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595559 tn?1241144238 What do you guys that know me and my background with being addicted to opiates think about me smoking weed to help with my Bipolar disoder???? And I mean every now and then.....not everyday. I am of course, also taking my meds from my pdoc. I would like some input.
Avatar f tn What should be banned is the negatibity some of you women have showed. Makes me want to delete the app. No One said I was smoking weed I Was just curious about what people have read or been told or experienced. And for the woman you said suck it up. I bet you do have morning sickness. I bet you aren't in and out of the hospital bc you are violently throwing up daily for hours on end.
Avatar f tn I understand weed is illegal but when it comes down to the fact of either A. Being dehydrated, and losing mass amounts of weight vs smokong a bit of weed or eating it I say, (and so does my dr) that I gotta do what I can to stay healthy and make sure baby gets what it needs. I don't plan on smoking it when baby is born, but for now with nausea and vomiting as bad as this..... I don't ever wanna go back to the way it was.. 95 pounds 7 weeks pregnant...
Avatar f tn What are some serious short term and long term effects from smoking weed while pregnant? I'm barely 3 months, and I still smoke pot but not most of the day everyday like I did before.
4206170 tn?1389690258 I smoke pretty much everyday--for most of the day. I still work and I am trying to finish school right now. Not only does the pot make me lazier, it is starting to cost too much money--more than anything. I know pot seems trivial to those of you out there struggling with alc,opiates, benzos, meth, etc., but for me this is a real problem and I am wondering if anyone has any advice or remedies to help.
Avatar m tn Hi and welcome. SHORT-TERM EFFECTS: Loss of coordination and distortions in the sense of time, vision and hearing, sleepiness, reddening of the eyes, increased appetite and relaxed muscles. Heart rate can speed up. In fact, in the first hour of smoking marijuana, a user’s risk of a heart attack could increase fivefold.
Avatar f tn Miley, I am very proud of you for.cutting back. Smoking, for those of you who don't know, is actually harder to quit than heroin. Yes it can cause complications, but unfortunately, as with cancer, and most other diseases and health problems, they don't discriminate. You could go your whole pregnancy and do everything perfect and still lose your child. That being said, shame on those of you who were lecturing.
Avatar f tn Ive been smoking weed since high school even have my marijuana medical card. I smoked everyday til the day i found out i was pregnant which was at 10 weeks. And soon after ate half a brownie at 12 weeks but nothing since then and my baby is perfectly healthy and active :) But i stopped because i rather be safe then sorry.
Avatar m tn I guess you could say I still enjoy going to the gym, as I still have been going everyday regardless of this period of my life, but it feels more like a chore. As I have been going to the gym EVERYDAY for the last 5 years no breaks at all. *I have stopped smoking weed *Stopped Steroids around 3 months ago(not going back to them) - I started to think it was the change in hormone imbalances from steroids that was making me feel unmotivated or slightly depressed.
Avatar n tn Thank you for your intellectual and insightful explanation about the affects of marijuana on diabetics. I came here for information on the subject because my best friend of 34 years was just diagnosed. I promised him i would help him any way i can and i will as we are like brothers. Weve also been responsible users for many years. I just wondered if there were any ill effects from smoking weed. Obviously his drinking has to stop but we arent big drinkers anymore so thats not an issue.
Avatar n tn I am just replying to the people who posted three times that they were doing a study on the evil effects of marijuana that all of us on this board can probably think of some things worse than toking.
Avatar f tn Not only is the action of smoking itself is detrimental to the health of the baby, but we do not know how cannabis intake can affect the developing brain.I understand that smoking is extremely addictive, but there are certain things we do for our kid that are very hard, and one of them is being pregnant, taking care of our bodies while pregnant and nursing (and I am not even talking about giving birth!). That is only the start of a difficult life of a parent.
Avatar f tn I used to smoke weed everyday, multiple times a day. When I fohndoht I was pregnant I stopped smoking. And only did it once after that because people were tempting me, it freaked me out with all the things going on. I just decided it wasn't good for mW or my baby and was honestly a waste of money. I haven't smoked since like the 20th of August and now I can sit around people(doesn't happen often!!
Avatar n tn Hi, This is most probably related to your smoking weed. 'Effects of smoking are generally felt within a few minutes and peak in 10 to 30 minutes. They include dry mouth and throat, increased heart rate, impaired coordination and balance, delayed reaction time, and diminished short-term memory.
Avatar n tn When I feel I want to stop then somethig happens in my life that i feel the weed will help me deal with it. I am a single mother of 2 daughters so I cant go to rehab or let it out of the bag to too many people as I am also a student tryen to get me master in social work....I know., I know but it's to the point if I try to quit then something either happens or I feel like I am going to hurt someone as some people aggrivate me to death.
Avatar n tn I had the flu and couldn't drink a drop of liquir. In fact, i didn't eat for 5-days. I now know i was actually suffering some of the effects of withdrawal, but was too sick to realize it. I had cut way way way down on oxys too. I want that 'clean' feeling back, not this 'stuffy clogged' feeling.
Avatar m tn She went to rehab for 30 days and has now been out for 30 days. 15 days out of rehab she told me that she is smoking weed and we got into a big argument and I told her that she can't do it. Now on several occasions I have noticed that she nods off, like her eyes slightly roll back and her had lowers and than she suddenly goes back to normal conversation. My question is, can weed do this? I suspect she is either smoking weed or heroin.
Avatar f tn It's natural not like cigarettes all those chemicals which can cause cancer or loss of limbs of long term smoking. As well as alcohol which is damaging for you & baby. Idk abt breastfeeding while smoking if you feel like your not sure you should do some research.
Avatar n tn What you say is true, her symtoms do sound like a panic/anxiety attack, which could have occured for one of many reasons, and parhaps smoking weed was the cause of it.
Avatar f tn I crave these short moments everyday and battle a mountain range of anxiety everyday for the past 5 days. I keep praying to god which I am a firm believer in, but I find myself crying, because I feel like god just won't help me, and I don't know why. It says god helps those who help themselves, so that is why I am writing this post and visiting the doctor today, maybe an inpatient hospitilization facility. I am 19 years old and male. My first panic attack was when I was 13..
7385901 tn?1402931616 I of course have stopped smoking while pregnant but was looking at smoking again after birth but of course don't want to give my child any residual affects. They don't have very many studies on this of course but from what I read it does pass to your baby if you smoke often. Hope this helps!
Avatar f tn And all the judgmental bitchy moms saying u don't care about ur child obviously hasn't researched the fact that Jamaican studies show children born to weed smoking mothers do Better in every category. Results of issues in the study could be unrelated to weed and just happen by chance. Its not going to hurt the baby.
Avatar n tn -No more LSD, shrooms, I’m guessing no E, Weed, or heavy drinking. The elimination of weed can be a paradox because no longer smoking can cause more anxiety. But as you get used to not having THC in your system, that will go away, too. And it feels good to be clean! To get back in touch with reality you can’t be distorting it again! It will also give your subconscious less reason to trust you! -I often felt stuck and that the anxiety might last forever.
Avatar n tn ) on her brain, which is to common to say if it was related to smoking, I also smoked weed before I found out. When she was born she developed a nemo thorax (sp?) A small patch of air outside the lung that could cause her heart and lung to colapse, again, can't say what caused it, but you know I wondered! The more I learned about the effects the easier it was to drop because I couldn't stand the thought of hurting my baby!
Avatar n tn last year near the start of summer i was smoking weed daily, abusing pain meds a few times a week, and drinking at least once. one day I woke up and decided I wanted to be really ****** up, after a xanax binge the day before, and remembered reading about DXM. went to the store downed 4 oz and smoked some weed. I was 18 at the time, and nothing would prepare me for what dxm did.
Avatar n tn Wanting to gain more weight for my 6'2' frame, I began smoking pot that helped me gain another 25 lbs. My question is does anyone know the effects of smoking pot in regards to my liver. It is badly damaged but I would hate to stop my use of marijuana for weight gain.
Avatar n tn the first time i had a seizure was after I smoked with some buddies in college and went back to my apartment and siezed up in front of my roomate...the second time was maybe a year later smoking trash weed while driving home from college...of course like many of you stated on hear I went to the neurologist did the test nothing came of it..After that i quit for a year or two then convinced myself it was because I was smoking bad weed. not the case..
Avatar m tn i was using coke for 2 years and quit cold turkeyw with no symptoms and i havnt touched it since. ive been smoking weed everyday for 6 years and have tried to quit probably 15 times. when i try to quit i cant eat or sleep i get jitters and spasms in arms and hands and get so irritable to the point where i dont want to be around anyone cause they all **** me off. i get into this depression that lasts until i start smoking again.
363110 tn?1340924019 I hope I'm not offending anyone either by posting such a contraversial post. As for the Smoking of weed. I'm all for the other types of medicinal uses other than smoking.. I actually think it may be safer (like also using a vaporizor.) I'm doing as much research as I can before I make my final decision on actually smoking it. (probably within a week)... what some of you may not know, is in the last 2 months I've developed a BAD symptom in which my legs swell when I stand alot...