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Avatar m tn Hello, i am 22 years old, in the military stationed in iraq for the past year. a few months into my deployment i noticed irritation on the skin of the upper shaft of my penis on the left side a little below the head, i havent had any sexual contact the whole time ive been in iraq and i had sex probably no earlier then a month before i left.
Avatar n tn Your description is consistent with eczema, not fungus. Eczema comes and goes, is indeed "rashy," and fluctuates with no pattern. Environmental matters (food, soaps) rarely contribute in a meaningful way. I cannot make any sense of your post-Zithromax episode. In my experience, Elidel doesn't work very well for extensive cases like yours. A key is to have a large enough supply of a topical steroid cream, so you can put it on wherever you need it.
Avatar n tn My fiance' (22yr male) had his first bout of itching in Kuwait while he was in the military. After much trial and error the doctors diagnosed him with eczema and prescribed a long term course of topical steroids. The eczema has always been localized to scars and a few other places and seasonal (with winter). Two weeks ago he broke out in an incredible rash covering his torso, thighs and now nearly everywhere.
Avatar n tn Hello, I just have one quick question, that I have not been able to find any information on at all, will the small pox vaccine react to SB the way it will react to eczema? Are they both the same? Im looking into joining the military, and I know that this is a required vaccine, i would just like an answer.
1464049 tn?1286123832 There are other things besides eczema that can do this, so don't accept eczema as the only possibility. Have you been tested for autoimmune issues like Lupus?
Avatar f tn Has your son ever had any prominent lumps such as these? Eczema is eczema. Many, many people suffer from it! I believe whoever took the sample for biopsy was just being cautious and saying it COULD be lymphoma just in case the absolute worst happened...please try not to worry so much! Wait for the results! I wish you and your son the absolute best of luck.
Avatar m tn I think there is a good chance it could be eczema because I have a history of it in my family. Also I had eczema when I was a baby. Iv just never seen eczema rash as bad as I have it. Iv been using Calamine Lotion to stop the itch thats aboout the only thing that even slightly works.Only thing is that drys it out real bad. When I work out it gets worse. I believe thats because of the sweat. Thanks again for the advise.
Avatar m tn Hello, One of the possibilities for your symptoms is eczema like dyshidrotic eczema. The exact cause is not known and excessive sweating can be one of the reasons. But some triggers like allergic reaction to soaps, detergents, foods, latex, nickel etc may trigger the symptoms. Apply some calamine lotion on the affected area and keep the area well moisturized.
Avatar m tn (Although being in the military, I received a smallpox vaccine prior to being deployed to Iraq. Military doctors concluded that my condition was not eczema. If it were, the smallpox would have reacted with the eczema and broke out terribly on my body.
Avatar m tn What test can I request to determine that it is or is not Athelete's foot or a bacterial eczema? Is bacterial eczema usually mistaken for Athlete's foot? Is that the reason why these oral antifungal pills are not working, if so what type of antibiotics would I need to suggest since we do not have a dermatologist on base? Is it common to only have it in one spot of my body and is the resemblence of dyshydrotic eczema on my hands a regular reaction to this? Is it contagious?
Avatar n tn It eventually went away on it's own but i would still get small infections once in a while. a year or so after this incident, I joined the military. While at bootcamp, I had a bad case of cellulitis in my knee and they gave me several different types of antibiotics and an IV full of antibiotics that knocked it out of me fairly quickly. during my entire time in the military, I never contracted any kind of similar condition with infections or rashes.
Avatar m tn it also gets scally and itchy and some times get's little cracks from the dryness. I recently got out of the military and saw a doctor about it at the army hospital before i got out. all they did was a blood and urine std check which i got a clean bill on. But never did any further testing to see what the problem was. I'm just wondering if this possibly some kind of std, or maybe even psoriasis.
Avatar n tn I thought it was just razor burn, but he's had it for years and it has never gone away. He's in the military and he first noticed it when he came back from his first deployment in the desert. He has tried various creams for eczema and psoriasis, but Curel seems to be the only thing that soothes it. There are certain times when it's not so bad, but he has some pretty bad flare ups when he doesn't clean it regularly, and being in the desert doesn't help I'm sure.
Avatar m tn Hello, From the symptoms it looks like dermatitis skin or eczema skin rather than fungal infection. Eczema is a form of chronic dermatitis (rash).Allergic reaction is one of the important causes of eczema. Wash the areas several times with fresh water. Do not use any cosmetic products at the sites. You can apply some calamine lotion at the rash as it will help in soothing the skin. You can take some OTC oral antihistamine medications like Benadryl or Claritin and see if it helps.
Avatar n tn Could this be at all related to a case of penile eczema I had about six months ago? The eczema was completely superficial and went away with some steroid cream and Cetaphil, although there remains a slight scar, as if from an abrasion. The lump is not directly beneath the eczema site, but very close to it. I noticed the lump when I was caring for the eczema. I plan on making an appointment with a urologist to have it examined, but I’m in the military on deployment in Iraq.
Avatar f tn Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows the effects of having the smallpox vaccine eventhough you have atopic dermatitis? Here is the situation. I am a 26 year old Female. I'm in the military, and 5 years ago I was required to get the smallpox vaccine. The paperwork and warning signs stated that you should not take the vaccine if you have ever had any form of eczema. I told the Doctors that when I was 15, I was told I had atopic dermatitis, and they forced me to take the vaccine anyway.
1558292 tn?1294674265 Hello, Your symptoms are suggestive of pompholyx or dyshidrotic eczema. The exact cause is not known and excessive sweating can be one of the reasons. But some triggers like allergic reaction to soaps, detergents, foods, latex, nickel etc may trigger the symptoms. Apply some calamine lotion on the affected area and keep the area well moisturized. Use only thin applications of moisturizer ointments as excessive amounts of ointment may restrict breathing of the skin and aggravate the condition.
Avatar f tn She had severe eczema so bad that she kept staph infections. She stayed tired all the time, complains of muscle pains, and sore throat. Finally 3 years ago the infection in her skin was so bad they thought she had Toxic Shock. This was when a doctor finally seen that her thyroid had been slightly low for over 3 years. So she was put on thyroid medications and there was improvement in her skin. NO MORE INFECTIONS.
Avatar m tn Is this athletes foot still lingering around? Or something more? Also, i am in the military and do wear steel toe leather "combat boots" most the day.
Avatar n tn * I have browsed these forums for months and finally built up the courage (or just scared enough) to finally post my quesetion. I'm currently stationed in Korea with the military and back when I arrived in July , I visited a brothel (july 26th, first time ever paying for sex). The sex was protected, the worker lubricated herself, and it lasted 6-7 minutes. At the time, the hint of HIV or any std's didn't cross my mind since the sex was protected.
Avatar n tn What should I do? I am a military dependent, so my healthcare provider is always changing, and it's difficult to see a dermatologist on short notice. Other than the fact it usually shows up in warmer, humid weather (although not always), I can't think of anything else that I come in contact with immediately before. It is unsightly, uncomfortable, and I have recently noticed that it seems to be scarring the area slightly. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.
Avatar m tn / This actually clears it up usually within a day. My only question is that i feel that with as frequently as its happening, and he wouldn't do a hsv test, should I still be worried? I'm married, and have only had sex with my wife, but this little thing has just sort of ruined my sex drive. I'm constantly worried, and always trying to inspect and see if anything looks like blisters. Should i insist further investigation???
Avatar n tn i will add a picture or 2 of what my arms look like when this happens. I have researched eczema and other things nothing looks like what I have. I really hope its not eczema as I am in the process of joining the air force and that would permanently disqualify me for any military service. i played with the contrast on the photos so you could see the dots.
Avatar m tn Fast forward 2 years later I gave birth to a healthy baby boy. After I had him I had an icky eczema like rash on my scalp and when I looked online I found what it was called and it had mentioned it was common with people who have hiv. Now I totally realize that 90% of aliments also say this but it got me to worrying and I googled other symptoms and it spoke of how shortly after getting HIV you get fever, night sweats, swollen glands etc.
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Avatar f tn Here's a list of things I deal with daily, most of which my research leads me to believe are Thyroid related........
Avatar n tn I have very few eyebrows, and the skin where they should be my skin is usually red, occaisonally a bit dry. It doesn't itch at all, and doesn't flake. I have never been diagnosed with eczema, although my elbows and forarms do sometimes get very dry and a bit flakey. It has been like this since I was a child I am told, and was wondering if there is anything I can do to bring down the redness, and ultimately, get my eyebrows growing back a bit! Many thanks.
Avatar n tn I'd like to avoid going to the doctor because I actually ship out to basic training for the military in a month and cannot have something come up on my medical record. Thank you! I feel gross putting the picture on here, but I feel it's necessary.
Avatar m tn 2nd, the Petchiael spots are only there if I rub my palm area enough, and the peeling skin on my right hand has only gotten worse and still there, but I am going to see a Military PA on the 2nd and hopefully figure it out. I know my dad has Lupus and both parents have Eczema and they think it might be the starts of that. the Purple spots they think were just stretch marks on my thighs so that may not be anything related.
Avatar m tn Where do youlive? military? or family military. How old? How long have symptoms persisted. Can you pinpoint a day that your life was never the same? have a bad viral attack? new relationship then got ill? might make a difference.