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Avatar m tn I took effexor and buspar together worst time of my life!! I'm 33 year old female was rushed to the ER due to serotonin syndrome never will I take effexor again. I initially was taking 15 mg buspar and was put on effexor for depression I felt like a zombie didn't eat had no energy I had needle feelings all over my chest couldn't breathe dizzy hot flashes .
Avatar m tn My doctor just started me on buspar 15mg a day for anxiety in addition to my antidepressant effexor. The effexor wasn't cutting it by itself. does anyone have any experience with Buspar? any feedback is welcome.
Avatar f tn My dr has given me Buspar for my anxiety attacks. I don't know if it is really working and I have been taking it for around 6 months now. I want to try something else, but I am scared to try Xanax, because of its(or mine) addictive personality. I was wondering what everyone thought about this.
1540869 tn?1351217613 AND PROZAC , ZOLOFT, CELEXA, TEGRATOL, LAMICTAL, WELLBUTRIN, AND BUSPAR, DID NOTHING FOR ME. BUT THIS IS ACTUALLY WORKING. I NEVER THOUGHT ANYTHING WOULD REALLY WORK. I FEEL LIKE MYSELF AGAIN. ANYONE ELSE HAVE A GOOD REACTION ON EFFEXOR? But now it's been a couple days and i've been having really bad headaches, and lastnight i couldn't even see straight will this symptom go away?
Avatar f tn I went to the dr. today and he added Buspar to my Lexapro, saying that they compliment each other very well and that I should see better results using the two. The good thing for me is I have taken them each ind. and some point and did not suffer side effects on either. If you do suffer side effects on your current med. it may be something to keep in the back of your mind. Good Luck!
Avatar n tn I started back on the Effexor Jan. 19, and I was on 37.5 for a couple of days, and then just went back to 75mg. until February 3rd. because my doctor said I was raising up too fast, because I am very anxious,adjitated, and depressed. I feel horrible. He also has me take .o5 xanax am and pm ( I also take ambien ) Is there anything that would help me better. A friend told me to check to see if Klonapin would help me instead of the xanax.
Avatar n tn I am taking effexor and buspar..things were great and then now for sometime after I take it I just get really moody and I am so negative and well basically like I am on my period. ANYONE ELSE EXPERIENCE THAT AS WELL? ANY FEED BACK IS WELCOME! I have been on the Buspar for almost a year and the effexor about the same time.
Avatar f tn ive recently (since thursday) been put on Buspar 15 mgs a day twice a day. for now only taking 7.5 mgs at a time for the first 2 weeks then up to 15. im told its one of those keep taking consistantly to see the effects kinda meds, & my pharmacy tech teacher said she hasnt heard anything bad about it really. but its the first time ive actually been put on some form of anti-anxiety agent...which is probably what i ultimately needed.
Avatar f tn I was taking Buspar (45 mg) per day for anxiety and still experiencing tightness in my chest. My Dr. had me wean off the Buspar and start taking Effexor XR. Started with 37.5 mg per day for the first week and then to 75 mg per day (only on day 11). My problem is the tightness in my chest is back and worse then ever. I’m sleeping better and I feel calmer, it’s just the chest tightness that only goes away if I take a Xanax.
Avatar m tn Buspar and Xanax are totally unrelated medications so success with one means nothing about the other. I suggest you ask your doctor about klonopin, a longer acting cousin of xanax.
Avatar n tn My Dr. is prescribing the Buspar, in addition to my Lexapro, and Xanax. Cause I told her I can't take the Xanax all day long cause it knocks me out, and right after I come off Xanax I go right back into a constant panic attack. We are going to try to give the Lexapro a little longer to build up (it's only been 15 days) and if it doesn't work or gets worse by next week, we're going to talk about weaning over to Effexor. I HATE ANXIETY!!!!! Anyone taking Buspar.
Avatar m tn I have increased my Effexor to 225mg and cant orgasm. My dr put me on Buspar too, and said that would help. anyone else do this? does it help?
Avatar f tn For the past 4 days I've been taking buspar 15 mg In the morning and 15mg in the evening. After a VERY rough weekend I went in for an emergency appointment with my psychiatrist and she put me on 10mg of Prozac once a day. She said I could just stop taking the buspar. Here is my concern - I had a very good day today (before I took the Prozac) and now I'm scared to stop the Buspar. She said it was totally fine, but I'm worried. This could just be the withdrawal talking, but...
Avatar m tn I am currently on 20mg of Paroxetine (Paxil) once a day and 10mg of Buspirone (Buspar) twice a day. I am also on Nexium and Amoxicillin (3 more days). I have been taking my pills like this: Morning/Breakfast: Paroxetine, Buspirone, and Amoxicillin Lunch: Nexium Dinner: Buspirone and Amoxicillin. I read today that both Paxil and Peroxetine taken together could cause problems. I have read otherwise somewhere else. After I read this I felt extremely dizzy and faint feeling.
Avatar n tn After reading your post I am so thankful that I took the Effexor back to the chemist, like you after reading up on it decided I just didnt want to go there. You are also on the medication merry-go-round and its no fun ride. I havent used BuSpar so I cant comment on it hopefully someone else can fill you in on this. The other decision I also made along the way was never to use any medication that was a benzo.
564491 tn?1320363993 I have found these benzodiazepam lose their effectiveness when taken for years. I also took Effexor XR for many years, but was advised by my headache practitioner to stop taking it, as it was theorized that it might be contributing to my quantity of headaches. I then tried Zoloft for a month, but stopped taking it (with doctor's approval), as it seemed like my headache quantity was returning. That's the background info.
Avatar n tn I started back on the Zoloft and Buspar; 200mg and 20mg/twice day respectively. I was on that for two months with only modest improvement. I since have seen a new psychiatrist who put me on Wellbutrin Xl 150 for one week and felt ok, then increased to 300mg. He also increased the Buspar to 60mg a day at the same time of adding the Wellbutrin. The first couple of days I felt better but then I went down hill fast at the 300mg level and he reduced it to 150mg.
Avatar n tn Effexor is the drug of choice for me with my depression and anxiety disorder. However I can't achieve an orgasm unless I am off of the drug for 48 hours. My doctor has me on 150 mg of Wellbuterin 2 times a day but it does no good. How can my wife and I get pregnant when I can't finish the job? HELP!
Avatar f tn Buspar works by attaching to the serotonin and dopamine receptors in the brain, as well as increasing metabolism of norepinephrine. This is a bit different because most antidepressants are SSRIs which increase the serotonin. Then you have drugs like effexor and some tricyclic's that increase both serotonin reuptake and norepinephrine. But Buspar also appears to work on dopamine receptors as well which are the "feel good/reward" neurons.
2036568 tn?1330486358 started zoloft and buspar after first dose of zoloft and buspar slept 12 hours straight and was still tired and groggy. Next day only took half dose of zoloft.
Avatar m tn I have been on Wellbutrin (450mg) and Effexor (300mg) for at least a couple of years now. I was on the Effexor and then teh Wellbutrin was added. I had a mild improvement for awhile and then nothing. My doctor then added Abilify. Unfortunately that also was ineffective. I'mat a point now where I will try another path,. Over the years I have been on many different medications with no long term success. Celexa, Zoloft, Lexapro, Cymbalta and I am sure others I can't recall.
Avatar f tn I just finished weaning off Effexor and I'm not feeling very good. We plan on getting pregnant soon and I wanted to be off the medication.I did a slow taper, but once I got down to half a 25mg tab I started to feel lousy- sick stomach and lots of general anxiety, which I had not felt before. I'm going off completely starting tomorrow. I talked to a new psychiatrist today and he prescribed me Buspar as a "back up" in case I still wasn't feeling any better.
Avatar n tn I have been on Effexor for about 7 years. It has been a godsend and tho I have a few of the side effects, they never come up unless I miss a dose. I recently lost my job and can no longer afford my medication so I'm having to go 'cold turkey'. This is my 3rd day without it and I'm doin ok. a little dizzy and a 'muggy' feeling in my head but I know it gets worse, I've missed as many as 4 before and I know I need to literally crawl in bed and lock my door until the worst is over. But....
Avatar n tn I have been on Effexor for about 1 year for depression and anxiety. I take 75 mg. per day, which has worked wonderfully for me. I went from living life on a rollercoaster of emotions and at sometimes not even wanting to go on, to being able to deal with life's ups and downs as a healthy, normal person. Just in the past couple of weeks I have noticed small tinges of the old depression (nothing major), but I'm wondering if my body has gotten used to the 75 mg.
534618 tn?1213458076 thanks for this thread Jen, my doctor prescribed Effexor yesterday and the more I read about it, the more I just dont want to go that way. Buspar did the same thing for me years back, I just felt like i was trading the anxiety/panic for a whole new set of problems with the side effects I was having, though I know others have taken it with no side effects.
Avatar n tn Six years ago I began to take 75mg Effexor and 15 mg of Buspar daily as the result of a MVA. My doctor retired in March before this she had me reduce my dose in April to 35.7 mg of Effexor for a week and then every other day after that for two weeks. The same with the buspar. I broke the 15mg in half and reduced my dosage in the same manner. I was also being reduced on my Topamax at the time from 200mg to 100mg daily (for migraines from the MVA). Being off Effexor and Buspar I have lost 35 lbs.
Avatar n tn I do know that everytime you change your dosage there can be side effects. They usually go away within a few weeks. I have PTSD and that is why I am on effexor and I will be starting light therapy as well.
Avatar n tn First because I have an obsession with meds and how they work in the body(not to mention my phobia of pills). But also because I've taken Buspar on and off for 7 years and the only thing that ever felt strange was my teeth(and I have no idea what that was about). Come to think of it...I don't think I've ever felt an immedicate effect from any med except for IV pain meds. But even my xanax and now klonopin...I just feel normal. I wonder if it has to do with if you need the medication or not.