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Avatar n tn More specifically, I have small pin head blisters on my finger tips with painful cracking. Yesterday my dermatologist says I may have dysidrosis eczema. I also had skin patching test done last year and am allergic to formaldyhyde. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn My Baby girl has been diagnosed w Atopic Dermatitis... She is 6 months old and has been covered from head to toe since 2 months. She's been to a Hollistic Allergist and we found out she is sensitive to all milk and soy protiens, polyester, rice and all the vaccines we gave her at 2-4-6 months. The doc perscribed her cortisone 2.5 for the body and 1% for the face- if I stop treatment it comes back raging in a day!! Does anyone have any advice on this matter?
1337810 tn?1333811130 my niece having this eczema which cause from allergy if im not by day i look at her.her skin becomes itchy all over the body,head to toe & the skin very rough & become worse when at night.her parent always gave an anchovies during i wonder is it because of the anchovies the diesease become worse or is it because of other factor?is it genetic?any advice on treatment,diet for children who have ezcema?
Avatar n tn This is from a chemical peel on my face neck and chest. I realize the dangers of using too much of this ointment for a period of time, but if I can use it on my face would it work?
371848 tn?1206211434 and then yesterday i noticed a medium sized dot on my chest with the same characteristics as the one on my leg, but it doesnt itch! I went to the dermatologist today, to have it checked out to make sure it wasnt skin cancer, and he said it was eczema. I usually believe doctors, cuz they are supposed to know what they are talking about right? The reason im not completely sold on this is because of the fact that the two spots dont really itch..
7882296 tn?1405394667 Try to find out what is the Eczema caused by. My son had a severe Eczema issue and it turned out to be an allergic reaction to the Formula. He's allergic to Milk, so what we thought was Eczema was an allergic reaction. But besides that he does have Eczema/ sensitive skin, the doctor sent us to a dermatologist and they prescribed a cream/ ointment that works.
Avatar n tn Good day, I am getting these little red spots spreading on my penis head. They are quite random and they come and go on a regular basis since a few months, weither I'm having sex or not. I taught it could be herpes but after seeing a local doctor he told me that it would most likely be yeast. I get eczema quite bad on my fingers in periods of stress. Could it be related anyhow? I'm not circumcised and I am using this anti-fungal powder to keep the head of the penis dry.
Avatar m tn Several years ago, I was receiving oral sex and the woman bit through the head of my penis. A small scar healed quickly, but red bumps appeared on my shaft. Over the the following six months, I had blood tests that confirmed it was not an std. I was prescribed Mometasome cream - which treated the scars. However, they return quickly after sex. Ideas?
Avatar f tn But seeing as im only 15 i guess im still 'half child'. my eczema stopped when i was about 10,11 ish, after i broke my arm. For the past 3 weeks my face has been a constant shade of flushed pink to blushing red, even when im not hot or even when im cold. When i was younger i was easily susceptible to bouts of blushing and redness in the cheeks for no reason whatsoever.
Avatar n tn i have had a long term case of eczema on my hands and i would like to know if eczema can be spread in this manner. since the initial breakout, masturbating has several more times lead to the same condition (basically the same areas of the penis, but recently appearing on the head) with no incidences between. it also seems that showering or drying of the genital area seems to keep this at bay. a second question, could this affect my sex partners? if unprotected? what to do?
1641357 tn?1470498993 I'm almost positive that I have eczema on my face. It's itchy, dry, red, scaly patches on my face mostly cheeks and forehead, but also around the edges of my mouth and sideburn areas. Along my hairline and my head. I've always had a problem with dandruff and i'm thinking it's moreso eczema now than dandruff. While I was pregnant it all went away (which i LOVED!) but now it's back and my face is super red and hurts and I can't stop scratching it!
Avatar n tn i have no other rashes or irritation anywhere on my body. i changed my detergent to hypoallergenic and my soap also. it still drys out my penis the day after i shower...... and it went away for almost a month till about 2 weeks ago when another red bump showed up and is still there, there is no pain at all, and itching is so mild that it might even just be in my head. I also treated it as though it was a fungal infection just encase, i took acidopilus and used Clotrimazole 1%.
Avatar n tn I am 23 years old and was recently treated for eczema all around the head of my penis which I had for a few years. Embarrassed by the strange bumps on my skin I neglected to seek medical attention for it just hoping it would go away eventually. I was also certain it wasn't any kind of STD because when it first appeared I hadn't had any sexual partners.
338963 tn?1253664422 And yes, eczema should exhibit dry patches on the skin that felt rough to the touch while heat rashes are pimply. My son eczena started out on the cheek and later it gets on the head and on his back. Eczema on the head will exhibit yellow crust which what they call craddle cap? (i may be wrong on the name) and this yellow crust may appear in the ear lobe.
Avatar n tn About 4 years later I broke out in a rash again but this time it only appeared on the head of my penis and under my arms. I went to a walk in clinic and they did not know what it was. I told them of my previous experience and as a result they prescribed me the scabies cream again. Once again the rash went away. Another 4 years passed and once again I broke out in a rash all over my body (I was very stressed at the time). This time the rash did not appear on my penis.
Avatar m tn the cracked and peeling skin happens on the full irritation, on the shaft and the head.
Avatar n tn I have always had itching in my genitals, and doctors have always told me its from my eczema. I have another very similar looking bump on the back of my penis about 1/4 inch below the head that has been there for months, and developed in a spot that itches frequently. But this also doesnt hurt, isnt red, or sensitive, its just kinda there, and has been for a long time. Now that winter is coming, my skin tends to get worse, so Im hoping that is what is happening.
Avatar n tn hi, so i've been worried about herpes because i have a discoloration on the head of my penis. I was referred to a derm how said it looked like eczema because there was some white but also dark discoloration. It doesn't itch or hurt, and this started 6 weeks ago. My question is, how long should i continue treatment? He gave me a steriod cream to apply twice daily but didnt say for how long i should do it.
Avatar m tn When I found out they put polyester mix in the thread in all clothing I started to think my butt was still rough from sitting on my pocket thread. So I wore my undies inside inside out to keep the threads away from my skin and wore 2 pairs. This was enough to shield me some and those bumps went away. I wore my shirts inside out too. And my shoulder and neck tightness went away. I stopped wearing my hat and the pressure around my skull went away, and didn't have the head aches any more.
Avatar m tn A few days after I went to the the clinic because I noticed like splochy red marks on the head and foreskin of my penis. I was check out and told it was a yeast infection, std tests were done as well and all came back negative. I used the Canesten cream proscribed for about 10 days and then stopped as it said. At that point I thought all was well until I saw what looked like a small open sore on the head on the glands.
495402 tn?1220621003 Looks like I've got eczema on the back of my head and my upper neck, my doctor told me yesterday that it's most likely a side effect from the Hep C medication, which is all well and good but how to I get rid of it. Where it's on my scalp, under my hair, I can't put any type of ointment on it. Last night my boyfriend put some of his eczema salve on my neck and it did seem to stop the itching for a little while.
Avatar f tn Hi, A couple of months ago I had a red rash/dry spot show up on my bridge of my nose and my left part of my face under my eye. Since that time I have confirmed Eczema in my ears and on my scalp. Although the ears and scalp are annoying the spots on my face are really bothering me. I work in a professional environment and even with makeup they do not look very attractive. Prior to this rash/spots on my face showing up, I was vacationing in the Caribbean and they have not gone away.
Avatar n tn A Cream I purshed from the Northwestern IL Pharmacy. That cream also did nothing. (I placed it on my penis head 3x daily). I never had this issue when I was 24. Now that I am 29 it looks like my penis head is transforming into a brown spotted sexual organ. It definitely does not look healthy. Can any doctor on this portal help? Are there dermatologists or Ureologists that can help me out here? Is there a steroid cream that can strengthen the skin around my penis head? Many thanks!!
Avatar n tn But now, there are a few bumps on the head of my penis. My STD test results came back negative. The bumps hardly ever itch, and never hurt. I am not experiencing any discharge. The bumps do resemble the eczema bumps on my hands, except bigger and redder (possibly because of the softer skin down there? I don't know). It has me very worried. I don't have any open sores on my body or in/near my mouth. I'm going to an allergist tomorrow to see what he thinks.
Avatar m tn 3 weeks ago I woke up from sleeping in a youth hostel bed with red patches on my penis just below my penis head and on the head. Sometimes while cold in bed I put my hands in my boxer shorts while trying to sleep and I distinctly remember doing so that night. I washed and they went away within a few hours. In the weeks that have followed they've only ever came back after sexual contact, masturbation and worst immediately after sex.
Avatar m tn Hi there. I have had moderate to severe eczema on my feet for most of my life although since I hit my thirties it's subsided and is largely restricted to toe cuticles and sometimes the balls of my feet or the sides. My hands however used to be so severe I wore gloves in public from my late teens until my early twenties. They still blister and itch quite a lot, mild to moderate particularly on my fingers where I have patches of hardened skin from blistering.
Avatar m tn Now because boils (which typically have an area around them which is red and sensitive) have appeared on my inner thigh and in close proximity to my groin i'm starting to think it's a Stapph infection or something else bacterial, so i've been trying to get my hands on some broad spec anitbiotics.
Avatar n tn I was with a woman, she was married for more than 10 years, she has been divorced for 6 month, we kissed for a while and had mutual masturbation, now I read many times in your answers this are both safe sex no risk situations, my only concern is that I have eczema on the shaft of my penis, right under the head, and she masturbated her self for a while and then she used the same hand to masturbate me, so I am sure the was some vaginal fluids on her hand, She masturbated me for no more than 30
Avatar n tn I have bright red spots on my penis head, I have a long history of Exzema, the doctor prescdribed Dactacort which seems to clear the issue quite quickly, the Doctor did not tell me what I had. Could this be Herpes?
Avatar m tn Hey, thanks for the tip. I recently just went to the doctor and he disagreed with the condition on my penis being eczema. He believes it to be some form of a fungal infection. If it were fungal wouldnt it have gotten much worse after the year that its been there? Recently I noticed that the white skin on the left side of the glans penis has spread across the rest of the glans of the penis and i was told it wasnt any form of STD. but the glans has also now become inflammed.