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784419 tn?1236265356 Most embarassingly, the same itchy dryness has begun to afflict my pubic mound, scaly skin appearing beneath my pubic hair. The itching from this drives me MAD in the night. Please help!
Avatar n tn some of the bumps seem to be in small groups and some are touching right beside each other (usually 2- 3 touch) they have progressivly gone around my whole pubic hair region but mostly reside at the base of the penis but dont go anwhere enelss there is hair ive also noticed bumps forming on my index fingers (may be unrelated as these are more like liquid filled areas and arent as circular as the ones in my pubic hair region) ive also noticed the circular bumps from my pubic hair region start g
Avatar n tn One important cause that is rare and often screened for at birth is congenital adrenal hyperplasia, this is a block in the enzymes that the adrenal glands make and there is a build up of the male hormones that then cause the hair to become coarse and curly in the pubic and axillary area and cute baby sweat to change to body odor.
Avatar m tn I have had a red area in my pubic hair for the past 5 months. It does not itch all the time but does during certain times of the day everyday, mostly when I am thinking about it. It has never gone away. It has gotten less red with antifungals, yeast infection medicine, and Neosporin. Nothing gets rid of it though. I was thinking it was herpes but that doesnt last this long does it? I have had a few lesions but I think it was from all the scratching.
Avatar n tn I too have had external itching in the pubic hair region for the past week and have been freaking out. I used to shave myself at least 2-3 times a week (have not in the past week since this itching started) and had an ingrown hair/pimple at the bottom of my hairline (the "mound" area). The scratching caused irritation and a small scab from the popped pimple...
Avatar n tn I am not sexually active, but recently i had my period and i started getting this itchy feeling in my pubic area, i thought nothing of it, until i noticed a rash, just on the upper part of my thigh and sort of in the pubic hair, but no where else in that region....What could it be?
Avatar m tn Hello, I have 3 round dry flaky patches in my pubic hair area. They aren't perfectly round but mostly round. They are difficult to describe. They aren't swollen, or painful at all. They aren't red, but they clearly a different color, or a bit darker than the surrounding skin and dry and bit flaky. They are on the right side side just around when the skin folds.
Avatar f tn maybe the hairs growing back. Recently I noticed one spot .5cm to 1cm on the left pubic hair line. So now there is a patch on the right that is 1.5 inches diameter which has been there for a while and growing on the left too. The skin is raised and slightly yellow and red. No itching but looks noticeably different. It has a scaly appearance. It almost looks like eczema or something simular without the itching. What could this be?
Avatar n tn It is common to get little bumps in this area due to the hair follicles there. Use a bland cleanser in the bath or shower such as Eucerin or baby bubble bath. Pat the area dry, do not rub and never share towels or flannels with anyone. Applying a cream which contains zinc such as Sudocrem will help. Wear cotton underwear not nylon or silk and wear no underwear in bed. When you start having sex always use a condom.
Avatar n tn I have a re-occuring rash below my belly on the line just above pubic hair. Showering every day and using powder seems to clear it up for a day or two but during the winter it just keeps coming back. I also tried Ozonol and Cortate creams which just seem to make it itch not take away the redness. Baby powder seems to work over a few days but is there any over the counter powder that works better?
Avatar n tn I have noticed red marks on the skin just above my pubic hair. They are smooth and not raised from the surface, and aren't itchy or sore. It also continues underneath the hair, although it is not as noticable. I don't think it can be anything related to sex, as I haven't had sex in months, and the condition has only appeared recently. I do, however, trim my hair and shave around the edges to keep it tidy - could this be causing it? I can't think of anything else.
Avatar f tn I have a really irritating ich in my pubic are. I am15 years old and I have only been sexually active once, but he was a virgin and so was I. What is causing my itchiness?
Avatar m tn Shaving the pubic hair - such a bad idea - that itches growing back just on its own. Only did that once and I was squirming for days. Fortunately it does grow back so that irritation won't last forever. Worth going back to the doctor and seeing what they can do.
Avatar n tn This question is in regards to a series of bumps I have found in the pubic area, base of the shaft, and scrotum (left, center, and bottom of scrotum). I am currently in a very humid area of asia. I recently had sex with a woman overseas with a condom. During sex I saw the condom wasnt reaching all the way to the base, leaving about3/4inch exposed, put it down immed. 2 days later I noticed bumps in the pubic area and base..nothing on the penis itself.
Avatar m tn A week after waking up in the hostel I started feeling slight itches in my pubic hair on my groin and on my scrotum. I've been using a shower emollient on these areas and after few days the itchiness has pretty much subsided. I've seen some dry skin on the sides of my scrotum and also on my foreskin after masturbation. This morning I had sex with my partner, without a condom and the red patches has appeared again. They don't hurt or itch, perhaps just a slight burning.
Avatar n tn Be on the lookout for recurrent episodes, which probably will not appear in the pubic hair area, most likely on the penis. Advise all your partners that you have genital herpes. Use condoms unless you know your partner already has HSV-2. Suppressive treatment with valacyclovir can reduce the chance of transmission. For high quality personalized advice, consider calling the American Social Health Association's Herpes Resource Center; see
Avatar n tn I took a shower and ever since then I have really been itching in my pubic area. Not in my vaginal area but at the top of my hair line down to wear my vaginal area starts. Can you tell me what to do over the counter to clear this up?
Avatar n tn It is often caused by allergies to common natural inhalants and intolerance to some foods but sometimes it is an overactive response by the body's immune system to a bacterium that normally lives on the skin or an irritant.However , eczema is commonly found in families with a history of other allergies or asthma. Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing.Kind regards.
Avatar f tn im suffering of itchiness of my labia,but not labia majora,its outside around the pubic hair...and now my labia started to itch also,and i think its starts feb.2009 until now it doesnt first i thought a simple itchiness because of dryness ,and i know the water i used here in uae.because our water in the philippines its not like that..and this is my first,it really itchy.a little bit pain if i scrath too i controled it.
Avatar n tn it started about 4 months ago, very small area now it's spreading everywhere. it's in the hair pubic area. Been to the Gynae she gave me antibiotics and betadene douche and tested me. no STD's.
Avatar f tn Recently, I've just found a bald patch in my pubic hair. I trim it, not a big fan of shaving it completely off as my skin is sensitive as I have dermatitis and have suffered from eczema in the past. I do not know what's going on and I want to make sure it's something worth seeing my doctor about. He's a dermatologist and very hard to see. If I phone up now, I might not get an appointment with him for three weeks. Any thoughts?
Avatar m tn I'm 18,recently i shaved my pubic hair& razor was new, but itching started after a week. I went to doc. & gave med.for eczema. After a week of stoping med it again started,went to different doctor he gave me med. for jockitch. Same thing also happened this time. It started 2 months ago.scrotum is swelled like leather,skin folds,very dry & flaky skin on middle of scrotum.dark tone of skin on inner thigh. Currently im using calamine soln & levicitrizine di(hcl.
Avatar n tn The problem is that I have now developed acne (Im 27) Products for acne irritate my eczema whilst not really helping much with the spots, so I just end up looking worse. The acne is on my face, but also under my arms, under my breasts and in my pubic hair. The spots are swollen and painful and sit under the skin without developing a head. My doctor has prescribed me Oxytetracycline and says that I have a skin infection that is also affecting the eczema.
Avatar m tn I have no fever, headaches or any other serious symptoms but since last year there were about 3-4 outbreaks, the last one was May 2011, after I shaved my pubic hair, there were new small ulcers or rashes on my pubic area. The other things that I feel is probably recurring mouth ulcer. Only one mouth ulcer at a time but I feel it's quite often.
Avatar n tn About two 1/2 weeks ago I developed a red itchy rash in the hair-line of my pubic area. The rash began by waking me up late one night and then seemed to appear by morning. The rash appeared light red or pink at first and then turned darker over a few days. At first it was about the size for a quarter and expanded to about 3 quarters in length within the hairline. It dose itch but not all the time and sweating dose appear to make it itch.
Avatar f tn I also have suffered from Eczema all my life but dont believe that it is eczema because of the differences in the itchyness?
Avatar m tn As the title says, I shaved my pubic hair with a naked clipper which people use to cut head hair (this razor was new and never been used). Stupid thing to do. At first there was no problems, but as the hair started to grow back my skin got dry, had patches, lacirations, the skin started to peel of and so on. I thought I'd give it a couple of weeks, but now it has been more than a month and no healing seems to be taking place.
Avatar n tn It's a little bit darker than my skin color and flakes a little bit when I itch it. There is also an itchy spot that is in my pubic hair close to the other spot where my thigh meets the pubic area, but I cant really see what it looks like. I was thinking maybe I should shave that area, but I'm afraid to make the spot worse by doing so. My thought is maybe its ringworm? But it doesnt look particularly round. But, from the research I've done, that fits the description?