Effects of high ammonia levels on the brain

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Avatar m tn High ammonia levels lead to brain fog. I used 2 amino acids (arginine and orthinine as suggested by Dr. H. Clark in her book on HIV, only one page was about HCV).
Avatar n tn A little bit further down the article explains that ammonia levels do not necessarily correlate with the symptoms of encepalophy. I hope this helps.
30678 tn?1217992847 This leads to adverse effects on the brain. By acidifying the contents of the gut, lactulose reduces the absorption of ammonia from the gut, therefore preventing the adverse effects experienced by people with liver disease." Hope this is helpful. How are you doing? Is the ammnoia causing you problems or did the doc find it in your blood work but you dont have symptoms from it?
Avatar m tn Other people can smell when a person has high ammonia levels on their breath. I have never heard of a patient who could. As with other body smells, the patient is accustomed to their own smell and can not smell it. The smell from ammonia buildup due to advanced liver disease is called "foetor hepaticus". It is the odor of the breath in patients with severe liver disease caused by volatile aromatic substances that accumulate in the blood and urine.
Avatar m tn Although removal of ammonia appears to be important in the treatment of hepatic encephalopathy, the relationship between ammonia levels and the pathogenesis of the disease has yet to be confirmed. On the other hand, an elevated ammonia level above 250 μmol/L in an individual with fulminant hepatic failure is a key issue and bodes for an extremely poor prognosis.
Avatar f tn Are the effects of elevated amonia levels reversible? After the the levels have been brought back down and other complications due to the levels will a person not be confused and unresponsive? Someone I love dearly had ulcers the were bleeding in the lower part of her esophagus. That and the history of a liver disease caused the amonia levels to get high enough that she was comatose. They got the levels down and removed her ventillator but she still has a blank stare and is not responsive.
1391441 tn?1333851561 He presently takes Lactulose, but has been hospitalized in the past to help with the high ammonia levels. A low protein diet sometimes helps with ammonia levels, but not always. The only thing that has recently helped my brother with symptoms is the "Alzheimer's patch." I won't mention the name of the medication or the pharmaceutical company, and no--I'm not a rep for the company. It is being used off-label by my brother's doctor and his quality of life has improved dramatically.
29837 tn?1414538248 Elevated ammonia levels in the setting of cirrhosis are the result of the reduced capacity of the liver to convert the ammonia produced by the intestinal bacteria from protein remnants in the food to urea, which is non toxic to our metabolism and can be excreted effciently in the kidneys.
Avatar n tn Cindy, 21-50 micromoles per liter (mcmol/L) is the normal range depending upon the lab you use. Higher than norm ammonia levels are usually due to a problem with protein being broken down in the small intestines. It is then process by the liver and eliminated through the kidneys in your urine. So any problems in this part of the digestive system can result in higher than normal ammonia level.
5611452 tn?1370974704 My platelets went from 109 or 107 whatever.. on the 1st to 85 on the 12th. All of the numbers are just a lil worse the creatinine, bilirubin etc etc. So yeah, I'm sure my number is different now. @sunru I haven't even heard of Kristalose...I'll have to ask about that. Thanks. How does it taste? It's not thick is it? I am trying to be as proactive as I can.
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Avatar n tn It really is our only defense against the high ammonia levels. I take 8 to 16 shot glasses per day. I hate the taste of it and I can't stand the texture of it, but the alternative is worse.
Avatar f tn I feel like the straw man in the wizard of oz on a quest for the missing brain. IF I HAD A BRAIN!!!!!!!! I think I will find it post treatment. Wishing everyone wellness.
14315163 tn?1433901017 Abdominal bloating and a sweet taste in the mouth are the principal adverse effects associated with normal doses of lactulose. None of us likes taking, I took it for 6 years myself, it has a nasty taste, it but if we don't then the HE can not be managed and high ammonia and the resulting brain symptoms will occur which can be fatal if a person goes into a coma. Lactulose is a liquid laxative that binds with ammonia and removes it from the body via stool.
Avatar m tn However I am told I am far from cirhosis which is generally accepted to be the main cause of high ammonia levels in those with HCV. Would it be strange to have a 40-50 year old develop plaques/alzhiemer's? Would you think it more likely a 40-50 year old person with HCV and problems with memory be more likely to be suffering from plaques/alziehmer's or that the virus is causing the problem. There are those who would automatically assume drugs or alcohol (stigma). Thanks for the thought.
4862508 tn?1360799907 Regardless of how or why the magnesium taureate is causing your side effect symptoms, it sounds like it's not going to work well for you or your mom. That's too bad for the two of you, because I really like the effect on my blood pressure. I've gone from taking four blood pressure medications to two, and I'm working on dropping a third medication. But if it was causing heartburn, I wouldn't take it. I had that issue with niacin for high cholesterol.
7510956 tn?1411675017 2) Remember that each of us brings our own personal set of issues to the table. If you look at the side effects from Cosmos...the study of S/O...there were more sides experienced from folks with more advanced cirrhosis than those with little to none. For example, I personally had early cirrhosis(I Hope lol), no diabetes, cryo, Thyroid, high blood pressure etc and I had practically NO Side Effects.
Avatar n tn I went in on a Thursday, had the surgery and walked out of the hospital on the next day! So something might be going on there! But life goes on. And all in all life is good! I am ready for the crisp fall weather!!! And then I will be on my second tx. Well, I hope you are doing good and I wish for you the VERY best! Talk w/ ya soon....
Avatar m tn Some people can even experience uncoordinated muscle movements if ammonia levels are high enough. The common treatment to decrease ammonia levels is lactulose. It is a syrupy sweet laxative. It binds with ammonia in the gut so it can be excreted in stool. Unfortunately, you may need to titrate the doses so you have 6-8 stools per day. Of course this is not pleasant but it is the ONLY way to rid the body of excess ammonia. It does work though.
Avatar f tn I also like a real good whole-milk organic yogurt with live culture -- the kind with the cream on the top is delicious and I often have it for desert. One of the few things that taste good on these meds and it goes great with cut-in Mango.
Avatar f tn My dad is in his late 50s he has spent most of his life locked up in prison in results to his Heroin use . He is in his late stages of this disease with the add on of serosys of the liver. this disease has been very unperdictable , in and out of the hospital thinking this was it and comes home. I guess what im looking for is anything that educates me on this diseases levels so im more prepared.
Avatar f tn This thyroid hormone also regulates the levels and actions of serotonin, noradrenalin, and GABA (gamma-amino butyric acid), now accepted as the main chemical transmitters implicated in both depression and some anxiety disorders. Maintaining normal serotonin and noradrenalin levels in the brain depends to a great extent on whether the correct amount of T3 is available.
Avatar f tn I was on a trial and it seems much info was left out Back then I was diabetic and was on Metformin but doc said he didn't think I needed it since my weekly draws were so good. To be fair they were just starting to talk about the effects of IR and Diabetes on success of tx, I wonder if that would have helped me.
233488 tn?1310696703 Cannabis users have slower reaction times, impaired thinking, reduced levels of alertness and poor memory compared to non-users. This leads to higher on the job accident rates and defective or dangerous workmanship. With 2.5 million new users of marijuana in 2012 age 12 and older (6,800 new users per day) legalizing marijuana will dramatically increase these numbers. Marijuana use in elementary, middle and high school will become common.
Avatar f tn The jury may be still out on the long-term effects of various types of sleep deprivation but my money is on that being very damaging. Certainly I wonder if it causes some of the psychosis, depression, moodiness that many people experience. Sleep deprivation doesn't seem to be the whole story though. I want more, more, more, information.
Avatar n tn take care of yourself...you could go right down with him...it's too much for anyone...on the other hand if he quits drinking all the way maybe stay...the abuse your taking can have lasting affects..what he's doing to his brain when he drinks is doing so much damage already having an impaired liver.... this post isn't all about brain fog from hep c..sorry to sound so nasty....good luck...
Avatar n tn If she had gyrate atrophy then the source is genetic and she has a mitochondrial disorder and there should also be lab abnormalities such as high lactate, and ammonia levels, there should be a reduced activity of ornithine aminotransferase in her fibroblasts and other tissues. I would make sure that there are or are not lab abnormalities before I decided on a diagnosis. That will help possible treatment.
Avatar m tn The clean blood then goes to the lungs to get oxygen before going to the heart. The heart then pumps the blood to all parts of the body, including the brain. With this condition, there may be a problem in the blood flow into the liver. This happens when blood does not easily go into the liver because of liver disease. When blood cannot flow into the liver, it uses other blood vessels to return to the heart. This then leaves the blood uncleaned of harmful substances, including ammonia.
173975 tn?1216261375 Kalio 1 knows some good supplements for helping you with your nutrition if you can't keep your food down. For your brain, what is your ammonia like? If the levels are high you can take lactulose. It cleared a lot of my brain fog. I've had trouble with labcorp also (and quest). If it says that you are to get a copy on your order, call them and make a fuss. I've found the labs are better at faxing. If you don't have a fax # you can use, try www.efax.
Avatar m tn Antibiotics are usually prescribed if you have yellow or green nasal discharge from one side of the nose, or both sides of the face, localized pain on one side of the face, or evidence of pus inside the nose. Doctors rarely take a sample of pus from your nose and actually test it, in order to determine if it is a bacterial or viral infection. However, it’s a safe bet that a bacterial infection is present, because most of us already have bacterial in our upper respiratory tract.