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Avatar m tn I already take medication for severe anxiety (klonopin, effexor 75mg once a day) I just want to know what kind of symptoms and how long I will have to deal with it. ANY AND ALL HELP IS GREATLY APPRECIATED!!
Avatar f tn I have been completely off of Effexor for two weeks now and am still experiencing severs withdrawal symptoms. At peak I was on 300 mg./day, tapered down to 150mg/day, then tapered that to every other day, got to every third day and went to 75 mg. same regiment, down to 37.5's and was havig to take then every other day for a while. Dr. said when I got to every third day, go ahead and stop.
4753943 tn?1359938169 Does anybody have any tips to help deal/cope with Effexor withdrawals? I desperately want my life back and want to stop this drug. The side effects of stopping are almost unbearable and I'm scared even though I'm tapering. I've been down to 37.5 MG for about 6 months now. Tomorrow I start taking splitting the pill in half and taking half in the morning, half at night. After a week it will be only half a day, until I cut it out altogether.
Avatar n tn I also take 450 mg of Wellbutrin every day, as well as 150 of Effexor -- I've taken those with only beneficial results and no negative side effects. The big one is I've been taking suboxone, very small doses, like 1/2 a mg a day... and I've been doing this for about 3 years. And now I would like to stop. In fact I have stopped -- and I'm on day 2. My doctor tells me I should be feeling better in about a week.
Avatar f tn Typical advice is no on this one. Tramadol is only not an opiate on paper. That's why they can give it like candy. it has an effexor like anti depressant in it too. So it can be lethal to get off high doses. In other words don't play with Tramadol it's dangerous. Like I said this is typical advice. I have not tried it personally. Good luck.
Avatar n tn Hello.. My name is Ryan and I am a opiate addict. I never though that i would ever hear myself say that, but deep down inside I know its true. It is taking alot of self-will to post this comment, and truly I just want to live a normal healthy life without opiates. I became addicted to opiates through recreational use, and slowly I began to take more and more, untill I never knew when "enough was enough." The opiate I always turn to are percocet, it doesnt matter the strength.
469210 tn?1219191728 Hello, I have been prescribed Ultram for pain and I currently take Effexor XR 225mg. per day. Is anyone else taking this combo of meds and how is it working for you? Walgreens wouldn't fill my script b/c they said the combo causes seizures. However, my psych said that it wouldn't. I'M CONFUSED!!
Avatar m tn So like 3 weeks later im still really sick and not sleeping. I used to take effexor 150mg and it really worked well for me but I only had about a months worth of samples and didn't want to start taking it without knowing i could continue to take it b/c im broke, hadn't seen a family doctor and was in another state where i wouldn't know how long that process would take.
Avatar n tn Hi, I will like to find out if someone out there have or heard of my withdrawals proccess. I stoped taking effexor xr (was taking 75mg for 2 years and then just taper off to 37.5 for 1 week)in Feb 17. I did not have any withdrawal symptons right away. My symptons started almost 1 month to be exact (March 19). This was the same with paxil about 3 years ago (stopped taking 20 mg cold turkey. My doctor says that I probably have a very slow metabolism.
Avatar m tn Hi, My GP prescribed me Effexor 5 months ago. It worked well for about 4 months as far as concentration , mood, etc. Now the drug is not effective anymore and I'm thinking of tapering it off ( with the help of my GP ) . Do any of you think this is a good idea, or shall I take a higher dose? Switch drug for example? And if I decide to take a higher dose,I would build a tolerance for it eventually and reach the same point I' m in right now? Do drugs help after all?
Avatar f tn quick question, i am trying to get myself off opiate, which no one except my husband knows about.I went to my md and told them about how bad my anxiety and depression is, so they gave me a rx for effexor xr, which ended up being to $$ for me, so i contacted my ins. co. and they gave me a list of generic anti depressants that were avail to me and I told my dr the list so they wrote me a script for celexa. From what ive read its only an anti depressant not both antianxiety and anti depressant.
Avatar f tn I have been off of Roxycodone, Oxycodone, the Fentanyl patch (100 mcg), Advair, Albuterol, the water pill (I was 210 lbs.), Effexor, Xanax, Hydrocodone, cortisone shots in my lower back, Abilify (why, I don't know), since June 2, 2009. I was sick 24/7 for 8 months with nausea, lost 85 lbs easy because I was too sick to eat but had to force feed myself just to stay alive.
Avatar f tn If I tell my therapist, what will happen? She has me on clonazepam and I want to get off those quickly. I am also on Effexor. I am afraid she will be so mad at me for doing this and not trust me. I don't ever do more than the prescribed dose of the clonazepam. I have been reading posts. I can understand the insanity. I hate it. In another marriage, I was so abused and alone I actually aimed at becoming an alcoholic to have a reason to be able to meet someone with some affliction.
1151591 tn?1262554858 e., gradually reducing the daily dose). Tramadol is more complex than other opiate and opiate-like medications because it also appears to have actions on the GABAergic, noradrenergic, and serotonergic systems in the brain. This may cause some people feel additional withdrawal symptoms or intensified psychological withdrawal symptoms when discontinuing tramadol. It is always advised to talk with your doctor before and while discontinuing this medication.
Avatar n tn My significant other was having issues with his parathyroid which caused depression, lack of energy, no interest in anything. He was put on Effexor. I got pregnant over a year ago. Upon the arrival of the baby, there was so much going on that he didn't have the energy for and it began to irritate him. He decided to start abusing oxycontins. I found out about this and of course things got heated. He did go through detox and was placed on suboxone (opiate blocker).
372880 tn?1332883087 That is something to ask a doctor I really dont know ..... we will be here to try to give you all the moral support we can ..
Avatar m tn I have had an a problem with opiate addiction, mainly norco and oxy for that last year and half. I have also had problems with depression and anxiety for the as long as I can remember. If you have the same issues, you probably can understand how the two go hand in hand. I am currently on Depakote ER and Lorezampam for my depression/anxiety. For the past two months I have been trying to quit opiates c/t, mainly because my access to them has been cut off for the most part.
2107676 tn?1388977459 My doctor wants to start me on Cymbalta. I have been on Effexor for over 6 years. I had a horrible time coming off of the Lyrica. I swear it was as bad as any opiate withdrawal. I still feel sick, depressed, and really miserable. Now I am supposed to start the Effexor taper. (Oh, I chose to do them separate). I am on 150mg. The taper is 75mg for 1 week, then 37.5mg for a week, then stop and start the Cymbalta.
Avatar n tn Paxil began losing effectiveness and after seven years, doctors tried new medications like Lexapro which was less helpful. Finally I began Effexor, then Effexor XR, then increasing the dose last year. Though depression bleeds through occassionally, (feels more like the blues than a dark suicidal hole), I think I'm doing very well on Effexor XR 150 mg. But I can not help but wonder .... Will I eventually need 225mg? What will it take after that?
5203459 tn?1373371504 I've read that you cannot take this if you are on a SSRI, but Effexor XR is considered a SNRI. I just wanted to make sure before I start this regimine. Starting it to help come off of Tramadol.
768044 tn?1294227036 Hi there, I noticed the post on effexor withdrawal that has almost 200 posts! It sure is a popular topic... probably because effexor withdrawal can be such nasty business!! Don't get me wrong... I have nothing against the medication, in fact, I credit it for saving my life!! But... still, the withdrawal symptoms are some of the worst things I've ever experienced! Anyway...
452063 tn?1324078516 It takes so long to find out if these things are going to help or just make things worse. I was taking Effexor CR and I'm not even sure it as doing anything. I didn't notice a change when I weaned myself off but my reason for depression was resolved.I definatly need one that lifts me up and doesn't make me feel tired and empty.
Avatar f tn Once back on track (about 8 months) I tried to come off of the effexor and had horrible side effects that my doctor said was more proof that I was still depressed and needed to take more effexor. Not knowing any better I continued to take the effexor and have my dose increased everytime the headaches (I would get severe headaches about every 6 months) would start. But with that came a whole new round of sideffects.
1128565 tn?1316724743 Thankyou again !!
Avatar f tn You are absolutely right! I have wd ct off Fentanyl (strongest opiate there is) and Tramadol this month. With Tramadol, I experienced mild opiate wd and wicked "Effexor" wd! Anyone on, or that is planning on taking Tramadol needs to RUN AWAY FROM IT!!! I don't care what the Drs. say - it is a nasty, worthless drug that will cause misery when you stop taking it - even after only a couple of weeks!!!!
Avatar n tn I just feel like a total mess - This week I'm kicking sub while being whammied by effexor, and next week I'll be all f'ed up kick'n effexor.
Avatar n tn It is combined with an SNRI antidepressant which is very similar to effexor. The theory is that combining an antidepressant with an opiate will enhance the painkilling properties of the opiate so that a "milder" opiate can be used. Straight tramadol has no effect on inflammation unless it is combined with ibuprofen as in Ultracet, in which case it is the ibuprofen that is acting as an anti-inflammatory.
Avatar f tn It's a really bad idea. Tramadol is a combination drug. It contains an opiate and an antidepressant similar to Effexor. There are two people here who have a lot of experience taking and getting off of this drug. They'll post to you~ Tramahater? Avisg?
631581 tn?1224848261 Hi-I'm new to medhelp and came to this general group of forums whilst researching chronic pain and methadone opiate treatment. I am a chronic pain patient, and due to overwhelming life circumstances 3 years ago, went on antidepressants to help me function daily. After 7 trials with different formulas, I was put on Effexor and it is effective for me.