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Avatar n tn I have been in a monogomous relationship with my girlfriend for 1,1/2 years. 5 days ago I noticed I had 12-15 pin head sized bumps on the shaft of my penis. I noticed them on a night after having sex with my girfriend. They aren't painful, they aren't red, they aren't sensitive. You would never be able to see them if I didn't point them out to you, you have to stretch the skin to get a good look.
Avatar m tn At that point I thought all was well until I saw what looked like a small open sore on the head on the glands. It never hurt or wept or crusted over or looked anything like the herpes pictures I could find online and by the time I got back into the clinic (about 2-3 days after) the "sore" was completely gone but some of the glans still appeared red and cracked, they also reswabed for herpes.
Avatar m tn He also told the guy to wear loose all cotton clothing! What I said was. If allergies are the most important cause for eczema then don't you think that eczema IS actually an allergic reaction? And went on which I will get to in a second. But not only was that comment deleted but so was the doctors comment that allergies are the most important cause for eczema! Why? Let me tell you why. Because of money made treating the symptoms.
495402 tn?1220621003 Looks like I've got eczema on the back of my head and my upper neck, my doctor told me yesterday that it's most likely a side effect from the Hep C medication, which is all well and good but how to I get rid of it. Where it's on my scalp, under my hair, I can't put any type of ointment on it. Last night my boyfriend put some of his eczema salve on my neck and it did seem to stop the itching for a little while.
Avatar n tn I know it isn't shingles, but now I'm not convinced it's ringworm either, especially since most times when the area itches, I put clotrimazole on it just in case. Since I have eczema on my rear and I also have rosacea on my face, maybe it's more likely I have this nummular eczema rather than ringworm again. I just feel like I've been fighting a losing case if it's ringworm.
Avatar m tn I met with her on Jan. 31. She immediately diagnosed it as eczema but didn't say what type. I think it's nummular dermatitis from the pictures I've attached. She gave me a shot, an antibiotic prescription (Cephalexin) for my swollen legs and feet and an ointment prescription (Clobetasol). Plus she told me to take warm baths 3x weekly with 2 TBS bleach in the water. Plus put on Aveeno Eczema cream over top the Clobetasol 2x daily.
Avatar n tn Recently I noticed a very rough, bumpy texture on my penis head (glans). The bumps are dispersed everywhere on the head but appear to be more densely concentrated at the top of the head lining the bottom portion (away from the meatus, in other words). I could almost call them "scales." They definitely have a bumpy texture. The underside of the glans is much smoother and more "normal" looking and feeling.
Avatar m tn Then, on Sunday night, while bathing, I pulled back my foreskin and noticed a red rash on my penis head mainly to the right side. After some frantic research about rashes on penises, I came across an image on the internet that resembles how my penis looks. (Here is the link -, the image is named penis head 1.) Subsequently, today I developed a slight flu and fever coupled with a minor case of diarrhea.
Avatar m tn Doctor, I am having a problem with recurrent rash/spots on penis head, that usually comes with masturbation/friction, although, I think very few times, it came without any reason. The rash is itchy.This has been going on at least from past 8 to 12 months. Sexual history : I am 37 year old male, with no sexual partner from past 1 year. I have had multiple sexual partners before that.
Avatar n tn I have many tiny bumps on my scrotum and penis head. The scrotum is red and irritated most of the time and the tip of my penis is irritated some of the time as well. It's hard to describe, but the penis head looks strange with small bumps all over it with redness and irritation. The bumps are mainly flesh colored with a touch of red hue in some areas and very small. At times it looks a bit shriveled with lines and cracks. I've been seen by a few doctors and one dermatologist.
Avatar m tn but my 4yr old son has a similiar issue except his isn't on the head its on the pubic area. i brought him the the dr and he said it was eczema and prescribed him a steroid cream called triamcinolone acetonide 1% twice a day for 7-10 days its only day 2 and its already practically gone. another cream that we used before we went to the dr was aquaphor ointment which you can get over the counter. that also worked very well and it cleared up within a day or two with that.
Avatar n tn I recently went to my friends and noticed when taking a shower that I had weird red spots that itched on my penis head as well as the skin on the head was very dry and seemed to be doing the shafing/peeling. This bothered me, it has been about 3 days and the itch only comes back ever once and a while, the redness is about the same though the foreskin has lost redness, the head itself still has the dots.
Avatar n tn Hi I am a 21 year old male and since i was 17 I noticed that there were wrinkles or lines coming up on my head. I hadnt noticed them before or there werent as many as there are now. When i feel the top of my head its all bumpy and im worried of what this might be.
Avatar n tn I have developed a red, 0.5 inch oval-shaped patch of skin on the dorsal head of my penis (pics). The red patch has persisted for more than 7 days without changing and without me disturbing it. It is mostly smooth, slightly red, the skin appears shiny with a different texture than surrounding skin. There appears to be a border around the area where the redness is more pronounced. No itching, no burning, no discharge, no pain.
Avatar m tn I have small slightly raised red pimples of shaft several spots of skin missing that seems to have been eaten away and alot of redness on the head of penis. It's been three months and ive been hoping it would go away on its own but clearly its not and im concerned. Who do I see a GP, urologist, or dermatologist? Pictures (camera quality ***** but you can see the patches of missing skin and small raised dots )
Avatar n tn never had I said, the only thing I have had are the red patches on my penis head, and itchiness on my shaft. I have looked at pictures on the internet, and my penis has not looked anything like the pictures I saw for herpes type 1.
Avatar m tn jpg I should start off by saying I've had eczema for about 5 years now. It was mainly on my hands and back of my legs, but never migrated to my penis. I'm also a virgin and total loser when it comes to anything at all social, so it can't be an STD. About a year ago the tip of my **** had what appeared to be a rash/rough patch of skin. I thought it was from too much masturbating, so i held back for abit.
Avatar m tn Hello. Im posting some pictures about my skin problems on my head. Any know what kind of problem is this? I met a lot of doctors here around but they dont care so much about that.. they just give me some corticosteroids and thats it.. i dont like that, becouse they are too much aggressive. Please try to answer me, i would be thankful... and im sorry for my bad english have a nice day pictures:
Avatar m tn This is probably a late reply but anyways, i have found out that this is a penis eczema and specific "hydrocortisone cream" should be applied on the area every morning and night (ask your local med shops/gp to purchase + make sure to get all needed info).
Avatar m tn I do not know if this is an STD, or some type of contact dermatitis or eczema from friction, caused by sex, clothing or masturbation. I do have eczema on my hands and legs, and have extremely sensitive skin. I have attached 3 pictures to my profile.
Avatar m tn I also noticed an increased number of small skin-colored bumps on the head of the penis, so I went to see a third doctor. He said that this is probably a case of mild balanitis, and told me to drink lots of fluids and wash the penis with baby soap. For the bump in the urethra opening he said it is possibly a blood vessel. I also took an yeast medication pill together with my wife. There has been no visible improvement on the skin... The skin is dry and with small skin colored bumps.
Avatar m tn Now, I'm not sure which I should attribute it to, though I do certainly have eczema on my legs presently. Also, they began to swell a few days before my first test. My doctor said that IgG's were likely to show up if they were swelling in response to the virus, and of course my test returned negative for HSV1&2 IgG's. - There is a mild burning sensation that has been occurring on the right side of my penis shaft, off-and-on.
Avatar m tn Hi there, a few years back i had a case of what im quite confident to be eczema on my penis glans, which resulted in the head getting dry and flaky, didnt really feel sore but it looked sore, and i didnt really know how to treat it back then, i dont get it anymore and i know how to treat it if it comes back (had it once more after that but nothing serious).
Avatar n tn Hello, From time to time I get those bumps on my hand. They don't appear to be related to anything I come in contact with. My family doctor thinks its eczema, but I have my doubts. They start as a filled blister about the size of a pin head (1), then turn into a red dot (2) and then end up as a scaley circle (3) that eventually fades away. Thanks for any input/insight you might have.
Avatar m tn Penis has small cuts on the skin that disappear only to return a few days later. I've tried different first aid, anti bacterial, and skin creams but nothing seems to help. Any suggestions? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/241909'>Damaged Penis</a>.
Avatar n tn The head of the penis sometimes has reddish spots, and as you noted, the skin drys and peels off on both the head of the penis and the skin covering it. The itching turns to minor pain a week or two later as the skin drys and stretches, almost with very tiny tears. Anyways, as I mentioned, it starts when I take Zyrtec and stops after that.
Avatar n tn About a week ago I noticed something on the head of my penis, right where the shaft turns into the head. The size is about 1/3rd of a cm wide, and 3/4 of a cm long. The interesting thing is it can be anywhere from exactly the colour of my skin, hardly noticable, to a pitch, opaque white. It really depends.
Avatar n tn I have a redness that has been on my penis head for the past 4 months. The redness is on the ridge of my penis and has been there for 4 months. I notice about once a month it gets inflamed and burns. Eventually the burning goes away from the redness never leaves. There are no blisters or sores. I have gone to 4 or 5 dermatologist and they have given me anti fungal cream and none of it has worked. Can someone help me with this problem?
Avatar m tn I have had this recurring skin condition on one side of the head of my penis for about 3 years now. The skin simply becomes dry and crusty and eventually turns sort of yellow and begins peeling off. The area is about the size of a dime. When I first went to the urologist about 3 years ago, he said it didn't look like anything he was familiar with, but thought it might be something fungal and prescribed clotrimazole and betamethasone dipropionate cream 1%/0.5%.