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Avatar m tn Stay away from red meat, high protein and do not drink large amounts of water. Need juices as a sub for water. If your on meds, stay away from Bezodiazipan (valium, Klonipin etc. and narcotic pain meds). Reccomended to try acupuncture and massage for stress and pain.
Avatar m tn Therapy that reduces ammonia levels has received a great amount of attention because elevated levels are seen in more than 80% of patients with hepatic encephalopathy. Although removal of ammonia appears to be important in the treatment of hepatic encephalopathy, the relationship between ammonia levels and the pathogenesis of the disease has yet to be confirmed.
Avatar m tn Are you experiencing the effects of toxic buildup in your blood? Hepatic encephalopathy. • Change in sleep patterns • Changes in thinking • Confusion that is mild • Forgetfulness • Mental fogginess • Personality or mood changes • Poor concentration • Poor judgment • Worsening of handwriting or loss of other small hand movements • Abnormal movements or shaking of hands or arms * Will this be cirrhosis? You should talk to your doctor.
Avatar n tn I plan on staring peg intron shots once a week first week of sept. and rebetol 2 pills in am 3 in pm.....i have a high viral load and biopsy showed slight inflamation.my white count is low now neutraphils.... these days i have felt kind of nauseated and light headed ...is this just my normal "dizziness" or are these symptoms???
Avatar n tn So any problems in this part of the digestive system can result in higher than normal ammonia level. For example; In patients with advanced cirrhosis, the liver is no longer able to metabolize the ammonia and convert it to urea so the ammonia builds up the in body producing and travels to the person's brain with psychological and other effects. If you have advanced liver disease you blood levels for bilirubin, creatinine, and INR should be abnormal.
30678 tn?1217992847 It is broken down in the colon into products that pull water out from the body and into the colon. This water softens stools. Lactulose is also used to reduce the amount of ammonia in the blood of patients with liver disease. It works by drawing ammonia from the blood into the colon where it is removed from the body. I don't know much about this, but I know people with cirrhosis take it. Hope this helps...
5611452 tn?1370974704 Dehydration (loss of water from the body) Low oxygen levels in the body Eating too much protein Constipation Medications that affect the nervous system, such as tranquilizers or sleep medications Infections Intestine, stomach, or esophagus bleeding Kidney problems Surgery So as you can see surgery with symptoms of HE can lead to dangerous or even life threatening complications. Persons with cirrhosis normally have a lowered immune system and are more prone to infection.
Avatar n tn Lactulose, no read meat, lots of water and get checked atleast once a month to chart the ammonia level. I hope everyone the best and my motto is (IF YOU CAN'T GET OUT OF IT...GET INTO IT!!
Avatar m tn In addition, “brain fog” may be related to fatigue, lack of sleep, stress, depression, or side effects of interferon. But in people without advanced cirrhosis, the liver is usually still able to process toxins and blood usually still flows well through the liver. Thus, “brain fog” cannot be assumed to be an early manifestation of hepatic encephalopathy—even though the signs of “brain fog” and some of the symptoms of grade 0 or grade 1 encephalopathy may be similar.
4862508 tn?1360799907 Signs of magnesium toxicity may be similar to those of magnesium deficiency and include irregular heartbeat, changes in mental status, loss of appetite, nausea, diarrhea, muscle weakness, extremely low blood pressure, and difficulty in breathing. You may be affected by the additives in the product perhaps. You may want to try a different form of magnesium such as glycinate or citrate.
Avatar m tn Yes indeed do not ever mix bleach with ammonia or anything but water (even though tap water has a lot of **** in it). And Please do not use more than ½ cup in a full bathtub. Bleach, full strength will burn your skin so be careful. This post only pertains to those of us suffering with an unexplainable itch, maybe or maybe not related to Hep C.
Avatar n tn I wanted healing energy and a constant flow of pure water/green tea to flush the dead cells and toxins out of my system. That was my diet plan. Heal w/food. Heal w/water. I'm one, who altho lived a pretty organic lifestyle, did a 180* turn. Organic isn't enough-now I hve to know the farm the food comes from. When I travel, I travel w/my own food and teas. We've had to buy anoth reefer just to hold the fruits and veggies.
Avatar f tn I have always had an iron stomache, and it was only in the first few weeks of tx that I had nausea and lost weight. Now however, it seems that I can eat most everything (things I would not normally be able to eat without gaining) and am staying the same, in fact have lost a couple more pounds and am thinking it is muscle which is heavier than fat. I walked steadily through the first 4 months of tx and then quit in December.
Avatar f tn t eat after supper and delay eating in the morning, to strengthen digestion. Each day the first thing you should consume is the fresh juice of one lemon, either in water or chased with water. Drink lots of herbal tea daily with every liver/gall herb you can find at your local health and bulk stores. My nausea was gone in a week doing this, and then I was in good enough shape to go on a juice feast, which heals digestion and definitely takes care of all body odours.
11649518 tn?1425147660 Luckily we have a Craftmatic Adjustable Bed, so I can raise my feet above my heart and get as much water out of my lower half as I can. In 1988 when I got Hep C (blood from a hysterectomy) I didn't know I had it (famous last words) But I didn't find out till I dislocated my hip in 1996 and the rumatologist asked me about my symptoms and tested me for Hep C.
Avatar f tn 1) I have learned not to take a shower or bath at night, the heat from the water really aggravates my rash and my skin would burn all night. 2) Drinking a gallon of water makes a huge difference in how you feel overall. You must hydrate. Coconut water really helps also. 3)Fat food(a few of my quick fixes) - A)3 Tablespoon of Pignolia nuts sauteed in butter. B) Shake made of Probiatic yogurt, peanut butter and juice.
Avatar f tn My father in law has late stages of cirrhosis of the liver. He is back to drinking and will not take any meds. How long before the ammonia enters the brain and causes a coma?
137025 tn?1217768341 then I think you have to assign the majority of the blame on the effects of all that Interferon on our bodies. I think many researchers and doctors are now beginning to see these effects, and acknowledge that the drugs can cause some pretty nasty long term problems all by themselves. Its always a trade off with the current tx.....if you need to save your liver, and have progressing damage, then you almost have to do the treatment, and take whatever consequences come your way.
1648173 tn?1373346535 I don't know if my perception changed and my sense of smell became more acute or what. Hang in there. If you have any side effects you can ask your doctor for help. Dee Ceanthus, great answer, can I use that ?
Avatar m tn This then leaves the blood uncleaned of harmful substances, including ammonia. The function of the liver to convert ammonia in blood may also be decreased in liver disease. Ammonia and other harmful substances may go into the brain and damage brain cells. This may affect many of the brain's important functions that could cause even more problems to your body.
192055 tn?1263559137 The bleeding is like a pinhole in a water pipe. It's not red blood. It's liquid that leaks for a long period of time and accumulates in the throat because it's the natural way to flow. In the evening before I go to bed, I take a drop of cooking oil and dab it inside the nostrils. One drop each. That coats them and keeps any leak, stopping them. Plus, it loosens the mucus in a dry nose and clears the way. 2.
158241 tn?1237723123 Nothing in site as of yet. I see in alot of forums people so sick they got one foot in the grave and another on a banana peel. Up against the wall, I tried the Chineese Herbal Protocol. It normalized my liver panel and brought my AFP back down into normal range for the 1 st time since 1997 when I was diagnosed. They say Ive had it since the late 60s to early 70s, Im stage 3 and still have a problem with my upper right quad but man, I feel so much better than I did.
Avatar n tn About 4 weeks ago, I started exercising 6 days per week using elyptical, treadmill and weight machines to lose weight. I lost about 15 pounds but the pain in the soles of my feet increased to about an 8 on a scale of 10. (feels like walking on stones- stone bruises). My neurologist and websites encouraged exercise for neuropathy. Could it be that the agressive exercise caused a more rapid progression of the peripheral neuropathy pain.
Avatar n tn Make saline solution--6 1/2 teaspoons salt to 1 gallon of a freshly opened distilled water. Pour into a clean plastic squirt bottle. Get in a hot shower, to loosen mucus. STEP ONE.Tilt head back, squirt saline into each nostril, and pinch nose. Set down bottle, and verrry slowly bend all the way down and look through your legs. BE VERY CAREFUL bending over, cause some people might get dizzy and fall if they are old or have some other problem with balance.
Avatar f tn Ok...after doing almost ALL of these interventions, I did the unthinkable. I did a garlic douche and then *gasp* a garlic enema using tap water & garlic powder. I slept the whole night after! I also drank a small glass of water with garlic powder in it each morning & each afternoon. It doesn't really have any taste, just the smell, which I GLADLY tolerated to get rid of these little bast***s. I turned on ALL the lights in the house & washed the sheets every few days.
Avatar f tn Now he is not eating, vomiting mostly, drinks lots of water, stool is in black colour and today while he vomitted there was blood flow through his anus. What to do now? is he really in his last stages... ? should i euthanize him??? i am lost. kindly help me.
4043517 tn?1374010173 No more majijuana, well shizz, that ***** It keeps my quality of life going. Confused, took me off work, fallling all the time, I'im so bruised and hurt. Looks like things could get worse. First get my bowels working and my ammonia down. I'm out for a few weeks right before Xmas, that figures.
Avatar n tn Complex brown color mixtures, made by dry heating and burning of sugars in the presence of alkali, ammonia, sulphite or combinations thereof. For more information, see the background file on caramelization. Function & characteristics: Brown to black colors. Soluble in water and with a specific, sometimes bitter, taste. Products: Many products. Daily intake: Up to 200 mg/kg body weight for E150c and E150d, whereas there is no ADI for E150a and/or E150b.
Avatar n tn I just lost my 43 year old sister one week ago from alcoholic liver cirrhosis. It is a horrible disease. Don't judge them because alcoholism is a real disease. Although it is self induced, it is a true addiction. My sister said she would have to get a beer first thing when she woke up in the morning because if she didn't, she would get the shakes. Also, people have to be taken off of alcohol slowly...it is very dangerous to stop immediately.
Avatar m tn One of my friends was the Viet Nam Vets Hep C top folks and he told me I would have died of old age before the Hep C did it Lots of information on the website you suggested --- going to take a lot of time to read through I just feel like the treatment changed pathways in my body from side effects that never reverted back to the way they were prior to treatment ---- almost like road work where they divert traffic and when the work was finished the original road never opened back up I have been