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Avatar n tn Hey, Im a 21 year old college student who has been taking Effexor XR for almost 3 years for mild depression and anxiety. While on effexor, my anxiety and depression diminished, but I was also experiencing some unwanted side effects. for one, if I ever missed a day, I would be completely disabled due to the horrible withdrawal symptoms. other problems like low libdo and confusion began to worry me. I went to my doctor and decided that it was time to discontinue the effexor treatment.
Avatar n tn If you take medication such as Effexor XR and feel the highs from it then you definitely need to be able to tolerate the lows of getting off it. There is no free lunch in this type of business. You have to take responsibility for your decisions. And as far as running. It's very obvious that it opens up your cardio vascular system and releases endorphins naturally that make you feel better. Training for a marathon??
Avatar n tn However, it has been 5 days off the Effexor XR and I am still having horrible withdrawal. Does anyone know how long the withdrawal effects will last so I can live a normal and happy life again! I can't seem to sleep, eat, or move without brain zaps. I feel crappy all the time and very anxious. My libido and my life is all, for lack of a better word, shifukomanic. <--- (made up). If anyone knows how long it takes or has been through this, please, please help!
Avatar n tn Hi! Just wanted to write and let you know..I have been on Effexor XR for 2 years and have had very few side-effects. The only problem that I had at first was constipation, which subsided after I changed my diet accordingly. My doctor increased it from 75 mg once a day to 150 mg about a year ago. (Was dealing with a divorce..yuck) I have been on that dosage since then and it didn't really seem to cause any problems.
Avatar n tn My doctor (general prac) said they are pretty much the same thing, and he switched me from effexor to cymbalta. I don't feel as crazy and out of control as I did with the effexor. I don't know how I feel about the Cymbalta yet. I AM going to see a pyschiatrist (sp?) at the end of the month, but I was just wondering if anyone has been on these. Thanks!
Avatar n tn Was their some recall on Paxil that could explain the sudden change in medication? How do you feel about Paxil Vs. Effexor XR, and about changing medications without a dire need to do so?
530150 tn?1284662480 Thanks so much for the procedure to get off Effexor XR and to get on Cymbalta! It sounds like a good plan and I hope and pray it works for me. Have you used both these antidepressants? Do you prefer one over the other? Thanks again!
Avatar n tn It is a wealth of information about other's experience with effexor XR and it is a must read, guys!!! IF YOU ARE TAKING EFFEXOR THEN YOU ARE A HUMAN GUINEA PIG.
Avatar n tn My libido became non-existent, I was gained weight, my digestive system seemed out-of-wack, and I'm not sure that it helped my anxiety. I'm not sure it was related to the Effexor XR, but I was bruising very easily, and I was obsessive about spending and "projects" during this time. I should also mention that I am on 30 mg of Adderall XR for ADD. My Dr. decided to switch me to Wellbutrin XR which would also help me quit smoking.
Avatar n tn I've been off of my effexor xr for about 5 days now and after talking to my pharmacist and doing some of my own research, ginger seems to help greatly with dizziness and nausea. Here is a link for the effects of ginger and how to take it. I've been chewing a 1/4" piece of peeled, fresh ginger every 4 hours and it is working miracles. Here is the link <a href=http://www.umm.edu/altmed/ConsHerbs/Gingerch.
Avatar n tn She checked her palm pilot for side effects and said there was not data showing shortness of breath as a side effect and ended up sending me home with a prescription for Effexor XR 150mg. I went home and typed in EFFEXOR and shortness of breath and thank God I did because there were many sites addressing this issue. I called my MHFNP back on Friday to try and advise her I saw this on the internet.
Avatar n tn Then he says to quit taking it and prescribed Effexor XR and wanted me to work up to 300mg per day, which I did. I felt better but ran into a problem--my company insurance changed in Jan. 06 and the cost of this medication with my new "insurance" was in orbit. So, I say it was prescribed to help me through this difficult time and things are getting much better so I quit cold turkey. BIG MISTAKE!! I was O.
Avatar n tn How long do the withdrawl symptoms last? I have been on Effexor XR 75mg since September 07, and have had a bad reaction to the medication which my psychiatrist told me were mild side affects. I decided to stop taking the medication and have been plagued by strange withdrawl symptoms. A vertigo sensation, nausea, concentration loss, extreme tiredness and nightmares to name a few. How long do these symtoms take to disappear? I'm starting a new job in January and I need to be 100% functioning.
Avatar f tn I've been taking effexor xr for about 4 months now, but just recently I have been having horrible nightmares and I have become very angry, almost violent. I'm trying to ween myself off, but notice that the anger is just getting worse. I want to call my doctor but got fired from my job, and have no funds. What should I do?
Avatar f tn Getting off of Effexor I went from; 300mg of Effexor XR- 2 Years 225mg of Effexor XR – 6 months 150mg of Effexor XR – 6 months 75mg + 37.5mg of Effexor XR – 9 months 75mg of Effexor XR for – 10 months 37.5mg of Effexor XR- 3 months 0mg *Opening the capsules, and counting the grains then adding back half etc. did not work for me, I did make several attempts,- but- all in vain. BUT- That may work for you. There is plenty of research and info on how one should/can do this.
Avatar n tn Stopping Effexor XR Forum: The Mental Health Forum Topic: Mental Health It started 8/05. Hope this helps. I found it by going to Google and searching for "stopping effexor". Look for the Medhelp site and it will take you right to it.
Avatar n tn YIKES!! I've been on effexor xr for approx 2 yrs. I had no clue there was such a withdrawal effect. Reading all of your comments is eye opening!!! While vacationing this summer I had enough effexor xr for all but 1 day. I attributed the crying to lack of sleep from vacationing, perhaps too much partying etc. But, it sounds like I was having the same symptons you all were describing about withdrawal. YIKES!!!!! Plus......the weight gain while on the med is NOT GOOD!!
Avatar n tn About this same time I had decided to start weaning myself off of Effexor for several different reasons. I was taking both Wellbutrin XL and Effexor XR and was just tired of taking so many medications ( I am also on hormone replacement therapy). The side effects I had from Effexor were not that totally bad; sweating and being hot when nobody else was, decreased sexual feelings, not as intense orgasms. I had quit about a year ago but don't remember feeling like this at all.
Avatar n tn If you go to the following location, it explains what symptoms may accompany discontinuation of effexor (aka venlafaxine): "www.healthyplace.com/other-info/psychiatric-medications/venlafaxine-effexor-effexor-xr-full-prescribing-information/menu-id-72/#precautions" It seems to me you have tapered correctly but just been unlucky in the symptoms and their severity. Hang in there and things should start to normalise.
Avatar n tn hi,just wanted to ask a question my dr put me on effexor xr 75 mg 7 mos ago well they arent working at all i kept telling him they werent he upped my dose to 150 that made it worse so went back down to 75 i tried to stop cold turkey once never again ,well last time i went to see him was in dec and i was crying and told him id rather die then live like this cause alls i do is sleep have no energy im starting to get moody and my aniety is worse ,well he sent me to a psychiatrist hes putting me on
Avatar n tn Comming of of Effexor,,Effexor XR needs to be done slowly,,I myself just stopped and had symptoms for a little over a weak,,the dizziness,,this wierd buzzing in my head all the time,,,just really wierd things happening. Tell your doc you owuld like some help comming off of this med,,is he the one who put you on it in the first place.
Avatar n tn I finally broke down and went back to the Gastro doctor and he canceled the Zantac and added 37.5 mg of Effexor XR. I cannot understand the reasoning behind this prescription. He stated that the Effexor will help my cramping and spasming intestinal issues. Is this prescription something that is routine? I can't find any info on the web where this type anxiety drug is prescribed for intestinal issues.
Avatar f tn My psychiatrist put me on Effexor about a year ago. He had me taking 150 mg twice a day. At first, I thought that it was a great drug and that I finally found something to help my depression. However, about a couple weeks after I was on it, I started having horrible side effects.
Avatar f tn I didn't take Effexor XL, but I did take Effexor XR. I experienced side effects while I was on it and withdrawal symptoms that lasted for 6 months. My side effects/withdrawal symptoms included: brain zaps, extreme sweating, dizziness, dry mouth, fatigue, major headaches, nervousness, vertigo, and confusion. When I started taking it, I lost 20 pounds in 2 weeks! I was wanting to lose weight, but in a healthy way. My advice to you is get off of it asap.
Avatar f tn I've recently been weaned off Effexor XR and it has not been too great. Below is a list of what I have been experiencing for almost 2 weeks: Lack of balance Spacey Lack of concentration Blurred Vision Auditory Hallucinations Jittery Sweating Nightmares and/or vivid dreams Itching everywhere while resting or sleeping I will not go back on and start over again. I'm done trying other brands, other types, old ones and new ones.
Avatar m tn I would talk to you doctor and ask them what you should do and how you should wein yourself off cause youa re on XR and them you cant just break in half you actually have to get a lower dose of them meds! Good luck hope u feel better!
Avatar n tn I pray that my dizziness is temporary, I do not want to go back on the Effexor. I pray that God will bless you and have mercy and favor towards you and all those suffering with anxiety and depression. Physicians and medications are helpful but I believe ultimately God sees us through, although it is difficult to understand why we have to go through this... I also started taking something natural called "Peace of Mind" to calm my moods, it is by BeautiControl.
Avatar n tn There are 460 small white balls inside in every EFFEXOR XR 150mg capsule, Ok. So open the capsule and take out only 5 balls a day. Again, only five balls a day. It takes a lot of discipline and perseverance. At the end of 92 days you are completely free of this **** forever without any withdrawal symptoms whatsoever. I guarantee you. Just start off and you will reap the results in 92 days. God bless you all!!!!!!!
Avatar f tn I was at one point on 450mg per day of Effexor XR (along with several other powerful meds, several of which I have eliminated) and I am now down to 37.5mg per day every other day. I have 4 pills left but feel I might just be delaying the inevitable for another week. It has gotten much more difficult since getting down to 75mg per day and I want to cut the cord now.