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Avatar m tn Ok, so I am hypothyroid with hashimoto's, I tested positive for antibodies which harm the thyroid. I am currently on Effexor and I noticed that a rare side-effect is hypo and hyper thyroidism. So is it possible that effexor is what cause my hypothyroidism? Or does the fact that I have hashimoto's rule out the possibility that it is the effexor? Or could the effexor cause the hashimoto's?
Avatar n tn Now it is found that I have multiple nodules and my labs are off. I feel there is a connection bx. the effexor and thyroid nodules which is listed as a very rare occurence in Wyeth's drug information on Effexor. Just my luck...although I wonder if it is really that rare of a connection.
Avatar n tn Is there a cause and effect relationship between Effexor XR and hypothyroidism? This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/264396'>Thyroid and Effexor XR</a>.
Avatar n tn I have been on effexor for 5 years and then was dx with hypothyroidism. sounds like there are several possible reasons for being dx. with thyroid disorders but this one is most interesting to myself. Do we or you really know the odds of this being a main cause? Any info is greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn After much discussion and more blood tests my doctor has finally put me on medication for hypothyroidism. I am convinced that the Effexor XR was the cause and I feel that the drug company should compensate me for my suffering and medical bills. Please give me any additional information on this issue. How many other people have dealt with this?
598581 tn?1219523695 Anyway, I lost my Mom in Dec of 2006. I cried for days and then I finally went to the Dr. She already had me on 75mg of Effexor, but she bumped it up to 150 mg. I stopped crying as much but still cry at something sad (movies, abused animals, someone being ugly to me). I realized that Effexor isnt the answer for me so I am going cold turkey off it.
Avatar n tn Pills, shots, diet exercise, and not much food. And water, lots of water. I am still on effexor and probably will be for a while yet. This diet , is at least motivating me to really keep working at it and hopefully be able to get off the diet meds, and the effexor sometime,too.
Avatar n tn Hubby and I found out the hard way that there are several cholestrol and anxiety meds that can cause hot flashes in men. For hubby it was vytorin and effexor. if you are taking any of these types of drugs take them before bedtime so you sleep thru the side effects. If not......then Im no help at all. LOL.
379229 tn?1208643019 You know. My doctor gave me Effexor today.. I took one and the side effects of one day arent worth it. I will live with being gassy and the muscle spasm feelings until I see my specialist..
Avatar n tn You hear only the bad and very little of the good. I took Effexor at 350Mgs a day for 4 years and in that time it gave to me 99% remission from my severe depression. I had to get off it and switch meds after 4 years because it slowly stopped working for me. This may not be the case with you. I am forever grateful for the 4 years of normalcy that Effexor provided me. Are there side effects?
Avatar n tn i have been on 225 of effexor and it has helped me alot but the weight gain has been horrible. i crave carbs and feel hungry alot. but i tried goin off the effexor and had bad bad withdrawls. i took my time too. any ideas?
Avatar n tn I lost my son in an accident 8-4-2007. I have been taking 225 mg of Effexor XR ever since. I finally quit a long term use of Xanax as well. I am being treated for hypothyroidism but I am curious if the two subjects are linked?
Avatar f tn I wasn't expecting to have more issues down the road and I am still not completely convinced it's the Effexor withdrawal and not something else. Not sure how I feel about going back on the Effexor though I guess it would give me an answer. Hmmm.........
Avatar f tn My appointment lasted 13 minutes and he told me that he wouldn't refill my Xanax prescription since he believed it to be very addictive and wrote me a script for Effexor XR. In researching this anti-depressant, I've discovered HORRIBLE withdraw symptoms and addiction, not to mention the side effects including insomnia. I went back to my PCP and told him that I wasn't convinced that I needed an anti-depressant rather an anti-anxiety med and that the Psychiatrist wouldn't refill it.
Avatar n tn I mean being AWAKE for only 14-20 hours on the weekends. I have been tested for hypothyroidism and everything looks ok there. I have had to drop classes simply because I have been needing more sleep, 12 hours a day sometimes. No matter what amount I get, it is never enough. Frankly after reading peoples stories, and finding similar experiences I want to know this: what is the taper down stage going to be like? I am starting tomorrow, and I want off this **** as fast as possible.
Avatar n tn Which is the least likely to negatively impact someone with hyperthyroidism and who is on Cytomel 10 mcg per day - Effexor, Wellbutrin or Zoloft?
Avatar m tn Also to consider is a thyroid disorders (both hypothyroidism and hypothyroidism) which cause depression and anxiety/panic attack. "It has been found that 4 out of 5 people in the US (or 80%) are deficient in magnesium. If you are experiencing 2 or 3 of the following symptoms, you probably are one of them.
Avatar m tn ando35 post copied and pasted here I would not recommend getting treatment for subclinical hypothyroidism Hashimoto's. I had a tsh of 6.1 and went on synthroid and it has been a disaster. It just made my situation worse. Now, every 6 months my thyroid crashes , they increase my dose and I get hyper and then hypo again in 6 months.
Avatar f tn Some antidepressants do cause weight gain. But since there is a change in your bowel habits I would see a Gastroenterologist to find out what is going on. It doesn't sound serious, and may just be related to what you are eating. But it's always best to check things out to be on the safe side. Take care.
Avatar f tn so i tryed to manage the pain for as long as i could and also left my job due to depression and anxiety because of pain and spasm and couldnt hold my neck properly and felf very conscouse of this. ive had mri scans done and i have minor protrusion in 5 discs in neck and also one facet joint is wearing down and the curve on my neck has changed also. so i was told by consultant there was nothing i could do with my neck.
Avatar n tn delay ovulation, cause a weak temp rise, dry up cervical fluid or decrease it, cause hypothyroidism, anovulation and amenorrhea. I hope that helps. It sounds to me like this could be your problem! DO you monitor cervical fluid or take your temp? Do you know if you ovulate every cycle? If you don't do these things, start taking your temperature and monitoring fluid to see if you are ovulating and pinpoint the problem. Good luck!
983592 tn?1249766535 I've been on synthroid for years secondary to hypothyroidism. Last week I still felt like **** and had a thyroid level checked. It was extremely low. Has anyone ever heard of tramadol affecting the metabolism of synthroid?
Avatar n tn I have depression, hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue. I'm taking effexor for the depression and armour thyroid for hypothyroid and the doctor also put me on cortisol for the adrenals. I am having trouble increasing the dosage of cortisol because although it gives me more energy it seems to make me kind of depressed. I desperately need more energy because I can't even clean my house but I don't think I can tolerate the depression. I feel I have no place left to go.
16615961 tn?1454423687 I am currently on 50 mcg levothyroxine, 5mg clonazepam, 20 MG omeprazole for heartburn and acid reflux I developed, and started a few months ago on 75 MG venlafaxine(Effexor) bc my anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and insomnia have worsened. I have also had PTSD since childhood.
Avatar f tn I have had fibromyalgia since a near fatal car accident 10 years ago. I am currently on Celexa and Methadone, and I have gained about 35 lbs. and I can't figure out how to stop it or why it is happening. My pain management doctor is a neurologist, and he just says it is a combination of the meds, menopause,not being as active, but he is not a diet doctor and his main concern is my pain. Is there another combination of meds that doesn't do this?
Avatar m tn I tested a tsh of 6 and was put on .25 mcg of synthroid. I then came off the effexor and I wonder if the effexor was causing the hypo and a problem because I am still on synthorid. My symptoms are irritability, and sometimes weaky, shaky. Now, could I be becoming hpyER now or is it just adjusting to stopping effexor. I see a specialist in one week.
Avatar n tn of course she knew i was on it, but didint like it, so i told her symtoms and she gave blood work....it came back HIGH CHOLESTEROL AND SLUGGISH THYROID (HYPOTHYROIDISM) WOW....ME?????? so, i cried, and started taking thyroid med called levothyroxine and doc also wanted to put me on lipitor but i chpose to try and diet first............... hmmmmmm my question is...............lol.....................does methadone cause thyroid probs? does it ruin thyrpoids?
Avatar n tn After a while, I decided to try medical treatment this time. I was also diagnosed with mild hypothyroidism, and was prescribed Levoxyl last november. The doc started me off on Paxil CR 25mg for a week, but it seemed to worsten the anxiety, and change my mood. So begginning the end of January, the doc started me on Zoloft, and gradually moved my dose up to 100, which was made early March. He also prescribed Xanax for a need-to bases which I only took at night to help me sleep anxiety free.
Avatar f tn When I had the reaction to Effexor I told her that I had to see someone right away and I was at work. She was an hour away and told me that I would need a referral and she would not give me one. That was when I decided she did not put my interests first and found a new physician. I'm hoping she sent all medical records to my new PCP. I'll have to look into it. Should I start taking at least a multivitamin and maybe additional iron and B complex? I was also thinking magnesium might help.
Avatar m tn Since 2000 I have suffered through varying degrees of Depression up to a Suicide attempt in mid 2007. ---interesting side note is that in 2000, when all this started, my weight ballooned to 242 (from what I previously hovered around 185-200-ish). I'm a 37yrd old 5'6" white male. Since 2003 I have tried over 24+ different anti-depressants, all to limited/no success.(even with very aggressive/high dosages) Effexor is the closest to "lacking depression", and lasted about 6-months.