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Avatar m tn Oh, now I get it. From Wikipedia: "Cough CPR is the subject of a hoax email that began circulating in 1999. It is described as a "resuscitation technique" in which through prolonged coughing and deep breathing every 2 seconds, a person suffering a cardiac dysrhythmia immediately before cardiac arrest can keep conscious until help arrives (or until the person can get to the nearest hospital).
Avatar n tn coughing a lot? If so, possibly esophagitis inflammation which means you should see a gastro doctor.. Yes, Gerd makes one cough also+ you have allergies that created the asthma? Good Luck and take care.
Avatar n tn I'm a 65 year-old entertainer (singer) and my chronic post-nasal drip/constant throat clearing and also coughing is driving me absolutely crazy...stressed out when I entertain. I think I've tried almost everything out there over the years, be it natural, homeopathic etc... and I'm still stuck with it. My allergist gave up on me. Had all the allergy shots available on the planet (allergies to dust/dust mites) and today, I read about Tussionex.
Avatar n tn As a result she is very prone to bronchitis, which in turn ushers in long periods of painful and scary coughing. Often, she cannot breathe during a coughing fit. She takes the prescribed medicines (Codeine, Albuterol, etc.), but still has frequent coughing episodes. Many years ago, she knew a physician on your staff who taught patients how to sit down, breathe,etc. in a way that would stop or prevent a violent coughing episode. She no longer knows that person's name.
Avatar f tn (teacher) a friend recently gave me an article on Ballon sinoplasty and it is suppoosed to be very effective in treating sinus issues...i am seeing my ENT on Thursday and will be asking to have this treatment....has anyone heard of it or familiar with the operation etc...would love to hear from anyone....I feel the sinus issues are making me feel really fed up and its now disturbing my sleep, my home life and social life....
Avatar f tn I work 8 hrs per day in a closed room, same people everyday, and the one right next to me was everyday sniffing, coughing, constantly sick, you know. In September I was on vacation for two weeks and I was overconfident, so I quit suplements. When I got back to work it was the worst day I can remember: everybody in the room started coughing hard all day long, except me of course. That day I read this post about Liquid Clorophyl and I decided to give it a try.
Avatar f tn But then you have to wonder if your throat is sore due to your coughing? There are other medications just as effective for you to take during this time. Contact your doctor, and go from there. Take care!
Avatar n tn Depends what it is for but usually it is effective. Risks are infection, bleeding, + a few rarer ones but usually acceptable if your vision is threatened or decreased. You need to discuss this with your retina specialist though who will be performing the injection. They should take the time to discuss the risks and benefits. In most patients who get this recommended, the benefits usually far outweigh the risks. You need to discuss your specific situation with your surgeon however.
Avatar n tn I have had a dry cough for about four years now. Lately, it's sometimes a productive cough. I was told I have asthma and I get sinus infections. I use an inhaler (Combivent) but that doesn't stop the coughing. It will get so bad that I will start to gag. One interesting thing is that when I lay down, I have no inclination to cough. Could it be my tonsils? Should I see an ENT?
Avatar m tn About 3 weeks ago, I came down with what I thought was the flu - body aches, coughing up mucus and 103 fever. I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with bronchitis, given antibiotics and prednisone. 2 weeks later, I'm still coughing constantly, but it's dry - no mucus, can't sleep and found I've lost over 10 lbs. My appetite is down, but I have been eating.
Avatar m tn It depends on the formula mostly, but 90% of them are not as effective as described on the package.
Avatar f tn I was coughing pretty deep and hard, the cold I had included phlegm and when I layed down I would start coughing up a storm. I also wondered it it could be coughing but I am not coughing anymore and still feel it. I have a kiss on my liver and wondering if it could be related to that too. Since being diagnosed with anxiety I feel awkward going to the doctor with pains cause I feel like they'll just immediately label it anxiety and not go further.
Avatar n tn Hello Terrikatt, It states you posted your comments 16 hours ago. I think it's time to get a second opinion. Don't know what proair is. I'm guessing it's an asthma medication. Asthma as you know can get quite serious. Perhaps you should seek medical attention for your daughter. By this I don't mean taking her back to the pediatrician. I think you might consider going to your nearest hospital and going to the emergency department.
Avatar m tn I moved into a rented house, and within a short time started having coughing fits. One was bad enough that my wife insisted I go to the ER. After a couple of weeks, the severity of the fits subsided, but for the first time in my life I had asthma symptoms, wheezing and coughing. When I was finally able to move out of that house, the wheezing stopped, and the coughing also stopped, except in two cases. First, there'a a month or two ever fall when I cough, so some new seasonal allergy.
1955760 tn?1346483744 Using your inhaler too often won't harm you, but it can make the medicine less effective for when you really need it. Do some research on Vocal Cord Dysfunction (VCD). VCD mimics asthma, but is treated with speech therapy and breathing techniques. There is a video online that demonstrates one breathing technique. Look it up and try it. See if using that technique reduces your symptoms enough that you don't need the inhaler as often.
Avatar m tn How effective is laser sealing technique in preventing progression of retinal holes/ tears to detachment.
Avatar f tn I have frequent urinating problem, I went to see Urologist and she has done some test like urodynamics, etc and she said that I have bladder drop and the urethra opening is very small. So she suggested me to get 2 surgeries done. The first one is "Cystoscopy with urethral dilation with sedation" and the second one ‘sling’ or removal of uterus. As such I have no leakage problem while coughing or sneezing but I need to bathroom atleast every 30 min or the maximum I could wait was 2 hrs.
Avatar f tn Any ladies on here have any experience with getting chiropractic care while pregnant? Currently 33 weeks and baby is breech so I am seeing a doctor that uses the Webster Technique, which is supposed to help with this. Also hoping to get some relief from this lower back pain! But, I've never been to a chiropractor, much less while pregnant, and don't know what to expect!
Avatar f tn Has anybody used the Bowen Technique for their dogs ?