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Avatar n tn I've had eczema in my ears for 15 yrs. It is very cyclical, starting w/intense uncontrollable itching, then clear fluid leaking from skin, followed by crusting over & flaking of skin in ears that is itchy in & of itself, leading to more scratching & picking at ears. The skin in my ears gets very damaged and ratty during outbreaks. I also have swelling of the ear canal after these itch/scratch episodes that are sometimes quite painful, & Motrin helps that. ENT Dr.
1668327 tn?1303502712 I still have this awful feeling day and night of fullness in my ears, head, pressure around my sinuses the back of my ears and neck, my teeth and jaw feels sore, Sometimes I feel slight muscle twitches usually along my legs somewhere or even my bum area. When Im lying down, sometimes when I switch sides, its as though my nasal areas clear slightly and so do my ears, but only for a few seconds.
288415 tn?1231634102 Took new strong antibiotic pills along with a long dose of ear drops. Dr. Said Chronic ear infections are harder to get rid of. No running in ears but still maddening external itching. Crusty **** can be scraped off the itchy area. Its like dried onion skin. C'mon I know I am not the only one with this ****. Help!
Avatar n tn My mother took me to the pharmacist, and he gave me some anti-hestimines(?). The redness in my ears went, but the rash on my face is still there. Although, it has subsided somewhat. It has a rough texture, but is neither sore nor itchy. The only way it's bothering me is being there, and being able to see it. However, the redness has disappeared to an extent. We ran through a list of things that is could have been. Does it sound like an allergic reaction?
Avatar f tn Doing some research,,I read dogs can be affected by this so I called my dog's vet (who is straight forward and will not take advantage)3/5/09,,,told him my Dx and asked if I should get a shampoo just in case with my dog (she's an inside dog). He said dogs and humans can cross contaminate each other,,,passing back and forth. He asked if my dog had been itching and I said no. Told me to wear long sleeves before petting her,,,take precaution.
Avatar n tn I have been dealing with this for years, and now recently have been having this extreme itchy feeling in my ears, like as if there were a bug in my ear! It keeps me awake for hours! The itching all over has gotten so bad, that I don't even sleep in the same bed with my husband anymore. He complains I keep him awake all night. I have never said a word about it to anyone else, but just recently, my 6 year old daughter came to me complaining about the same symptoms. Obviously, it's hereditary!
Avatar n tn The ENT's say that is all in my head - some say it is from having ear buddies in my ears all day with air "voices" hissing though them, I dunno but it sure is annoying. Its like getting to the top of the hill and my ears are plugged then they don't unplug when I come down. Actually too, they get worse when I do that. Ho-hum... Anyway, glad to hear about the smoke smell. That was something that I really wondered about. I will continue to monitor this site and see whats up.
Avatar n tn About 48 hours ago, I noticed this heat sensation in my left shin. At first I thought I was standing too close to a heat vent in the floor at work! It is a warm, sort of tingly sensation that lasts 5 seconds and occurs, I don't know, 10 times throughout the day. I wonder if I slept on the leg funny?? Stress?? I am 43 and in reasonably good health but seem to be a hypochondriac (spelling?) at times.
Avatar f tn This may seem like an odd question, but do you have gasto-intestinal issues as well (cramping, constipation/diareah, mucous in stool, etc)? If so, you may be suffering from a fungal infection. I'd been getting progressively sicker over the past few years and none of the many specialists I went to could figure out the cause of my MANY symptoms (broad range, developed over time so they seemed unrelated).
1668327 tn?1303502712 I still have this awful feeling day and night of fullness in my ears, head, pressure around my sinuses the back of my ears and neck, my teeth and jaw feels sore, Sometimes I feel slight muscle twitches usually along my legs somewhere or even my bum area. When Im lying down, sometimes when I switch sides, its as though my nasal areas clear slightly and so do my ears, but only for a few seconds.
Avatar n tn Since starting the shots his blood work is all out of whack, he's had allergic pink eye 4 times. He's had fluid in his ears, asthma attacks, rashes, eczema is way worse, he's moodier (he's also bipolar & has PDD-NOS). Our allergist said we'd go another month or so at our last visit (we see her on the 18th) and then determine if the benefits of the shots are worth all the stuff it's putting him through.
612551 tn?1450025775 Wilson is what brought me to his Community, and I have learned a lot here and feel like I am among friends, people who love and respect pets (dogs in my case - though in a life-time that involved raising two human children we have experienced many varieties of pets).
Avatar n tn I was medicating my 5 domestic rats with oral anitbiotics in the month of December but the regimen was over about 3 weeks ago. I bathe dogs as my career. I have had chicken pox as a child. I am constantly around animals. I do not use moisturizers regularly. I have very dry skin and my knuckles usually start to bleed before the winter is over. I live in a dry, desert climate. I have never heard of family members having similar problems.
Avatar f tn I have giant HOLES all over my arms and legs as well as the generalized, weeping rash everywhere else from my ears to my toes and everywhere in between. Between my asthma and eczema, I can't hold a job for more than a couple months at a time. I am a nurse and am unable to work as a nurse any longer due to the risk of infection from all of the open areas on my body.
1132574 tn?1271676066 I do not have psoriasis, but from time to time I get odd breakouts on my scalp and in my ears where my skin seems to grow like crazy. This results in thick plaques and lots of dry, hard skin. I can be fine for months, then within a week it's like my scalp just falls apart. Then, usually months later, it slowly goes away again. It seems too mild to be psoriasis, but whatever it is, it is annoying/embarrassing and I do suspect it's linked to my chronic infections.
Avatar n tn Itchy rashes have many causes besides scabies, such as eczema or even nerves. Applying Elimite to scabies will almost always clear it up in 1 week. Persistence makes one need to question the original assumption. Just thinking about scabies is enough to make everyone around itch and scratch. Do yourselevs a favor--stop applying insecticides , changing linens, and laundering clothes. See another dermatologist for another opinion! Good luck. Dr.
544292 tn?1268886268 I don't have much to offer you... pretty much everything you need is in these posts, in yourselves, and in your connections with other people. I never took tramadol, but opiates were one of several substances I was addicted to when my sky fell some years before tramadol was introduced. I believe absolutely that the primary characteristics of tramadol withdrawall are substantially the same as opiate withdrawall.
Avatar n tn Persistent dull headaches Persistent sinus problems (Inflammation) Pain behind eyes Gum inflammation Heartburn Post Nasal drip (Thick mucus) Neck pain Mild anxiety (I seem to be controlling it) Pressure in ears Jaw clicking, popping (Wear night guard) Fatigue Lack of motivation, concentration Heavy slow heartbeat (At times) I have had the mri’s, ct scans, ecg’s and blood tests that always come back normal, and strangely that leaves me disappointed, when someone tells you that they cant fi
1492345 tn?1289259468 if he is not licking himself bald he is scratching himself. He has scabs in front of his ears that he scratches at all the time. I am embarassed to say that the licking all started 6 years ago when i brought home a kitten. Buster is a needy cat... he needs attention all the time, so I thought I'd get a friend for him. The kitten brought mites but wasn't bothered by them... though Buster was. I found out that some cats are just more sensitive than others...
Avatar f tn My suspects of where they come from, bringing compost in the house, pets having mites, dogs cats and reptiles. Rats, either killed by my dogs, or brought in for food for the reptiles. Wood or moss, gathered in the wild to put in house plants.
Avatar n tn perhaps purchase them at a Natural Foods Store ? A lot of shampoos have many of the same ingredients in them. I know Burt's Bee's also has a new shampoo... they sell it at Walgreens. Their Grapefruit and Beet shampoo, according to their website, is 98.20% natural. If that doesn't work, then you may find out about creams that may help the allergic reaction on your neck. Good luck !
Avatar m tn May start pour it in the ears they don't like it. lungs is taken the smell and force it in the ears. They are very very small. They do make scented med mask. I may take pillow case and shirt to soak in cinnamon and dry. Here is why the soap. This is head and shoulder. This is the only soap I use on the body. Zinc is good for the body. This is tide. It has Borax in side.
Avatar n tn On Monday and Tuesday, several people commented on the state of my eyes, especially the right one, which seemed to be in a worse condition. My eyelids were dry and painful to touch, especially in the corner and it was continuously weeping, until yesterday afternoon when it seemed to heal up to the point where it looked sore, but no longer felt it. And then today- my awful eyes are worse than ever. While my actual eyes are fine, my eyelids are large, puffy and as per usual- RED.
Avatar f tn My name is Stephanie in Mississippi. I too have suffered with the same condition as you and others on this post. Please if you have gotten relief / cured from this issue please share with me. I have had this for 8 months.
80575 tn?1207135964 I understand your frustration, particularly since you obviously want to get this under control so that you don't jeprodize your participation in the trial. I'm in the trial too and made some hikes in the sierra mountains. I thought I was protected with a wide brim dorky hat, etc...My nurse explained to me that it was the interferon that made me more vulnerable to the sun. Here's what I did to sooth the skin and help heal: I used a liquid bath additive that is very dark in color.
Avatar n tn I also now have issues with candida or yeast and when it hit my eyelids, I looked like a Racoon, I used to think it was an allergy to polyester, but the more and more I learn I am finding that the POLIO Vaccine and others in the Military were failing tests and they tried to get rid of it by selling it to third world countries, when they were refused they had so much invested in the study that they had to send the vaccine through, now its causing all sorts of skin issues with soldiers and their
Avatar n tn I live with 2 cats which I could have never have done as a child. Keep in mind the itching is also present in the right nipple. This often happens when the palm itching begins. I don't see any dryness on the nipple or the palms. Thank you for your help!
Avatar n tn I've started using Neem on my daughter that forever has that nasty, eczema rash in the folds of her elbows. Gone! No more elidel, no more cortersone! I highly recommend Neem. The only thing I need now is the money to fix my stretched out, thinned out eyelids which make me look 10 years older than I am.
Avatar f tn I have had chronic itching all over for years and it is severe at least a few days a week. I have been to 3 Dermatologists and they all barely investigate it and dismiss it as eczema. One did the allergy tests on my back and came up with nothing (she had her nurse comein pretending to be a doctor and mispronounced Eczema as "ek-ZEEM-a). .