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Avatar m tn I have Bipolar and have been recently taking Lithium Carbonate, Effexor XR, Geodon, and Klonopin. My psychatrist has been lowering my Effexor dose over the last few months. And I have been having issues with some dizziness with each decrease in dose. A little over two weeks ago, I took my last Effexor dose. Since then I've been having problems with severe vertigo, nausea, and "brain zaps.
Avatar n tn Maybe you really need just an adjustment in the effexor up or down ? I've tried Paxil, Zoloft, and Prozac, and I know effexor is tough to start, and tough to stop, but maybe you need it. My daughter had problems cutting back on zoloft when she was pregnant, but she was able to take a lower dose all the way to the last two weeks, and both her and baby are fine. I hope you feel better, if you need to talk, I'm here to listen.
Avatar n tn I am on Effexor extended release at 300mg per day. I was at 150 for a few months and I felt better but I was still having break through anxiety and depression. My doctor decided to try double the dose first and within 2 weeks I felt great. I am doing wonderful now and I hardly take the Ativan. I would talk with your doctor on either trying a higher dose or adding a benzodiazepine with the Effexor, such as Ativan.
Avatar n tn Hi, I will like to find out if someone out there have or heard of my withdrawals proccess. I stoped taking effexor xr (was taking 75mg for 2 years and then just taper off to 37.5 for 1 week)in Feb 17. I did not have any withdrawal symptons right away. My symptons started almost 1 month to be exact (March 19). This was the same with paxil about 3 years ago (stopped taking 20 mg cold turkey. My doctor says that I probably have a very slow metabolism.
Avatar m tn he will just need to taper off very slow and then introduce another medication to take it's place when the dosage is low enough to do so safely. I went from Effexor to Nortriptilyne and found it to be much more effective than the Effexor. No one can stay on the same medication forever. Eventually your body will build up resistance and when it does you will feel like garbage.
Avatar n tn Is anyone who is having thyroid problems on Effexor XR? I had normal thyroid function before starting Effexor (taking a very low dose for control of hot flashes)...Now it is found that I have multiple nodules and my labs are off. I feel there is a connection bx. the effexor and thyroid nodules which is listed as a very rare occurence in Wyeth's drug information on Effexor. Just my luck...although I wonder if it is really that rare of a connection.
Avatar n tn I have been taking zoloft for about 5 years now. I am having some problems that I have only just now realized may be the medication. I am continuously fatigued, have no libido, and have gained about 70 pounds. My sister has been taking Effexor for about 4 months now & loves it. Nothing else has worked for her the way that Effexor has. And, she claims that it has helped her lose the weight that other medications have put on. I am thinking about talking to my doctor about the switch.
Avatar n tn I used to weight about 112 before taking effexor. After getting off of effexor I weighted 136! I had to buy all new clothes b/c nothing fit and I got even more depressed! I refused to go on any depression medication because weight gain is a side effect for most of them. My husband thinks I'm crazy, but it's a big deal to me. I don't feel good about myself. I don't feel sexy or attractive either. Let me know if you figure anything out that works because I want this extra weight off ASAP!
Avatar n tn I have found alot of contradicting information concerning effexor xr. This is the first medicine I have been on and would like to know different side effects and things that I should know about this med. She really didn't give me alot of information just told me to take it 1 a day started me on 37.5mg and I just started 75mg. I really haven't felt different a little spacey sometimes but that is it.
Avatar n tn Can anyone give me an idea of how long it usually takes for your metabolism to recalibrate after stopping Effexor and/or Lexapro? I've gained significant weight while on these drugs (despite an intense exercise program and careful diet). My nutritionist and MD told me that the drugs likely altered my metabolism, but no one can tell me how long it will take to correct that. Most frustrating, I've noticed that since I stopped taking both, my weight gain has accelerated.
674607 tn?1240020832 Every dosage. Lithium dosage is different for every person, what might be fine for me (1250mg a day) might not be for you and it needs titration - to achieve any meaningful level you need blood tests to get your mmol levels - you need to be in the 0.7 to0.9 mmol range to get theraputic benefit for lithium and if you are on 900mg you should be getting tested along with a thyroid test as well. for most adults 600mg is a low dose, it would be doubtful you have a level about 0.
Avatar m tn I thought I'd start a thread to document my withdrawal from Effexor due to the multitudionous threads elsewhere worrying about it. First of all I am a 12 stepping recovering alcoholic (dry since Apr 5th 2011). I am not an evangelist about these things but I know its working for me. I live in the UK I am not very good with the 12 step thing - but I am getting there. Second, I have been on Effexor for several years - max 75mg - currently on 37.
Avatar f tn The Effexor will pick up where the lexapro leaves off and thus her occurance of any withdrawl from the lexapro discontinuation should be mild. 150Mgs a day of Effexor is not an unusually high dosage. Effective Dosages for Effexor range between 75 to as much as 375Mgs a day depending on the person. In fact some people even find effectiveness as high as 450Mgs a day. Some (very few) people claim to get effectiveness at 37.
673186 tn?1225987525 SSRI's are not a good bet for the constant exhaustion and fatuge symptoms of this kind of depression. Have you tried Effexor XR? I had a damn good 4 years of total effectiveness with Effexor XR. It has a more (pick you up) sort of property to it than many other medications. Skip the Cymbalta. Yes, it is also an SNRI like Effexor XR, but I and countless others have found it to be much less effective. There is a reason Effexor XR makes Weith 3.5 Billion per year...."Because it works.
Avatar m tn It is best to take mirtazaphine in the evening prior to sleep. Usual adult dosage range 15 -45 mg.
Avatar f tn I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. My doctor prescribed levothyroxine .025 mg and my psychiatrist added 5mcg of cytomel. The problem is that instead of being cold all the time, I am burning up, sometimes with sweating. I have internal heat that my husband claims he cannot feel on my skin most of the time. This heat is awful. Can anyone shed light on this? My doctor claims I am now in the normal thyroid range and can't understand the heat issue.
1110049 tn?1409405744 A couple exceptions are MAOI such as Parnate and Nardil which act much faster. You said 75Mgs of Effexor? Last time I checked thats not even a theraputic dosage. You may find that you require a much higher dosage. Effexor XR doesn't even produce Norephinepherine effects in the brain below the 225Mg mark. Below 225 your simply taking a weak SSRI.
1166402 tn?1303850656 Many people (Including myself) Find SNRI's such as Effexor to work much better at dosages in the 175 Mg to 300 Mg a day range. Below 175 Effexor acts more like a weak SSRI so keep that fact in mind when dosing. There is also Pristiq and Cymbalta. They are also SNRI's, but after trying all of them for months I found a Moderate to high dosage of Effexor XR to work best. TIP: They have a generic Effexor.....stay away from it.
Avatar m tn The doctor looked the drugs up in a book and said there was little difference in the price, and asked if I would like to go on Effexor XL. I said yes, and also asked for dosage to be increased, so now I am on the original drug again. I do not know if there is any difference, I am told not, and have googled it, but as I know Effexor suited me I am glad to be on it, if only to put my mind at rest. I don't know about XR and XL though. I have always had XL.
Avatar f tn Anyway the doc switched me back to Effexor XR without any tapering or down time nd I had no side effects at all. Effexor is normally started at low dosage of 37.5 mg. and increased to 75, 150 and the maximum dosage is 225 mg. However, I am under the care of a p-doc and he has me on 300 mg. per day with 20mg. Celexa and 30 mg. of Risperdal. Honestly, I am still having issues but I am willing to give it more time as the Celexa was only introduced 3 wks. ago.
1128565 tn?1316724743 I stopped taking Cymbalta (duloxetine 2 weeks ago and im still having them and they appeared 2 days after i stopped taking it) Cymbalta is a SNRI just like Effexor by the way and Effexor and Cymbalta are know to cause the worse brain zaps.
Avatar f tn those antidepressants are crazy hard to get off of. I managed to get off of effexor, but it was really bad for about 3 weeks. The only thing that helped me was to read about what the withdrawal symptoms entail so I could reassure myself that I wasn't going nuts. I dont know about seraquil, but coming off effexor made me very dizzy and i had brain zaps. Maybe you can also ask your question on the depression forum. Hang in there, it really does end.
Avatar n tn I take thyroid meds and Effexor XR. When I started the Effexor XR my thyroid was imbalanced. Then my doc would adjust my thyroid medication accordingly and all was well until he increased the strength of the Effexor XR, then we started all over again. I just thought maybe this bit of info might be helpful to you. Your hubby's doc may want to work on the depression first, then adjust the thyroid meds accordingly.
Avatar f tn I've been taken Zoloft for 3 1/2 years. First I was on 50mg and now that I'm done with counseling, I've upped it to 100mg, and honestly I don't feel any different. I feel like I'm on an emotional plateau where I am happy sometimes but then when it's over, I just go down to a range of "ok" to "angry" and "upset." Is this normal? Is it ok to try another anti-depressant?
3244521 tn?1346864734 6 mo. ago, I was diagnosed with T2 Diabetes. There's no history of it in my family. I'm 23 and have 1 child. I'm very active I run 3-5 miles a day . I do have asthma controlled, by albuteral inhalers, and Qvar steriod inhalers, aswell as taking Singulair each day. I also have Dysthymic which I take Effexor XR 150mg each day. I'm 4'10" & 98 lbs. I'm a strict Vegetarian.
Avatar m tn Bit worried about the side effects -weight gain, excessive yawning as well as weaning myself off the prozac as had bad experience with ssri in the past, but only really 3rd Ad used since 1992, as previously built up dosage on seroxat and prozac.
Avatar m tn 5 ---ref range of 6.0 -8.5 g/dl Cholesterol—182 ---ref range of 55-200 Triglycerides—125 ---ref range of 35-160 Note, my Triglycerides were 201 on 05/25/2007—Pre Cytomel. HDL—39 ---ref range of 39-85 LDL—139 ---ref range of 0-130 Now, here is my Question. Am I in a "safe mode" on my Thyroid Levels. What is the "ideal" numbers to have for TSH, T4, T3?.
Avatar n tn ALT 31 with a range of 6-29 Leukocyte Esterase Trace Vitamin D 25-OH, Total 22 with a range of 30-100 With that said, I didn't mention in my original post to you that 2 years ago, I had a benign tumor removed. It was suspected to be in my lung and after a 5 hour surgery, it was found to actually be embedded in my diaphragm. As a result, about a quarter of my diaphragm was removed. I had a long recovery because of the size of it and it could not be done laproscopically.
Avatar m tn Advice - weight based Ribavarin dosage daily, Effexor daily, take the Infergen late in the aftrenoon daily and if your Hemoglobin drops into the 11 to 12 range talk to your Dr about procrit.
611964 tn?1223771320 It will eventually help with your anxiety once you brak past that barrier. Effective dosages of Zoloft (sertraline) range from 50Mgs a day up to as much as 200Mgs a day depending on the person. Sometimes (if you also suffer from anxiety dissorder like me, then we often stress about the medication itself. We get thoughts of; "will this work, or will it make me feel weird or spacy." sometimes just these thoughts can trigger anxiety and panic attacks.