and also to leave your system), and then you taper off the Effexor AFTER the Prozac kicks in. I read this in a doctors forum by one of the few Psychiatrist's that actually acknowledges the effexor withdrawal problems. He uses this tec.
Avatar n tn I was on Zoloft in the past and coming off that was simple compared to Effexor XR. The dosage I was taking was 150mg and I was on it for a year. It's been 4 days since I've had any dose of this medication at all and I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. I think the med worked for me while I was taking it but if I had known what the withdrawal was like, I don't know I would have started on it to begin with.