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Avatar f tn Does effexor have anything to do with making it difficult to urinate? I"ve only been on it abot ten days now and have noticed I've been having a hard time urinating and I didn't before I started the med. Couldn't it be the Effexor? Please someone answer me because I'm extremely frustrated!!!! Thank you!
Avatar n tn I started on Effexor 5 wks ago and was having trouble urinating and have ejaculation pain. Stopped the Efxxor after 3wks and went to Celexa. Have been on for 2wks and still have the problem. Has anyone had to strain to actually get the urine started were now i have straining pain in my groin. Plus delayed ejaculation?
Avatar n tn I have been taking Effexor XR since March, 2005. I started with 75mg and by mid April was up to 225mg. I have recently become unemployed and cannot afford the medication anymore. It's going to cost me $200 a month just to buy the medication. I've told my doctor that I cannot afford it anymore and he just tells me to 'stay on it' but he's not paying for it. I'm going to have to quit cold turkey. I only have three days left of the medication. I'm also on Clonazepam. I take three 0.
Avatar n tn I have been having intense chest pain on my left side of my chest in between my breasts and my family doctor has been trying different types of anxiety medication, such as xanax and effexor. But the pain still persists. Chest x-rays have come back normal. Also I only have the pain mostly in the morning when I wake up and 9 times out of 10 it is relieved by urination. What could be the cause??
Avatar n tn tingling breasts, fatigue, nausea, heartburn, etc. I am concerned that my medication (Effexor XR) that I am taking is causing my test results to be negative. I am going to call my gyn tommorrow to ask him, but I am worried that I am pregnant and need to be aware of the fact so that i can refrain from taking over the counter meds. and I also just need to know. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Avatar f tn any dr. who prescribes effexor to a pt. should be made to take this med theirselves. everyone knows that dthe practice ofmedicine is only trial and error. the pharmaceutical companys have these physicians in the palm of their hands. the dr's are prescribing these meds all willy nilly, totally unaware of the harm this med, effexor does to the central nervous system. i wouldn't allow my vet to give this med to my dog.
278469 tn?1219249551 I don't drink, smoke, or take drugs. About 8 weeks ago, I noticed that after urination, I would have the urge again within a minute or two. A small stream or several drops would be all. 2 weeks ago, about 10 minutes after a bowel movement, I had a severe pain in my testicles and lower stomach. This has reoccured several times and seems worse when I drink alot of cokes during the day. Drinking a large glass of water seems to help. The pain lasts anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour.
Avatar f tn Had severe side effects that sent me to the ER. After havin panic attacks they put me briefly on Effexor which I also didn't react well to. This has all happened over a period of 9 months+. I initially was being seen for constant stomach pains. (CT, ultrasound and MRI done in my abdominals). This time I was sent for blood work for my thyroid. (Fatigue, excessive urination, aches and pains, headaches, anxiety, seemingly sensitive to cold, etc.).
Avatar m tn Went to see my new doc three months ago and she refused my request for a Lorasapam script and instead prescribed effexor. I tried to last the three week initial period but the side effects were increased anxiety and I just couldn't hang with it. Frustrated as I was still losing sleep and in a near state of panic I sent off for an internet script of Lorazapam. Unfortunately it was 2.5 Mg pills and I think the higher dose has done me in. I had previously taken the .
190673 tn?1259206866 Can't have ercetion and when use viagra, there is no feelings. I was taking celexa at the time and now switched to effexor but no imptovement I did 2 testicular ultrasounds and 1st one showed imflammation and second one (2 years later) showed nothing wrong. I am not sexually active plus I'm married and our marriage is sexless. I was tested for HIV and other diesase that they test with urine sample (not sure for the name) and it was all negative. I did cardiac testing and was good.
Avatar n tn Put me on Urised, flomax, bextra and escrace cream. One month later, went back to urologist with very little relief. Family doctor put me on effexor due to anxiety over this ordeal. Have constant burning, frequent urination, 20 times a day, and still very tender and hurting urethra. UA clear the last three tests. Urologist did a PST test which I tested positive for. He is telling me I have Interstitial Cystitis. I'm scheduled for 6 DSMO treatments along with daily doses of Elmiron.
Avatar n tn Below is a list from the NIH (National Institute of Health) on the side effects of Effexor. Hair loss is not mentioned. I would strongly urge you to see your prescribing doctor about this as hair loss can be a symptom of other medical or emotional issues. I am sorry for what you're dealing with. I can't imagine how it must make you feel. I hope you get an answer soon. Peace Greenlydia What side effects can this medication cause? Venlafaxine may cause side effects.
Avatar n tn I also started taking Effexor and it made the floaters etc..worse. I have been off the Remeron for 6 days and the Effexor for 2 and I am still seeing these visual disturbances. I have been examined three times by two different eye doctors and they both say my eyes are fine. My regular doctor has done a complete blood examine and everything is normal except for a positive ANA. It is at a low titer of 1:160.
Avatar n tn After feeling great for 2 1/2 years, the lightheaded sensation came back in my final semester of law school. Also, it seemed like my urination had become more frequent...not terribly so, but more often than I was accustomed. I went to the school clinic and they ran numerous blood and urine tests. Nothing showed up. I was fine for another six months, and then the symptoms returned, this time for 3-4 months. I saw my GP several times and had many, many blood and urine tests.
326842 tn?1199030674 The finding that Effexor and Effexor XR are useful in treating migraine disease is fairly new. When I tried to go off my Effexor I had a return of migraines, which we had only suspected I had. The other thing that they are finding with Effexor is a reduction in the post-menopausal hot flashes. This makes sense because both migraines and hot flashes are phenomena of vascular change or instability. I love my Effexor. Sorry I don't know anything about the other drug.
Avatar m tn (i) stay on the present levels of effexor(150 mgr/day) or (b) reduce the effexor by 37 ½ mgr; then reduce it again by another 37 ½ mgr. until a review with him at my next visit. I went on effexor in April 2007 because I was not sleeping much, had what might be called agitation/insomnia and life was far too frenetic/active. This is not now the case.
Avatar n tn I have experienced numerous other distressing symptoms such as extreme constipation and problems with urination which are really affecting me.My toes sometimes move of their own accord. I have had nerve conduction(slight carpal tunnel in right hand)and slight muscular atrophy near my right elbow. I have also had a head MRI which came back entirely normal.
Avatar n tn In December my symptoms began as an intense burning upon urination and frequent need to pee. I thought it was a UTI and got antibiotics but the pain did not go away. Soon, I started having vulval burning and abnormal discharge. I was treated with Diflucan and Monistat. The symptoms did not resolve, so I went back. She performed a wet mount swab and saw no yeast. A gynecologist suggested I use baking soda for cytolytic vaginosis. It provides only temporary relief but.
Avatar m tn He gave me the 5 day zithromax pack and Effexor and I'm suppose to see him in a week. I took anti depressants a while back and was honestly not a fan and the fact that my doctor wants me back on is somewhat confusing. I'm at the point where I would give literally anything for the throat problem to go away because it is ruining my life right now.
Avatar m tn * changes in vision, such as blurred vision * increase in frequency of urination or amount of urine produced * lightheadedness or fainting, especially when rising suddenly from a sitting or lying position * mood or mental changes * ringing or buzzing in ears * serotonin syndrome - symptoms include: o confusion o diarrhea o fever o poor coordination o restlessness o shivering o sweating o tre
Avatar m tn Like you, I was on 150mg Effexor. I do hope the Fetzma helps you. Last year my doctor suggested I come off the Effexor. I said I would give it a try as I felt better. I didn't know if this was because of the medication. It took me 10 months to withdraw, and I have now been drug free for 6 months. I am 73 years old, so not easy at my age. I know how you feel, because for many years I felt like you do. Life such a struggle. When I joined this site in 2009 I was in a very dark place.
Avatar f tn I've tried 3 different non HRT prescriptions (clonidin, Effexor, Cymbalta) and the side-effects are not worth the relief from the symptons. Has your doctor said anything about going on estrogen replacement? Mine is reluctant because she said it could cause endo to re-occur elsewhere in my body. are you having any menopause symptoms?
Avatar n tn _ Dear David, Difficulty with urination can be due to a number of problems, some psychological and some organic. I assume you have discussed your problem with your physician to assess any physical factors that may be contributing. Although I do not have all of the details of your problem, it appears that trouble with urination occurs only when you have a girlfriend.
Avatar f tn So, I've been having all sorts of issues lately and I can't help but want to blame them all on a possible lupus diagnosis. Complicating matters is the fact that I've been out of work and uninsured for about 7 months and my next set of benefits don't kick in for another 3 months! That's a LONG time to wait to get any treatment! The symptoms and problems keep building up. What to do!? Here's my history so far. I had a high C-reactive protein test and ANA screen of 1:640, homogeneous pattern.
Avatar n tn Hi I'm a 33 yr old woman producing breastmilk for no reason. Walk in clinic doctor sent me for a blood workup, thyroid testing (TSH) and prolactin levels. I followed up 2 days later with a doc from my doctors practice & he said all tests were fine except that I needed to come back because the prolactin tests weren't back. My symptoms are: -I wake up with headaches that make me think I'm dying.
Avatar f tn Needles feet, hands, face and scalp Numbness to feet, legs hands, arms, face and head Very tired all the time Lightheaded (no vertigo since last summer) Hot/Cold/wet water sensations to head, thighs, upper back Can't focus on anything, difficulty following a conversation Frequent urination, leaking urine (been tested no infec.
Avatar n tn ) I'm wondering if the high dosage (150mg a day) of Effexor XR that I take could have something to do with the negative results of a pregnancy test. Ever since I went off the pill, I've had a regular cycle...28-30 days. About a week and a half ago I noticed that my stomach was bloated and I normally don't blow up before my period. I'm extremely under weight and very tall, but I eat well and haven't changed my diet recently, so I can't explain the bloating.