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Avatar m tn I wanted to start this thread for people who have the dreaded anal itch, and if anyone has been able to provide themselves relief through either doctor recommended treatments or home remedies, please post them here so that others can benefit from it. I will start it off by explaining my problem and what I did to achieve total itch relief!! (ahhhhhhhhhh) First off, about me. I realized I had hemorrhoids and possibly an anal fissure about a year ago.
Avatar f tn It sounds a type of eczema that only affects the hands and feet and I believe it is called something like dishyriotic disease. I need to look that up and I will get back with you.
Avatar m tn There are even helpful websites that have useful gluten free recipes. These are particularly good for people who miss eating bakery items. The funny thing is, I don't miss bakery items most of the time. I don't care for the commercial gluten free rice bread that is out there. It's alright, and on rare occasions I will still eat it. But, I'm fine with planning ahead a little bit and making my own foods. There are gluten and dairy free casseroles that can be made that are great.
Avatar f tn Apparently, sorghum flour is used for a wheat substitute for some of these recipes. Corn meal is used in some of the recipes, too, but corn is a common food allergen and many with IBS and migraine issues can't tolerate corn meal in particular because the processing to make corn into flour uses a lot of sulfites. So, I would steer clear of corn meal and corn flour 'til you're sure that corn isn't a food sensitivity for you. Many stores have a few shapes of brown rice pasta available.
Avatar n tn It could be is eczema. I've had discoid eczema for about two years, and have just recently begun itching in and around my outer "lip" area. I have been using cocoa butter and coal tar cream "extremely sparingly" and it seems to help. This could explain not having any other symptoms other then the itching.
Avatar f tn Kaur, he obviously didn't listen to a word you said. The only relief I get when it starts itching is to get a hand towel (because they are bigger than washcloths) and drench it in cold water and wrap them around my legs. This subsides the itching enough to where I can better attempt at ignoring the itch long enough to stop scratching.
Avatar n tn I too suffer from the onion allergy. It's definately annoying but I have grown up with my mother having the onion allergy so I know how to deal with it. It didn't start affecting me until about a year ago and I was so angry because one of my favorite foods is Chips & Salsa. So my proposition to all of you onion allergy folks is to post any alternative recipes to things that have onion in them. I would especially love to see an onion free salsa recipe (as impossible as that sounds).
Avatar f tn I was feeling okay, thinking that it was just a bad cold. A week passed and I didn't have much relief. I decided to go to the nurse the next week with little relief. I went there and had a 99.2 fever and still stuffy nose and headache and some body aches. She thought I had sinusitis and put my on amoxicillin. I took this for 10 days and still did lot have much relief. After being on winter break for two weeks and just basically relaxing and drinking a lot of fluids, I finally went to a doctor.
Avatar n tn Some doctors have diagnosed it as an infection, some as eczema or a dermatitis, and another recently said it is dyshidrotic eczema. But the little blisters that form on my hands and eventually peel are not filled with a fluid and my hands have NEVER itched or scabbed over, so I highly doubt it is dyshidrosis. Sometimes the skin peels where there are no blisters... its just like the skin is dead almost. So I have recently self-diagnosed myself with EK.
Avatar n tn In the past 10 years I have lost nearly 30 lbs from adult onsset allergies. I nearly went nuts from hunger and near fainting spells and paranoia.
Avatar n tn I'm really not sure if I experienced the exact same thing, but the paper cut-like tear is something I experienced after childbirth (along with anal fissures). It hurt to urinate and it was only one cut - I can only imagine the pain with many. I called my ob thinking one of my stitches opened. I went in and a suture was removed because it was not dissolving and one of the nurses suggested dabbing Neosporin on it.
Avatar n tn I went to EVERY type of eye doctor and they know that it's not herpes, but they don't know what it is. It got soo bad I started using my Son's cream for eczema (fluticasone prop 0.05% cream) and as long as I use it once every day it keeps it away. If I skip a couple of days it comes back. I'm waiting to financially be able to go to a Dermatologist (of course lying to him stating it's on my cheeks) and just saying "look, this WORKS. But it's not strong enough to stop whatever this is".
Avatar n tn I am experiencing burning feet and arms/hands. I have to run cold water over them to alleviete it. I've been checked for everything including a 2hr scan for bloodclots. I don't even know what specialist to try next. Please update if you've found anything!
Avatar n tn My case seems to be getting worse - have finished a round of Cipro - but no improvement. Have tried sudafed / Claratin / codeine cough syrup (some relief the following day for a few hours at most). I also have been battling a case of Thrush (a fungal infection of the tongue / throat) for almost as long as the smoke smell (a result of the Prednisone) taken while sick. Hope this helps. Write me at: ***@**** if you want to discuss further or have any news to share.
Avatar m tn If it is only in the affected places then discount any medical or psychological excuse. For relief from the crawling try an antihistime, something like Zyrtec. It gave me great relief. Still on the trail of the cure for this thing, next is to sprinkle borax on the carpets and leave for a week & repeat. Someone had success with this so it is worth a try.
Avatar f tn It's a relief to know that I'm not some freak. I thought I was the only one with this hair problem and it's baffled and frustrated me for a long time. Thank you to everyone for posting on this topic. I will post the results of the vinegar treatment.
Avatar n tn The allergist I saw did say something about my throat being very reactive from so much coughing, so I guess that's why the choking. I do find some relief from using a throat spray with some kind of anesthetic in it, followed by lozenges with anesthetic, like benzocaine. Make sure it contains the anesthetic.I even tried accupuncture from a dr. from China with an excellent reputation, but it didn't help and was very expensive. I've been using homeopathy for almost everything for over 30yrs.
Avatar f tn These noodles are best if you follow Thai recipes (pad thai is yummy.) -Yogurt for the cultures (I’ve read this is good and bad, it seems to be okay for me.) -I allow myself Frozen yogurt because it has limited sugar and all those good cultures. -Carrot Juice for my immune system (THIS IS VERY GOOD FOR YOU and people have been using it as a cure all for ages, however, it’s hard to drink, but the trick is: do half orange juice and half carrot juice and it makes it TASTE so much better!
Avatar m tn Invisible bugs or crazy disorder: Its cool reading all the posts above, But not cool @ all knowing wtf do we have... everybody throwing down there beliefs, its crazy. Ive been having the exact feeling as almost all the posts above. @ Nights it cranks up a notch, or maybe in midnight the bug/crawling sensation machine is turn on HIGH level. When the lights are out, it kicks in more. If alot of ventilation is put, Fans, AC ect. the feeling is better. I sleep almost next to the ac vent.
Avatar n tn I have stenosis of the spine and the c's and l's are not what they should be, i guess what i am doing is venting and perhaps other people can recognize some of these symtoms, mother died of brain tumors at 43 father alive but has congestive heart failure, dementia, diabetes, colon cancer, was a nurse aide for 7 years and ruined my back and get so tired, forgetful, weak and frightened and take a variety of medications for high blood pressure and high colestrol and anxiety, nothing for pain, as D