Effects of smoking for 10 years

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Avatar f tn I smoked for several years and wanted to quit while my wife was pregnant with our first son. I loved smoking, I enjoyed all aspects of it. I thought about quitting for about a month and thought about ways to taper off. This was way before patches, gum, ect one day I was by a pond and bent over and the pack of cigarettes fell out of my pocket and into the water. That was the last I smoked, it was hard for about 5 yrs not to give in.
Avatar f tn I quit using Chantix and I have been "quit" for 1 yr. 3 mos. 3 wks. and 1 dy. I smoked for 38 years and never believed I would be able to say that I am an ex : ) Chantix has it's side effects but I was one of the lucky ones and only had a bit of queasiness. There are many choices for your quit so do your research and you may want to start off at whyquitdotcom We are here for support so if you have any questions or just need the help, post.
Avatar f tn I have smoked about a pack a day for 5 years. Im 11 weeks now and still smoking 2 to 3 cigarettes a day I tried to stop all together but when I dont smoke thats whwn I seem to throw up.
Avatar f tn It was hard, ive read it takes around a month of no smoking for cravings to subside, also meditation is also very good. Very healthy for your mind too. Just find a quiet spot, it helps a lot with stress and just focus on your breathing and just get lost in it. Good luck i hope this helps!
Avatar f tn ive been smoking a pack a day for 9-10 years, chantix has worked for some, i think its kinda like suboxone in a way it blocks the receptors that put of the good feeling, and you just start to find it pointless to smoke b/c its not doing nothing
Avatar f tn Just found out I was pregnant and I smoke cigarettes Im well aware of the effects it can have on my unborn child. Its hard to quit and my bf is getting impatient and upset with me because of it. What can I do to kick this habit?
Avatar n tn I am having a hell of a time trying to quit smoking. Heres the thing, I quit smoking eleven years ago along with all of the street drugs I did. I smoked cigarettes for 15 years, and when I went through detox and rehab I started again. I feel like I want to quit, but after all I went through giving up my opiates, this is the strange part, I don't want to let go of the cigarettes. I am wondering if my addicted brain is somehow trying to keep any kind of addiction going on.
Avatar f tn I've smoked for 10+ years and both of my pregnancies I stopped the day I found out. When I was pregnant the 1st time I ddidn't even have cravings. I thibk its because we wanted a baby for years and couldnt get pregnant and so i Didn't want anything to go wrong.
Avatar f tn Please discuss it with your dr and maybe he/she can help you ladies with some alternatives to help stop. I'm not here to judge but we all know the statistics of harmful effects of smoking. I wish you all the strength to be able to quit.
Avatar f tn i smoked like 16 years and when i found i was pregnant i stoped in a week and now im not smoking for 6 months..its nice ..its a big motivation as u feel that u have given the best u can for the baby and if something happenss it wont be ur faullt...it some kind of releive and it worked for me...although i gained a lot of weight bit thats a different topic:)ohh btw i was smoking a pack and a half.
Avatar f tn You are putting yourself at risk for preeclampsia (high blood pressure). Thats the only risk I can think of right now to you, it mostly could harm your baby. If you want advixe on substitution, not only does water help bc it can replace the need for the repetitice hand motion, it also helps cleanse the nicotine from the body quicker. Good luck to you and your baby momma.
Avatar n tn now that you are pregnant i think if quitting cold turkey is hard for you then the stress of that on you and your baby is worse for the health of both of you then having a smoke. i wouldn't stress i have never known anyone who has smoked to have had any problems with their child's health. including my mom who had 4 healthy girls all born well over 8 lbs and none of us have any other health concerns typically associated with smoking.
5887938 tn?1376119320 Theres a lot of research done on smoking and cancer and a lot of other things. And just one more tiny point here, if your body is addicted and you cant stop smoking with a snap of finger, dont you think its unfair to make a newborn go threw that? Because once that baby is off your blood supply itll go threw withdrawl at only a couple hours old. And anyone can try and find a defense to that but point is if baby is eating what your eating and getting all its nutrient from ur body.....
Avatar f tn Miley, I am very proud of you for.cutting back. Smoking, for those of you who don't know, is actually harder to quit than heroin. Yes it can cause complications, but unfortunately, as with cancer, and most other diseases and health problems, they don't discriminate. You could go your whole pregnancy and do everything perfect and still lose your child. That being said, shame on those of you who were lecturing.
Avatar n tn if you have diabetes and you smoke... add the gym into the equation. And if you can reduce tobacco in your spliffs and abstain from alcohol consumption...
Avatar n tn I smoked a long time as a teen, quit for 10 years and started back 8 years or so I've quit again cause of health concerns and need advice.I 've got acid reflux, pains that are scary and wake up at 3:00 every night with pain in my chest.Its my 6th day and hope things will get better.I've read about the acid reflux and doing things to help it .It took 4 days to get rid of the head aces. I'm 49 am wishing I had never messed with the stuff, unfriendly,eeritable,and these pains are no fun.
Avatar f tn Every link you find that lists risk factors for developing a thyroid disease lists smoking as a risk factor. I say that as a smoker of 35 years now. I can't explain any of what you have experienced other than to say I feel it is coincidental. It's possible that stopping smoking stressed your system to the point it threw off your hormones. If that's true, another stressor will come along eventually and do the same thing.
Avatar n tn Your risk of death from lung cancer has declined by almost half if you were an average smoker (one pack per day). Your risk of cancer of the mouth, throat and esophagus has now decreased. 15 years: Your risk of coronary heart disease is now that of a person who has never smoked.
Avatar f tn It is believed that if you leave smoking for 3 years, you are a confirmed non-smoker. Before 3 years you are a prospective non-smoker. I did yoga, meditation, Reiki, acupressure naturopaty. NOthing helped. Only a chance and a challenge helped me. So I think, pregnancy is right opportunity to leave smoking. Every smoker has to find a chance which help you to say good-bye to smoking. I had no withdrawal symptoms.
Avatar n tn you can do this, but not unless you are willing to suck it up and suffer the concequences of smoking oxy for 4-5 months. how badly do you want it. you have to start with ending all relationships with the contacts you get from, legal or not. and all friends you use with. there are sacrifices, but they are well worth the end results. BEING CLEAN AND SOBER. in the health pages to the right of this page you will find a link,there is the thomas recipe and the amino protocolls..
Avatar f tn I quit smoking cold turkey and I've been smoking for 5 years. A pack a day... it's worth it because you'll feel better after awhile and your baby will be much healthier and you don't have to constantly wonder "is this cigarette harming my baby" I'm now 15 weeks and smoke free for two months...
Avatar n tn hi your doing great don't be tempted, when you get a craving if its handy suck an ice cube, i have not smoked for eleven months, but still get the odd craving, when i get a craving i immediately get up and do something anything to distract myself from thinking about ciggarrets, suck a boiled sweet go for a walk, take a shower, clean the windows anything the craving only lasts a few seconds if you distract yourself, whatever you do for your healths sake DONT SMOKE AGAIN, its a great feeling no
Avatar m tn My wife had COPD for years prior to her death in June of last year. I also was diagnosted with COPD back in the 80's, but have had no breathing problems since quitting smoking 10 years ago. My wife used a Nonin finger-top blood oxygen meter, and occasionally I would check my blood O2 and found it 94-95 through the years.
Avatar n tn I stopped on May 10th. But I was at a 6 a day dose of Norco 7.50/325 for the last 2 months of so of that 2years. Before the the last 2 months I was at 6-8 a day. I did a taper plan. Went down one pill every 2 days. I did fell some mild w/d on the day I stepped down a pill. I was kinda scared on the day of no pills. But it just felt like a step down day. After a couple weeks, and adding exercise to my day + a little PT job in addition to my FT job, it took my mind off things.
Avatar f tn ) --- 1m 1w 10:32 smoke-free, 558 cigs not smoked, $153.
783371 tn?1237891061 Please Help. I have had 24/7 frontal head pain for 10 years. I get the pain on top of the head also and stiff neck. I have had mri's, cat scans, botox, accupuncture. Tried many different pain medications, had two sinus surgerys with no help. Please help not sure what else to do. Im in so much pain all the time.
535822 tn?1443980380 Peto says that the bottom line is that quitting smoking before middle age will add an average of 10 years of life back. Cigarette smoking accounts for about 443,000 deaths each year in the U.S. In fact, tobacco use kills more people than HIV, illegal drug use, alcohol, vehicle injuries, suicides, and murders combined.
Avatar m tn And the one thing that has happened everyday for 10 years is that I wake up not refreshed. I feel so exhausted that it is hard for me to get to work. Its a terrible fatigue and almost like a slow burn in my arms and legs. Another thing: my bloodwork always shows elevated SED rate and C Reactive Protein...so there is inflammation in my body but we don't know where. Does this sound like fibro or some other chronic illness that Dr's are not finding?
Avatar f tn One becomes undetectable early on in tx, lets say the 6th week , then there is nothing to replicate, if one had an occasional glass of wine. Is that correct? Alcohol can diminish the effects of interferon and render them moot. At week 6 you can't possibly know in a million years if you are truly really UND and SVR. As GreatBird said that is why we must continue treatment for many more weeks and train our immune systems to continue beating down any occult virus that may be hiding.
Avatar n tn Reminds me of when I was driving tow truck 15 years ago. Two old guys were hit head on by another car. The drivers side was hit the worst and the driver walked away. The guy on the passenger side bumped his head on the dash and had a heart attact and died ! So what killed the passenger ? The car crash or the heart attact?