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Avatar n tn I've been taking Effexor and Xanax together for about a year. I take the Effexor every day and the Xanax only when needed (most of the time it's only maybe twice a week). I've been doing fine on this combination, and although everyone is different, I think with the stress of the surgery and the anxiety of just getting off the Effexor in the first place might be why you're feeling the way you are. Just keep doing as the doctor has instructed and hopefully you should be feeling good again soon.
Avatar m tn Such as lack of concentration, lack of motivation, inability to think clearly, inability to recall as you did, inability to make decisions and so on. Try to separate out these issues and you may find it more useful than clumping them together. You might as well just call it all depression as it's all part and parcel mate. What I'm trying to get at is if you are vague about your symptoms it's highly likely your doc will mis diagnose you and give you the wrong treatment.
311051 tn?1193419806 Now they took me off klonopin an put me back on xanax. I am now taking 4mg a day 1 and a half pills every 4 hous. I am still very shaky and lightheaded at times, my pulse is always at 98 or higher, Why? Why me?
Avatar n tn I switched to lexapro (10mg), It worked for the panic, but agian i didnt like the side effects, I was on it for a few years and gained alot of weight, was lethagic, unemotional, and easly angered. I went of it in Feb. I was given Xanax to take for panic flair ups. Got through the withdrawal fairly well. Was doing really well, even had a hard test when I fell and broke both my elbows. (One required surgery). I only took a few of the Xanax up to this point, as I had a few minor panic episodes.
Avatar m tn Hi I m feeling earthquake from 2 yrs when Nepal earthquake I already had anxiety from 5 yrs .
Avatar n tn I used to never take any meds, but then had the big surgery and went from 0 to about 6 different pills, Nexium, Toprol, Effexor, aspirin, Xanax, Lipitor. I have decided to get off all of them. The Lipitor and Xanax weren't that hard, no major side effects. But I was totally not prepared for the hell getting off Effexor. I applaud each and every one of you for trying to quit this thing.
Avatar n tn But I'm requesting to be tapered off klonopin as I'm not a fan of bezos even with my flashbacks and panic attacks. I tried to convince my doc not to give me xanax but she refused and got upset when I was only taken half her prescription. I've always refused bezos. I just don't like them for some reason. Maybe it's a psychological reason..but nonetheless I'd rather deal with my panic on my own as I always have and if I'm in crisis then use one or two. But daily...it's just not for me.
220090 tn?1379170787 Most importantly, when I lie awake at night, I look at my wife and think of all we have been through together – the good and the bad, and I curse myself for being so mean and cranky to my life partner who has stood by me through 7 previous years of treatment without a complaint – not to mention putting up with me even when I am not on treatment!
Avatar n tn 2. Taper down to 75 and then add 25 of Paxil. 3. Wean completely off Effexor and then start the Paxil. I really do not want to do # 3 because Effexor is helping me out so much, minus the weight loss and night sweats of course. I much rather like the idea of stepping down to 75 Effexor and then adding the Paxil, but is this acceptable ? Or would this cause a bad reaction ? Please, any help and answers will be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn My doctor old me that because these two meds work on different parts of the brain i was experiencing w/d from the Effexor- needless to say- I stopped the Wellbutrin and started taking th Effexor again. Now I want off all meds and am really not looking forward to the dizziness, crying fits, emotional outbursts and brain zaps. Here's to a hopefully short withdrawl!
Avatar n tn I had taken valium for longer than a year and never suffered any adverse effects when I stopped so I was confused as to wether this was even related to the xanax at first. But when the twitching and confusion stopped all together when I was given more xanax, I knew. I tried to come off it slowly but it was very easy to over medicate. I went to this outpatient Dr that helps people detox and sure enough it was the xanax.
Avatar n tn I am currently dealing with xanax addiction. And for me it is harder to get off of than narcotics. Is yor family member currenly on any ssri's like paxil,celexa,or effexor? those also cause very wierd and worrisome withdraws. I'm no doctor, but you can have w/d symptoms long after detachement from aprazolam. andyK.
Avatar n tn Both prozac and effexor are good for helping with withdrawals...that is a whopping dose of xanax and you must taper very slowly, very slowly , starting now so that by decemember you are in the range of .5 to 1 mg/day, then taper over three weeks, by alternating dose and lowering dose so end of third week you have taken the lowest possible every 3 days, then stop. you might also ask your doctor to cover you for seizures during the stop week and the week after.
Avatar n tn Hi, I have been on Effexor XR for 3 years and I have gained about 40-50pounds, most when my dose was increased to 225, now I am on 75mg b/c I'm getting ready to wean off the medicine in a couple of weeks,and I haven't lost anything yet. My eating habits have not changed and I exercise. I have always been underweight and I could eat whatever I wanted...I'm only 26 years old...I know my metabolism has changed some, but not enough to pack on 40 pounds.
Avatar n tn She checked her palm pilot for side effects and said there was not data showing shortness of breath as a side effect and ended up sending me home with a prescription for Effexor XR 150mg. I went home and typed in EFFEXOR and shortness of breath and thank God I did because there were many sites addressing this issue. I called my MHFNP back on Friday to try and advise her I saw this on the internet.
4776875 tn?1359052364 like for some people xanax and prozac can work against each other making annixity really bad but celexa and xanax work great together alot of times your have to try many different ones before you actually get the one that works for you. there is also valium, klonopin , effexor , lexapro , tranxene, diazepam.. ect there is a bunch out there so try as many as you have to til you find the right one for you..
Avatar n tn So I started to taper off and eventually stopped taking them all together. It's been about a yr now and I haven't been depressed and too anxious since. I did pick up a vicodin habit that I'm now kicking so we'll see in the long run. But Effexor isn't for me. Good luck and God bless.
Avatar m tn What you're suffering now is withdrawal from the Effexor. As for the valium and Xanax, they shouldn't be taken together and are themselves extremely difficult to stop taking if you take them regularly, so be careful about that. I don't think any other drug is that useful in withdrawing from these drugs, as the problem is the brain has a hard time adapting back to working normally and additional drugs keep it working abnormally, but others disagree and do it other ways.
Avatar n tn I kept my xanax and quit taking everything else all together, which included, Darvocet, Percocet, Oxycoton, Tnazadine, Effexor, and Xanax. I think that's it. Can't remember them all, but I'm tired of being a pharmacy in this body. I have 3 young children and can't continue life this way. Any ideas or suggestions are welcome. Thank you.
Avatar n tn My libido became non-existent, I was gained weight, my digestive system seemed out-of-wack, and I'm not sure that it helped my anxiety. I'm not sure it was related to the Effexor XR, but I was bruising very easily, and I was obsessive about spending and "projects" during this time. I should also mention that I am on 30 mg of Adderall XR for ADD. My Dr. decided to switch me to Wellbutrin XR which would also help me quit smoking.
Avatar n tn Taking the meds really helps take the edge off and allows me to calm down and work. Like I said, my real question is whether my Xanax use (a couple of times a week) sounds reasonable and/or healthy, or if I need to be concerned about addiction. Thank you for any help/advice.
Avatar n tn and it was due to xanax and not a drink....... good luck, and Vickie since yours is so new, if ya feel you would like to e-mail me ***@****, I am here for support and help, but the Dr's forums you have come across, so far he is great on giving out info,..... Much luck, hang in there, Kathy H.
Avatar n tn if you have true severe panic attacks you would find that they dont work at all they make u sleepy and thats all. youre sleepy and just scared to fall asleep.theese drugs such as valium and xanax get bad names because ppl take them for party purposes, not for the real issues, and for us with the REAL problems "monkey dope" doesnt work. i have had panic attacks so bad before that i would of drank yak **** if a dr said it would ease it.
Avatar n tn I am taking xanax and Klonipin for anxiety and panic attacks as well. Just broke up with fiancé and quit drinking two weeks ago and have had horrible anxiety. The only thing is that I have become horribly depressed, I was thinking it was caused by the Lithium they put me on three weeks ago. But stopped that and nothing tried another anti depressant didn’t do much. Im beginning to think that the depression has more to do with the xanax and Klonipin then the breaking up with girlfriend.
Avatar n tn I am a chronic patient of panic attacks, palpitation and anxiety and tried each of the above-mentioned medications, such as Librium, Valium, Ativan and Xanax. I found Ativan and Xanax more effetive and suitable. My physician has advised to add up Buspar, 5 MG combined with Xanax 0.5 MG Does somone at the Forum has some experioence and information about Buspar?
Avatar n tn The day I was having the shocks the worst, I took 75 mg of Effexor and 1/2 of a Xanax. Within a couple of hours, I was feeling much better. The next day, the shocks were completely gone and haven't come back since. I haven't had even the slightest bit of a shock. The whole situation was very strange and unpleasant, and I hope I never have to go through that again. At the present time, I am on 100 mg Wellbutrin SR a day, and I feel great - better than I've felt in a long time.
Avatar n tn Oh, a side note, wellbuterin seems to counter act the sexual side effects of effexor. Of course avoiding effexor all together is a much better solution to the problem. My heart goes out to anyone trying to cope with the problems that they experience from being misdiagnosed and mismedicated.
3098104 tn?1401916185 ) antidepressant adderall testosterone 2 blood pressure meds I ended up in the hospital the 3rd day I stopped taking xanax, and had been on up to 4 mg / day. I had seizures and lost conscious. 22 hours slipped by as they worked to stabilize my seizures. I am now clean from benzo's for over 3 months and still feel very badly. I was totally ignorant to the protracted (long) withdrawal phase as my GABA receptors are slowly working their way the the surface to fire properly again.