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Avatar f tn I had been hospitalized for 3 years in a row all in the same month march, for shortness of breath. They thought it was asthma. The last time which was this year, they hospitalized me for a week. Which they ran lots of test and determined I have COPD. The symptoms I had were shortness of breath, tired, and coughing. Oxygen doesn't seem to help, medication wasn’t helping too (Spiriva and Advair plus nose sprays).
Avatar n tn I recently visited my family doctor and I told him that I had been diagnosed with COPD. Family doctor asked me if I was coughing up blood yet. I told him that I was not coughing up blood nor had I been coughing up blood. My family doctor then stated to me that I would cough up blood and then it would be too late for me. I have trusted my family doctor for some years, but I felt this was a very negative statement by him to me.
Avatar n tn Age 43 is indeed quite young to have COPD. You are young enough to be tested for the inherited form of COPD/emphysema, called alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency. This is a blood test and you should ask your doctor to order the test. There is no cure for COPD but quitting smoking will dramatically slow its progression. Also, if you have the inherited form of this disease, there is specific treatment that can also slow the progression.
Avatar n tn I have COPD and bullous emphysema. I have had pneumonia for several months. I have done levaquin, then 20 days of cefepime IV 3 times a day. I cleared up substantially. I am now taking an antibiotic called bactrim. I seems to be still hanging around, ie coughing up the yellow/light green sputum and tired. No temperature. Is the pneumonia ever going to go away?
1516809 tn?1345082764 Her geriatrician tried Azithromycin 500mg tabs for 5 days which seemed to help but then the coughing and globs returned. The doctor then doubled her Pulmicort doseage in her Nebulizer for two weeks to see if that helped plus using Robitussin as needed. Last week I complained to the doctor again about the coughing and she put my mother back on Azithromycin for 5 days. The sounds did not dissipate. I asked the doctor to do a chest X-ray which was done today, results will be available tomorrow.
Avatar f tn I was recently diagnosed with early copd. Since I do not have health insurance, i go to a clinic. The physician's assistant has prescribed singular for my copd, I don't feel that it is helping me very much. I mostly have shortness of breath & coughing in the evening. This disease frightens me because I don't feel I am getting the right medical advice. I asked about simbicor & spiriva and was told that those meds are for later stages of copd.
Avatar f tn Coughing up blood, even for a person with COPD, is very abnormal. The blood, his disorientation, leg swelling and abdominal bloating, dizziness and falling down, all suggest that your husband is a seriously ill man who, given the multiplicity of his problems, should be hospitalized and thoroughly evaluated. It is possible that any number of his problems are reversible with proper treatment. While coughing up blood is ominous, it need not be a cancer or some other serious disease.
Avatar n tn for about 2months now I have had a cough, lots of mucus, wheezing, when I cough now i pee on myself which is embarrasing.
Avatar n tn s what I thought too, that I had construction dust in my lungs as I helped a friend do insulation for a summer. I started to notice a tight chest feeling, but no coughing up of any kind, although, I found it more and more difficult to carry large amounts of groceries up my stairs to my house. I went to the Dr. and said, "I think I have COPD" because I looked up this tight chest issue on the net. He, the Dr. took a chest X-ray that came back just fine.
Avatar n tn Has a doctor diagnosed you (someone) to suffer from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)? For those who would have to look it up, COPD is a disease of the lungs usually (always?) accompanied with difficult breathing, I believe. My guess, is no, it can not "cause" PVCs, but it may aggrivate PVC if one has that problem. That's all I have to offer.
Avatar n tn about 5 mo ago i started waking up every morning coughing and just assumed it was the weather or smokers cough. then i started coughing stuff up in the morning. the cough last for 15 min to 2 hrs every single morning and now i have to have an inhaler everymorning witch dosnt make that much of a fiffrance.ive also been having some tightness in my chest. ive never had asthma i get bronchitis every winter and i have a fast heart rate im on meds for but other then that no real health problems.
937826 tn?1261333879 I do have a pulmonology specialist they do believe I have copd and scaring on my lungs they did a bronoscopy and said my lungs are closing a lot so when I am at home he wants me to wear an oxygen mask at 7 liters I hate it but It makes me breathe so much better I noticed the difference when he put the oxygen mask on in the office my oxygen level shot way up and I felt wonderful so he left me in his office for an hour to breathe in the oxygen to get it in my lungs and then he told me to use the
Avatar f tn I'm a 46 yr old male, smoker with diagnosed copd. After sex I go through a severe episode of coughing EVERY TIME. This worries my wife to the point that it has affected our sex life. Can you give me the most probable reason this happens? Is it because of the copd and the increased intake of oxygen during sex and will this keep getting worse?
Avatar n tn My wife (57 year old) has had a chronic cough accompanied by occassional sneezing and gagging for over 3 years. She has been to every specialist we can think of - lung, gastro, GP, heart, throat, allergist, etc. She just had tests done for Gerd which included the Bravo monitor and the test was negative. She has had numeorus x-rays, MRIs, CT scans, ultrasounds and any other tests that can look inside her lungs, ears, nose, esaphogus, stomach & throat.
Avatar n tn As a result she is very prone to bronchitis, which in turn ushers in long periods of painful and scary coughing. Often, she cannot breathe during a coughing fit. She takes the prescribed medicines (Codeine, Albuterol, etc.), but still has frequent coughing episodes. Many years ago, she knew a physician on your staff who taught patients how to sit down, breathe,etc. in a way that would stop or prevent a violent coughing episode. She no longer knows that person's name.
Avatar n tn zone so she prescribed combivent 4 times a day and ventalin Inhaler for sudden attacks as she suspects COPD. I will be doing lab tests and other test next week. Although I am a smoker I had been attributing recent episodes of breathlessness with allergies. Because if my cat had been in my room and I go to bed I will awake coughing with my nostrils closed up so I would get up take Nyquil and go back to sleep.
Avatar f tn Hi I have copd and when the coughing starts sometimes I "leak" the vomiting sounds serious though maybe a doctor visit is a good idea.
Avatar n tn I cant stop coughing I know its upper respiratory and I lose urine by the bucket, as many times as I cough. Its not just a drop its a lot!! I dont think Depends would help. I have to sit on top of three triple folded towels. Help please any ideas, I had a bladder repair 30 yrs ago can the heavy coughing have damaged the netting they put in?
Avatar m tn Eventually over time the acid will damage your lungs enough that you can get COPD, so I really recommend against smoking for this reason. As smoking only adds to the problem. The smoke itself temporarily immobilizes the cilia (little hair like projections in your lungs) that sweep away all the junk and mucous from you lungs. What happens then is that the mucous will collect/pool in your lungs setting them up for infection in the first place.
Avatar f tn I have always been a non-smoker and have had a persistent cough for about 9 months now. My MD initially prescribed antibiotics, something for post nasal drip and allergy pills. None of the above helped. I proceeded to meet with an ENT doctor. He prescribed something for reflux which didn't help. Then I received a lung X-Ray which showed my lungs were good, and had a pulmonary function test which showed I didn't have asthma. I am frustrated and tired of coughing.
Avatar m tn Do you smoke? Do you cough up mucous every day? I've read up that to qualify for COPD you must cough up mucous for at least 3 months over two consecutive years. Do you suffer a lot of chest infections like pneumonia or acute bronchitis? If your pulmonary function test came back fine and your x-ray was clear, then you may just have the warning signs of COPD. Now would be a good time to quite and you will most likely enjoy good health the rest of your days.
Avatar n tn is it safe to use spiriva and advair together my sister has had laryngitis for 4 weeks
Avatar n tn A lung xray and a simple breathing test called a spirometry will determine if he has COPD. This is not going to go away on its own. I will pray for your Dad to seek medical treatment and this is nothing but an infection. God bless.
Avatar n tn If your husband is coughing up blood, a doctor can most definitely do something to treat that!!! Coughing up blood is NOT typical of COPD, but can happen with an infection. Best wishes to you both!
Avatar f tn HI, Advair is used for patients with asthma or COPD which it does not sound like you have. You also need a prescription for it, so I don't think it is a good idea to take it. Nasonex is prescribed for nasal symptoms related to seasonal allergies. I don't think that this will help you either. I think you should ask your doctor about the persistent cough (perhaps it is allergy related) and see what he/she suggests. Good luck.
518117 tn?1429276273 My 30 yr. old son just some weeks ago was diagnosed with COPD. He went to the ER for another problem, then complained about being short of breath and tightness in chest. Was given spirometry breathing test and given chest xray. Diagnosis COPD. Three years ago I was given the spirometry and a chest xray. Given the diagnosis of COPD at age 50. I went for a second opinion with a pulmonologist. Diagnosis of COPD was confirmed.
Avatar f tn I am having an extreme exaserbation of copd. Coughing up an endless amount of phelgm, sorry I know it's gross. Will this pass, and can a doctor do anything about it?