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411389 tn?1230128077 Suicidal thoughts, awful and constant negative rumination, self-confidence all but shattered, increasing social isolation, and just watching a gradual shut-down. When I started with Effexor, I had side effects after the first half an hour. Everyone is different, but there was absolutely no mistaking it's immediate effects. I started on 75 mg a day for two weeks, then up to 150 mg a day.
Avatar n tn does anyone know when the side effects of weaning yourself off of effexor stop? i have been completely off of it for three days now and i still feel awful. my coordination is off, i feel confused and forgetful, but the most irritating and troublesome side effect is one that is hard to describe. about ever ten seconds or so i get a really strange feeling in my head. almost like a pulsy - dizzy - out of it feeling. im just wondering when these things will go away. i feel so odd. thanks!
329994 tn?1301666848 On the positive side...for some effexor works great without too many negative side effects and it takes effect fairly quickly. On a personal note....after much trial and error, I take wellbutrin. I get the best relief of my symptoms with the least side effects. I see my primary for everything (smart doc who listens). I went to a rhuematologist years ago who misdiagnosed my fibromyalgia as osteoarthritis.
492527 tn?1212179272 I noticed that no one answered your post, and since I don't have personal experience with Effexor (I couldn't tolerate it), I just did a quick search. I just uncovered 2 things that I find disturbing: "In 2007, the Institute for Safe Medication Practices and the Division of Public Health Sciences, Wake Forest University School of Medicine, conducted a longitudinal Adverse Events Reporting System Review of the U.S. FDA's most dangerous drugs.
Avatar n tn I was on a high dosage of effexor for years and, before that other anti depressant drugs for 17 years. I've weaned myself off, finishing in February, 2009. What are the side affects after so many months? I went through withdrawls like a junkie would for 2 months. I am now interested to see if what and how I am feeling is due to the lack of that drug or some other cause. Thank you.
Avatar n tn So, Wyeth pharmaceuticals has found another application for its SSRI Effexor. How effexor will affect your insomnia is anyone's guess. Sone people find effexor helps with sleep, other find it aggravates their insomnia. It is not recommended that you discontinue effexor abruptly. I discontinued paxil after 10 yrs of daily use, so I know what discontinuation syndrome is all about.
Avatar n tn My sister takes Effexor for mild depression and the only side effect she seriously complains about is excessive sweating/ hot flashes! She said she wakes up in the middle of the night and her sheets are soaked and she feels like she's on fire! I guess everyones different, but I think it's listed as one of the side effects. I hope you find something that works!
Avatar n tn I was on a low dose but my liver was not processing it fast enoung and my body finally built up a very large blood level of the Zoloft. This caused some severe side effects, I called my DR and he told me to stop taking them immediately. I tell you I went through 2-3 week of pure *ell. When he switched me to a different SSRI we had the same problem as with the Zoloft, he put me on Effexor to counter any withdrawal effects and to see if it would worked, and it did to a degree.
Avatar n tn After I'm on the 150 mg for several weeks, I'm cutting back a little more so I can determine the right dosage again that works for me with the least amount of side effects. Right now, I cannot sleep with this higher dose and am adjectated.
Avatar n tn I won't comment on the side effects or the symptoms of withdrawls from effexor because it has all been said in this forum. The only comment that puzzled me was about the withdrawl symptom of the person who described a "zipping" sensation in his brain. I have experienced this before on L-Tryptamine. I was taking this while going through another phase of my life. Drug companies eventually took it off the market. The "zipping" was a strange feeling. Very Scary.
Avatar m tn I am just curious if this medication will help and if this is dangerous. I asked him about the side effects and he said they were nothing really to worry about. Thank you for all your help.
Avatar n tn I just thought I'd let everyone know, I was on Effexor XR for 7 years the side effects were horrible and the withdrawls were almost unbearable. But I went to a psychologist to help me get off of them, it took a year of tapering from 150mg to 75mg I was on 75 mg for 3 months and then tapered to 37.5 for a month .... then a month of every other day tapering on 37.5 ... the side effects come from you brain chemistry being completely thrown off..
Avatar n tn I just discontinued taking Effexor XR and it was the most difficult and painful thing I have ever done! The side effects for me were: increased depression, confusion, dizziness, diarrhea, nausea, and on and on and on... I am so angry that the drug company (Wyeth) and the doctor didn't know what I was talking about! How can they not know? They do clinical trials. Just ridiculous! I signed the petition to have it reviewed by the FDA (I was about # 4,500, so I know I'm not alone).
Avatar n tn i have been taking effexor for about four years and i find the drug has made me a new person,but if i miss a dose i have severe withdrawls.it feels like i am living in hell.but when i get back on track i feel great.since i started taking these meds, i have put on 40 pounds and i eat very little.and if i try to wean my self down to a lower dose the side effects start all over again.my doctor told me i will probably be on this for the rest of my life.
1102732 tn?1257827229 I couldn't tolerate Effexor. The side effects for me were just horrendous. I would get those brain zaps as well as an odd, never-ending, pass out type of feeling in the middle of my forehead every single time I took my dose. Klonopin helped me out a lot, but as M4YOU stated, it's used only for a short while due to its addictive nature. But you can ask for some to tide you over until your antidepressant kicks in.
Avatar n tn Hello all Since it is 2:45 am and I am unable to sleep, I thought I would check the side effects of going off effexor and I am delighted to see that these are all normal side effects. I have felt "pregnant" and like my head is going in slow motion when I move from side to side. I was on 37.5mg for the last 6 months and I actually felt great but my life was calming down and I decided to see how I felt when I was off my drugs....
Avatar f tn Just wondering if anyone ou there is on zoloft or any other antidepressant and if you have experienced any side effects.
Avatar n tn Is sleep trouble and an inability to lose the chemo weight side effects? No trouble getting to sleep only staying that way and the 15 pounds during chemo, I'v been able to ake off 5 of it and the other 10 seems impossible. Is this related to the tamoxofin?
Avatar n tn I had horrible hot flashes mood swings and put on 25 pounds. My doctor put me on Effexor which helped a great deal with the side effects. I just recently went off of it because I was having problems with the Effexor side effects. The hot flashes are minimal now. I think my body has adjusted to it. If your doctor suggests Effexor think about it first. It numbed me out - slept alot, no sex drive, and dry mouth.
1246883 tn?1285551573 I immediately started to gain weight. And stopped the Seroquel immediately (mid Dec). I know this is one of the side effects. I gained about 5lbs. Being 5'9" and weighing 135, I felt the 5 extra pounds would come off with eating better and a few more yoga classes . But the weight kept coming. I got down to a dietary intake of about 1000 cals. But that mad no difference. Then from this Jan through April I have rapidly and sporadically gained approximately gained 10 pounds a month.
422425 tn?1307996590 I am having some strange symptoms that I think might be side effects....Just wondering if anyone who has taken it had really weird sleep distubances like funky dreams and feeling like you are drowning. I don't want to quit taking it because it really helps, but this is weird. Just wondering, thought I would post this before asking my DR.
Avatar n tn Since I have never really responded well to SSRI's he prescribed Effexor 37.5 for my panic attacks and GAD. I see that Effexor contains MDMA which is the drug Ecstacy. Side effects could be increased blood too. Has anyone had success or failure in usung Effexor? Any feedback is appreciated.
Avatar n tn I am currently doing research for an upcoming book which deals with the side effects and withdrawals people have experienced from Effexor XR and other (like) anti-depressants. I am interested in receiving any information current or former users would like to share concerning their experiences with these drugs. Please email me @: beach-***@**** and thanks!
Avatar n tn The headache specialist wanted me to hike up my Effexor dose to treat them, but when I said no to that he suggested that I switch to Savella which does NOT have the sexual side effects which Effexor has. He said that he went through terrible pain from stopping the Effexor. He has a gradual plan for me to stop the Effexor as I increase the Savella. BUT he said that if I felt like "I was going to die", to hike up the Effexor during the change over.
Avatar n tn He said take that for a week then bump up to 150mg. First few days the Effexor seemed good, no real side effects, a little dizzy, not bad. Its been a week. Past few nights I wake up alot, feel restless. I am very nauseous after taking the Effexor. I'm taking it in the morning 6am, after eating a piece of toast. I am extremly anxious and edge until about 10-11 am. I was hoping to stay on the 75mg and see if it helped the anxiety w/o upping it to 150. I see my PD tommorrow to discuss with him.
Avatar n tn Is the paxil not working or are you having undesired side effects? I have not taken effexor but people have in the forum. Medications are definitely a personal endeavor in my opinion. While some may reallly like one type, others may really dislike it. In my experience, sometimes it does take a little trial ande error to find out which one is a good 'fit' for you. As long as you do this under the advice of your doctor, you are doing the right thing in my opinion....keep us posted!
Avatar f tn I have taken this drug for 10 years with no serious side-effects, but past efforts to quit have resulted in "Brain Shivers" and overall malaise. I have always gotten back on after only a few days off the drug. This time I want to stay off the drug. I am concurrently taking Wellbutrin. I would appreciate any help/support anyone can give to make this withdrawl process successful this time.