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Avatar f tn Back in 2006 I got really low and took an overdose of my antidepressant-Effexor and Olanzipine, I cant recall the exact quantities I took but it was about 8 capsules of Effexor (75mg) and a couple of Olanzipine (5mg). I seemed to 'pull through' this incident fairly well, but for the now I am wondering what kind of long term damage I could've done to my system, as most of the time I never really feel that healthy. Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn Can you tell me what are the long term side effects of having taken a very large overdose of Effexor XL (60 X 150mg capsules). I survived, as you can see. I took several seizures and was unconscious. Thank you for your help. Aingeal Ni Logain.
Avatar m tn - what dosage did you overdose on?
Avatar f tn I thought it might be because of the Lipitor I take for cholesterol, but I'm beginning to think it's the Effexor that caused it? Also, weight has increased even more since Effexor. Not a good drug to me.
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed with clinical depression years ago (10+ years) and have been taking Effexor 225mg for the last 5 years or so. I've noticed that I'm not getting the same benefit that I used to and mentioned it to my GP. She has suggested that I think about using Wellbutrin in combination with the Effexor. I've read that this combo can cause a whole heap of trouble - i.e. seizures, liver/kidney function decreases, etc. Has anyone used this combo and what kind of reactions, if any, have you had?
Avatar m tn Ok i have been on effexor for a while now and really didnt want to quite taking it but i had no choice because of my insurance. So i quite COLD TURKEY about 5 days ago and i seriously didnt knw what to do with myself...i just felt sooooooo terrible and still get that way. can someone please tell me how long this will last??? Its been 5 days and i just cant take no more !! And how bad did it get for youuu?? Anyone??
Avatar m tn See psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors, been in hospital, taken an overdose, etc, etc. Now I am well on 150mg Effexor XR and will never stop taking it. Glad you have had a diagnosis, because that will help you understand why you feel like you do. Hope the Cognitive Behavious Therapy works for you. That is one thing I have not tried. Let me know how you get on with it, and if it helps. Take care.
Avatar n tn I have been taking Effexor XR since March, 2005. I started with 75mg and by mid April was up to 225mg. I have recently become unemployed and cannot afford the medication anymore. It's going to cost me $200 a month just to buy the medication. I've told my doctor that I cannot afford it anymore and he just tells me to 'stay on it' but he's not paying for it. I'm going to have to quit cold turkey. I only have three days left of the medication. I'm also on Clonazepam. I take three 0.
Avatar n tn Has anyone taken Effexor and, if so, did you experience any weight related side-effects. I am worried about gaining weight and will not take this medicine until I find out. I'm just scared because SSRIs cause gain. Even though this is not an SSRI, it could cause weight gain.
11083698 tn?1415154804 I'm just wondering if I should stop taking the Effexor right off and start the Celexa or somehow wean myself off of the Effexor first?
1110049 tn?1409405744 In January, when I went to the doctor for my annual review of my antidepressant medication, the doctor suggested I withdraw from Effexor and see how I go. I have been on numerous antidepressants during the past 20+ years. I have been very, very ill with depression in the past. I was on 150mg Effexor daily for five years and stopped cold turkey, and depression came back after a year. I was again put on the same dose, and have been on that for the last five years.
Avatar n tn As far as side effects go, I've been doing really well on Effexor XR. I know that unusual dreaming a side effect of Effexor, but I have taken it for 5 months now with night after night of constant dreams. I remember every single dream that I have during the night and wake up exhausted and annoyed. Could this really be a side effect even though I've been on it this long? I can't remember if the dreaming started before or after taking Effexor.
Avatar n tn I have taken Effexor and my highest dose was 150mg XR/once a day (extended release capsules) for 1 1/2 years; I have been tapering for 8 months and I'm now at 28.06mg/for the day (using tablets). I have had minimal withdrawal to this point and I attribute that to the very slow tapering and cutting doseage's at a rate between 5-10% (and no more than that) each time.
Avatar n tn Also, she's been on effexor 150mg since Aug, 2007. First seizure was on Dec.18th. If it was from the effexor, would she still have "spikes" on the EEG? thanks for any help you can give.
Avatar f tn i messed took too many pills but apparently not enough. i went to my doctor im back on effexor with all the side effects. im going to a counselor soon. ive been back on effexor a week. ok in day time but i cant sleep t lay in bed and sleep a lot. i wish i could get my happy back and my emotions. nothing feels right/ i feel nothing and i know that is noy good.
Avatar f tn i'm on several medications: concerta 52 mg, topamax, and effexor. i am so tired still during the day. i'm also cold. i thought concerta would keep me focussed during the day; not still have me feeling lazy. what is wrong with me.
Avatar f tn Last November, I overdosed on a bottle of Effexor xr. Thankfully, I had no symptoms physically but I noticed that I began to feel worse and worse mentally. After a couple weeks I started to feel better. But then, Dr. Muhammed started me on an another mood stabilier and anti depressant. It was about 12 in the morning one night, and I felt really good. Then, all of a sudden I got this paranoid feeling of being watched. I started seeing shadows moving around in my room next 2 the window.
Avatar n tn I January I was admitted to the hospital after taking an overdose of Tylenol PM. I had not been on any anti-depressants at the time but in the last five years have tried all the SSRI's without sucesss on and off. In the hospital they prescribed me Effexor which gave me really no relief and major sexual side effects. My sisters are on Wellbrutrin and say it works great for them so my doctor weaned me off the Effexor and is in the process of uping my dosage to 300 mg. so I can take the 300 XL.
Avatar n tn Nexium, Maurtion (which I couldn't find anything on this, it may be a typo in the med name) Serzone, Wellbutrin, Effexor, Tranxene, Seroquel, Neyroutin, Methadone, Ibrofin. She took this last night at her last dosage... Tranxene 8pm seroquel 300 mg 9pm neyrontin 1200ml 9pm methadone 10ml 8pm ibprofen 800ml 5:45 pm Would all of this cause an overdose? Or is this normal prescriptions?
1110049 tn?1409405744 I could never sustain another relationship because of depression. I was with a partner in a difficult relationship and took an overdose, and ended up in hospital and then a psychiatric hospital. That man stayed in my house. I wanted him out. Then he pretended top take an overdose to pay me back, and I ended up in casualty with top of my finger nearly chopped up because I was so upset with him I threw glass table lamps around and cut myself.
Avatar m tn Weakness or numbness on one side of the body does not mean that it was a Stroke. The adverse effects of Effexor overdose are- vertigo, dizziness, nausea, numbness/tingling in the hands or feet, sleepiness, rapid or slow heartbeat, low blood pressure, seizures, or coma. Since you had taken a heavy overdose and that too pills expired 5 yrs back, the adverse effects would be even worse in severity.
Avatar f tn I was then switch to Effexor 75 mg, which is still a low dose. And instead of the Ativan I switched to Clonazepam .05 mg. These two drugs were working wonderfully. i also had no side effects on either med and was feeling not to bad. I had also had another baby in the mean time. During the third pregnancy with my second son, I did stop all my meds since I didn't want anything to happen with this pregnancy.
518117 tn?1429279873 Asked the nurse at the counseling center he was going to, would the overdose by 40mg. for 5 yrs., cause my son to have any problems. The nurse told me that this extra 40mg. would not make a difference or hurt Todd. That it would just cancel itself out. I hope someone can prove me wrong on this. BUT, I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT GIVING SOMEONE AN EXTRA 40mg. OF A MIND ALTERING DRUG WOULD NOT HAVE MADE A DIFFERENCE!!!!!! I am just trying to figure so much out.
Avatar n tn This is right from Effexor XR's Prescribing Notes... Effexor XR should be administered in a single dose with food either in the morning or in the evening at approximately the same time each day. Each capsule should be swallowed whole with fluid and not divided, crushed, chewed, or placed in water, or it may be administered by carefully opening the capsule and sprinkling the entire contents on a spoonful of applesauce.
Avatar n tn I called the paramedics and they rushed her to the hospital and gave her charchol to neutrialize it. I believe that her overdose may have made her illness much worse. I do not remember her being so absuive before this point, and now she routinely swears and curses at everything. Also afterwards is when I beleive she developed her facial twich and she used to sit in the car stare into nowhere and roll her fingers together.
Avatar n tn I am a 29 year old female. I have just been prescribed Effexor for anxiety. I have had problems with anxiety several different times in my life and did not get help. At the age of 19 and again at the age of 25, I had problems entering a croweded building or area of people and driving. I am currently not having either of those problems with severity. Once in a while, I will be in a crowd and start to feel it but manage to calm myself down so it doesn't turn in to anything severe.
Avatar m tn an e for night , next night overdose on effexor brain felt ready to blow. mental hospital suicide watch, lay on stone shower floor with full cold water power on me 2 days to match the sweat i was looseing.put effexor up to 225 mg bluffed my way out hospital gp put me back on loz to d tox , hospital shrinks there crazyer than me.
Avatar f tn i am having a very difficult time not overmedicating myself (i did this a couple of months ago and ended up collapsing and in the hospital for accidental overdose). I feel so helpless right now like i am a slave to this pain and to all these darn meds I'm taking. I take Percocet several times a day as well as Zanaflex. Been on this for about 6 months pretty much around the clock. I can't take it anymore!
Avatar f tn how long is it after you stop taking a effexor can you relapse i stopped last june and now think i have relaseped went bk on my meds in march was doing great after 4 weeks then uped my 75mg dose to 150mg was doing great again id say for 5 weeks and now last thursday didn't want to be here i tryed to take an over dose on monday all becasuse i carn't get any sleep i'm only getting sleeping tablet sleep and thats not good enough for me.
Avatar f tn Im sorry to hear that, but I totally understand. I may not have thought about as much detail is you, but I often found myself driving and thinking.."It wouldnt be so bad if I drove off this cliff and died." or "I wish someone would break into my house and shoot me in my sleep." Well, I recently started Effexor and I feel so much better. You should give something a try, it really can be a life saver.